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strike that credit/non-credit!

If you already CR/NCRed a year-long course before the strike, will it be influenced by the new policy (ie can I use it for program requirements and do I still have 2.0 courses to CR/NCR)?


hey there,


basically, what the university will be doing is real easing a web page that will allow students to request credit/non-credit themselves, or reverse any previous cr/ncr designations they made have made earlier. this applies to any S or Y courses, regardless of whether they were affected by the strike. that means that even people who’ve already selected a course as credit/non-credit this semester will have a chance to see their final mark in all their classes before making a final decision about whether they’d really like to CR/NCR the course.

and yes, these CR/NCRs will count for your program requirements, and won’t count as part of the maximum 2.0 courses you’re officially allowed to credit/non-credit.

you can find all this info on the faculty of arts & science website here.

good luck y’all, and try not to burst a blood vessel from this strike business, alright?




CR/NCR, LWD, or just lie down and cry

Hi, right now I’m considering doing a course as CR/NCR and I’m in my 3rd year . I’m aware that my graduate school program of choice (sciences) looks at both your third year and fourth year marks. If I drop this course, I will have 1 course short of full course load, so I was wondering if having a Cr/NCR course on the tran script would be a bad idea, and if I should just drop it. This course is also a science course. Thanks!


hey there,

the first thing you need to do is figure out if the graduate schools you’re looking at care if you’ve maintained a full course load in your third and fourth years. most grad schools don’t, though i know medical school is a real stickler about it.

a CR/NCR is generally preferable to an LWD, since 1) you actually have a chance of getting the credit and 2) LWDs will usually impact any grad school application negatively. CR/NCR – not so much (as long as you pass the course, i mean).

if you don’t think you’re gonna pass the course, an LWD might be a better idea. if you’re feeling really torn about it, a chat with your registrar’s office is never a bad idea.

or you can just do what i do: don’t drop any of your courses, don’t sleep, cry, and get behind on your work in every class! whoo! trust me, it’s proven to work.

good luck with whatever you decide,


P.S. i know that some registrar’s offices are being a bit more lax about the CR/NCR deadline because of the strike, but if you do decide to CR/NCR it, i’d still recommend hightailing it to your registrar asap – just in case.


debit or credit/no credit?

Hey, I’ve been wondering; I’m taking a class that isn’t a requirement for my major, but it is a prerequisite for a class I want to take next year. Am I able to credit/no credit this course if it is necessary?


hey there,

rule of thumb is this: if the course is only a prerequisite, as in, you just need to have the credit to take the next course, then you should be fine credit/no crediting it. just make sure you do actually pass the course and get the credit – otherwise you may be in a bit of a pickle.

HOWEVER if you need to get a certain mark in this course to take the next course (e.g. you need at least a 90% in MAT139Y1 to take MAT237Y1) DO NOT credit/no credit it. if you do, the department will have no way of knowing whether you actually got a good enough mark to take the next class.

if the course calendar confuses you in any way about this, you can always contact the department that administers the course and ask for clarification.

truly yours,



this question won’t be relevant for much longer so READ IT NOW

Hello aska!
I have several questions regarding the CR/NCR option since this is the very time I plan to use it…
1. For Rotman Commerce Students, how many FCES are we allowed to use for CR/NCR option? And do we need to pass 50% or 60% in order to get a credit?2. I am doing finance specialist and we have up to 5 ECO electives, can I make any one of them to be CR/NCR option? I know that if I pass it, I will get a credit with no marks. But without a mark on ECO elective, is it going to affect my graduation?
I really appreciate your help!


hey there,


1) you can use CR/NCR for 1.0 FCEs, and the passing mark would be 60%.

2) “the specific ECO requirements listed in the non-RSM portion of the PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS cannot be CR/NCR – only ECO courses or non-ECO courses being used to bring the total credits up to 10.0 can be CR/NCR.” so i’m gonna say…yes? again, if they’re just electives and not listed as program requirements, then that’s okay. it might be a good idea to call rotman and double-check.

cheers (and remember the deadline to designate F-section courses credit/no-credit is TODAY AHHH),



to credit or not to credit?

Hey! I am wondering – if I set a course to be NCR, is it still eligible to be a prerequisite of the other in the same category?


hey there,

it depends. if the course that your course is?a prereq for lists on the course calendar that you just need to have completed the course, and you?make it CR/NCR, and then you get the credit, you should be okay.

however, if it says something like ‘at least a 65% in EXAMPLE101,’ then you do NOT want to make that course credit/no-credit, because, even if you do really well and get the credit, the course you want to take next will have no way of telling that you got at least a 65% on it.

if you’re looking at the course calendar and you’re still not sure, i would call the department that administers the course to double-check.



P.S. also, today is the last day to make an F-section course CR/NCR! so hurry on over to your registrar’s office!



If I used the CR/NCR option for a course and got CR, can I take courses that have that course as a prerequisite?


hey there,

if the prerequisite is that you have the credit (so, it just says ‘prerequisites: that course’ on the course calendar), then yeah, you can.

however, if it requires a specific mark (e.g. ‘prerquisite: minimum of 65% in that course’), then no, because your transcript doesn’t know WHAT you got in that course, just that you got the?credit.




CR/NCR, what are what are what are (you)?

I was just hoping you could confirm something for me. I selected the Credit/No Credit option for one of my courses, and I just want to make sure that by doing so it will not mess up the amount of credits I need in order to graduate. So if I have five credits for the year, selecting the CR/NCR option will not bring that down to four, right?
Thanks in advance.


hey there,

only if you fail 😉 basically, it’ll count towards your degree, but not your program (usually) or GPA. so yeah, it’ll still register as a credit that you’ve acquired this year.


P.S. good on you for double-checking seriously that is some proactive work u r a better person than i could ever be. bless.


a smorgasbord of graduation-related anxieties

Hey aska,

First off, I just want to say that you’re awesome!

Secondly, I want to ask about graduating. (I know by the time you see this, 2nd sem will probably have started but I would like your opinion anyway). I’m in fourth year and I had intended to graduate in June but that now seems highly unlikely if not impossible. I started the fall sem with 5 classes and ended with 2 and a late withdrawal. I have been going through depression, family issues, and an overall lack of motivation for school. In the winter sem, I’m scheduled to take 6 classes, which I fear will drive me insane but I want to get as many credits as I can given I flopped the fall sem and tuition is so darn expensive. If I keep and pass those 6 classes, I will have 19.5 credits (so close!). Now, my question is what are my chances of getting a course overload so that I could still graduate in June? I know 7 classes is crazy, but I don’t want to pay more tuition in summer school. Or should I just stick with what I have and take a half credit in summer to graduate in November?

Given that most of my classes in the winter sem will be electives, should I take advantage of the credit no credit option and use them all? (that would leave me with only 3 courses in which I would get a mark). Are CNC a “bad” sign or negatively looked upon by potential professional or masters programs? Although, I have no current intention of applying to any future program, I want to keep my options open and not screw myself over. Especially since I’m in my last year, how would this be taken? Keep in mind that I already have a .5 CNC from 3rd yr, a LWD from 1st yr, and a recent .5 LWD this past sem. How will schools look at that LWD I got in 4th year? Did I forever ruin any chances to be accepted in a masters program, for example?

P.S sorry for the long msg and thanks


hey there,

thanks! it’s super cool that you think i’m awesome because i find validation through other people instead of having a healthy sense of self-esteem. it’s people like you who help me function, man. you should feel proud. (no but seriously, i’m glad i’ve been in any way amusing/helpful to you. srs).

alright, on to the meat.

this is just my honest opinion, but 7 courses is really a lot. i’d say you have a valid reason for wanting them, so you might be granted course overload. by the way, you have to go through the registrar’s office to do that, so if you have reasonably good grades and you explain about wanting to graduate in June, and if the courses you want to take aren’t all incredibly demanding, there’s a definite possibility you could be granted an overload.

buuuuuut i wouldn’t advise it, especially in your last year. i understand that the financial aspect of it isn’t a small thing, but if you’re even contemplating the idea of some kind of graduate school in the future, you don’t want to screw yourself over especially in fourth year, which is in some cases the only year grad schools look at.

personally, i’d take the last credit over the summer. if you can, maybe try to find a summer job to alleviate that cost. trust me, i completely empathize with how hella expensive it is to pay for your education, but i think it’ll pay off in the long run.

as for CR/NCRs, they’re only really a problem if they’re actually requirements for a graduate or professional school. since all of the courses you want to use CR/NCR on are electives, it shouldn’t prove to be too big of an issue. in fact, it might even be helpful if you think that using CR/NCR will give you a higher overall GPA (something grad/professional schools also look at). and if you’re gonna be taking 6 or even 7 courses i understand that making 1.5 CR/NCR would definitely be helpful.

HOWEVER i have to add the mandatory cautionary that credit/no-credit isn’t a strategy, it’s a helping hand. if you think you’ll do really well in your electives and they’ll boost your GPA, then you might as well take them properly. who knows, down the line those marks might come in handy for a job application or something, and it’s a real hassle to get your mark released after you’ve made it credit/no-credit already (trust me, i work in a uoft office – people have to jump through flaming hoops backwards to get CR/NCR marks post-exams). also, if you use CR/NCR on three courses all in one year, it might look a bit suspicious to a grad/profession school, though i’d suggest you talk to any grad schools you might be interested in to make absolutely sure.

as for the LWDs, they’re not great, and they definitely would affect something like a grad school application, but i wouldn’t say that they at all ruin your chances. obviously it depends on your overall GPA and the specific school in question, but if you’ve done well in the grad program’s prerequisites and you have a competitive average, i think you would still have a chance. especially since one of your LWDs was in first year, which is pretty much irrelevant for almost all grad/professional schools.

also, lots of grad schools have a written application component where you can make a personal statement. that gives you a third, non-marks based chance to prove yourself as a worthy candidate. finally, most grad schools allow you to write them a letter explaining why stuff like LWDs have happened, if there’s a specific reason (don’t do that as part of your personal statement tho that’s a big no-no).

i hope that’s been somewhat useful to you! best of luck, man, hope it goes smashingly, and congrats on graduating. you lucky butt. grr.



the mysterious world of credit no-credit


This is a question that should be common, but I can’t seem to find any information online. What are the consequences, other than not receiving the credit, of getting the NCR designation? I understand that it will not affect my GPA, but will it show up on my transcript? I am not thinking of applying for grad schools at the moment, but would it lower my chances of being accepted? Finally, would a NCR designation hurt my chances of receiving scholarships or getting other honors?
Thank you very much.



hey there,

sorry you can’t find any info online – if it makes you feel any better, i think that not being able to find stuff online is one of the thing that most strongly unites uoft students. just know that when you’re swearing and crying at at 1am on a monday, you are part of something GREATER than YOURSELF.

hopefully though i’ll be able to help you out just a lil’ bit.

so first: the credit does show up on your transcript, but it just indicates pass or no-pass. so anyone looking at a CR/NCR course designation will KNOW if you’ve gotten the credit.

numero duo: credit/no-credit is specific to uoft and a fairly new thing anyway, so there’s no like universal OPINION CAPITAL-O that grad schools have about it. if the credit is not a requirement for grad school, it shouldn’t be too much of an issue, especially if it’s just one random credit. of course not passing a class is always an issue, but if all your other classes are great, i think they’d be inclined to put less of a focus on it.

numero trois le francais holla: scholarships and awards are highly subjective. there are some truly bizarre awards out there with all kinds of criteria, but if you mean a scholarship based on academic merit from uoft, i’d say that it might, but since it doesn’t affect GPA, it’s still worth it to apply.

hope that helps to clear up your confuzzlement!



osap being a lil’ butt

I’m in my fourth year of university at UofT. I’ve always been in good academic standing?with my GPA and CGPA and never worried about being put on academic probation since I?obtain low 80’s. However, today I received a Notice of Academic Probation in the mail.

I need a 0.5 credit within my program to graduate, so I decided to take electives and?bump myself up to full time studies for the winter/fall semester under OSAP. I wasn’t?aware of the Credit/No credit option until October this year, and decided to opt two of?my three courses this semester since I didn’t want the final grades of elective courses?to impact my CGPA for grade school. I was under the impression that it wouldn’t impact my?funding or academic progress since I will still obtain the credits for the courses in?which I’m doing fairly well.

Why am I on Academic probation and what steps am I suppose to take in order to rectify?this situation? The last thing I want is this to affect my transcript. The only?conclusion I can come up with is that the Credit/No Credit option isn’t sanctioned by?OSAP and it looks as though I’m takin less than 60% of full time study credits. Is there?way to fix this?

Thank you for your time,
A concerned potential graduate.


hey there,

the credit/non-credit option should not affect your full-time status. it’s not something OSAP considers, and it’s really hard for them to track it anyway, since students have such a long time they can switch between making something credit or non-credit.

the only thing i can think of is that you’ve been put on academic probation for some other reason, and it’s just taken OSAP a while to notify you about it, so it seems like it’s because of something that’s happening now when it’s actually not. OSAP often takes a really long time to correspond with students (sluggish little buggers), so this might have to do with something that happened a while back.

another option is simply that OSAP made a mistake. since your CGPA is in the low-80s, this is a pretty real option, but whether they messed up on something or you did, the only way to pinpoint your problem is to run not walk to your registrar’s office. they should be able to help you sort out your issue.

hope it all works out,




Hi aska!

I’m a student at UTM planning on transferring to a different university next year. I applied and my transcripts have been sent and everything! But?there’s this one course (that one course ugh) that will bring my GPA down. I selected the credit/no credit option for that course, but not before the?transcript was already transmitted to the university I applied to. Would they even see the credit/no credit option on the transcript? Or would they?see my grade in the course regardless?

Also how bad would it look on my transcript if I were to drop that course now….

I want to leave.


hey there,

firstly, I am INCREDIBLY INSULTED that you’re transferring. How could you transfer. How. Could you. I thought we had something special. The other school’s thinner than me, isn’t it? ISN’T IT?

Ahem. It’s fine. No, don’t worry. I’ll be fine.

As to your (traitorous) dilemma, basically, if you’ve sent in a transcript in september or october, all your courses are going to show up as ‘in progress’ to the school you’re applying to. So whether you selected credit/no credit before or after sending it, it’ll look the same to the other school. If this is the only transcript they require, then it really doesn’t matter how the course turns out.

However, if you have to send another transcript once the term is over, then they will see that you made it credit/no-credit, and they will see if you’ve dropped the course. Generally, unless that course is a requirement for you to transfer, dropping it is probably going to be a better idea than having a bad mark show up on your transcript. It really depends on your situation though, so I’d suggest talking to the UTM registrar’s office or maybe the admissions office at your new school about your situation.

good luck you uoft-betraying swine. I hope the other school is good enough for you sheesh.



cr for effort!


I took RLG204 last year and applied for Credit/No Credit. I ended up passing the course and receiving a ‘CR.’ I was wondering if this counted towards the 2.0 writing credit that commerce students need to fulfill graduation requirements, or if it just counted as a humanities credit?

Much thanks!



Hey Sarah,

For the life of me, I could NOT find anything online about a Rotman writing requirement, so I delved into the long forgotten calendars of yesteryears and found something about a writing requirement from back in 2006-07! I wonder if that was the last year of it…

If you enrolled in the program back then, it DOES say that RLG courses count sooo I guess RLG204 suffices.

BUT from my understanding, the writing requirement is a program requirement…

Which is where things get tricky because as much as I’d hate to be the bearer of bad news, I’ve got to tell you that the golden rule for CR/NCR is that whatever course you make CR/NCR cannot be a program requirement.

Now since this is a weird situation where Rotman just wants to give you an A for effort as opposed to look for a 99 from you, I recommend talking to whoever it is that’ll eventually be assessing your program requirements and asking if they’d be willing to take the CR/NCR course.




grade, grade, go away


I just got my grade of the summer course I was taking. It is very disappointing to say the least. And I know it is too late to apply for a CR/NCR. But can I maybe convince the office of registrar to consider? I was forced to take this course due to my program requirements. I’m so stumped! Any advice?


Hey hey

If your reason is just that your grade is “disappointing,” then talking to your registrar isn’t going to do anything. Sadly, this is just something you need to accept lingering on your transcript.

But if this course was a program requirement… well, then you actually CAN’T make it CR/NCR.

The rule of thumb with CR/NCR is actually that if it’s a program requirement, you absolutely cannot make it CR/NCR.

Sorry to break the bad news bro!


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