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lul bye artsci

hey aska,
I’m planning to attend utsc next year for co-op public policy. I originally chose this program because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do but recently I decided that I actually want to study economics. is it possible to transfer into the co-op economics for management studies (BBA) program during my first year? I took the required math courses but I know there is a supplementary component so I’m not sure what to do.
also a friend told me that there are courses all management students take first year, so if I must transfer the second year, are there any prerequisites that I need to take during my first year? Do I take these courses and public policy courses since that’s my program for the time being?



first of all, kudos to you for knowing what you want to do!

friends jumping excited

most of us deny that we hate our subject POst until after we graduate yayyyyy *sobs in corner*

so it looks like you may be able to switch into your BBA program in second year if you take the appropriate first year management courses. it says here in the calendar:

“Students admitted to Arts & Science Co-op from secondary school will request a specific Co-op Subject POSt, or program, at the end of their first year, after achieving any necessary required courses for that particular area of study.”

if you take the courses required, you may be able to switch, however i would highly recommend (in fact, just do it) that you double check with the contacts i have provided below. since this is such a specific question, i feel like you would benefit a great deal from getting in touch with the program because you may need special permissions to switch.


deanna burrows- (one of the many artsci co-op people) (416) 208- 2681


christine arsenault- (management co-op person) (416) 287- 7112


you can find these numbers and more in the utsc telephone directoryand it’s almost always more effective if you call instead of emailing.

i wish i could tell you more but it is really up to the co-op directors to decide!

(sorry about the late response as well, we’ve been undergoing changes here at aska and some of our answers were deleted and had to be rewritten)

good luck at scarbs!




co-op management and counting lessons


I’m a second year student at UTSC. I started in life sciences but am now taking business courses in an attempt to get into coop management. I will have all UTSC management prerequisites by the end of the school year and will be under the 10 credit maximum. Though on their website it says after first year, one is only eligible for non-coop, this is not the case. I have consulted the program co-ordinator and was told that as long as I didn’t more than 10 credits, I was eligible to apply. Just have a few (read lots) of questions:

1) I’ve volunteered as a frosh leader and for the mentorship program, won 4 scholarships (1 of which was just renewed, so 3 technically), work a job semi-related to what I’d like to do in business, work as a research assistant for a economics professor, am an associate for a management club, project my average to be between 3.55-3.65 at the end of this year, and am pretty average at interviews, though I will consult the career centre to be well-prepared. What are my chances?

2) Should I try to compete in business competitions? Would that be helpful?

3) Is the interview a must? Are all candidates interviewed?

4) Are high school grades/extra-curriculars/awards considered?

5) Would they hold the fact that I’m already in second year and may graduate late against me? Would that affect my application?

7) How do the rounds work? If I’m not accepted in the first round (April), can I apply again in the second round? Is this automatic or do I have to apply? Is it easier to get in during the second round? I heard GPA requirement dips down a bit during second round, is this true?

6) Worst comes to worst, can I transfer to Brock or WLU and gain admission to their coop programs? What are the requirements and approximate GPA conversion? Any idea what it would cost to apply to both through the 105D application?




I bet you’re one of those people who have trouble staying under the word count on essays! But in any case I have some lovely little answers for you … although slightly delayed!

1) Well aren’t we an impressive one! The website states the following requirements

Your cover letter and r?sum?? and CGPA will be evaluated for the following items:
– Awards & achievements

– Grammar and written communication

– Recent extracurricular, volunteer and work experience

– Demonstrated leadership and interest in business and the co-op experience.

Your chances seem pretty darn good. You have ample to fulfill requirements for each section. I’m basing your grammar and written communication skills on your lengthy, yet grammatically correct questions. I can’t go ahead and give you a fist pump for your acceptance because it all depends on the applicant fool, but you seem to have a strong case.

2) Well a business competition would show an interest in business …

3) The admission process says that you “may” be asked in for an interview. It sure does look like they do interview often when they provide a section on interview tips. Be prepared or be afraid, muwahahaha.

4) They don’t specify what awards/extra curricula’s will be considered. They DO however state:

ONLY students with a CGPA of 2.75 or higher will be considered for these programs. Although students with a CGPA of 2.75 or higher are eligible to apply to these programs, in the past minimum CGPA for entrance has been significantly higher.

In that case, only university marks will be considered.

5) oh holy heavenly stars above you ask a lot of questions <shotguns a red bull>


…. 5) If you have all the other requirements and have spoken to them about the number of credits that are allowed, then I couldn’t see why that should hinder you in the application process

7) There is one thing that may hold you back … 7 comes AFTER 6 … not before. But aska does like to shake things up a bit from time to time. Here’s a tidbit of information they provide
“A limited number of places in the Non Co-op BBA will be available to students beyond the two application periods described above. Students may apply, during the Subject POSt request periods, until they have completed up to 10 full credits; admission will be on the basis of all grades received. Students who have completed more than 10 full credits will not be considered for admission to the Programs. However, because the number of students accepted in this category is very limited, students who are denied admission after first year (in the periods at the end of the winter session and the end of the summer session in first year) are strongly advised to visit the Academic Advising & Career Centre to explore alternative program options.”

The last little bit kind of suggests that this is a one shot only situation.

6) Brock Admissions


WLU Admissions

AND here are the fees for 105D (no longer available). Scroll down, the fees per university are listed


still yours,


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