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ich liebe Deutsch auch

Dear ASKA!! Can undergrad of UTSC go to school of continuing studies for the sake of a German course!? I really wanted to take GER200Y but sadly it didn’t fit in my timetable, then I found they have it as a 2-month course at downtown tho I wonder how could they compress a year course into a term course rofl Merry Christmas<3

in which uoft is capable of generosity

Hi Aska,

I’m a fourth year graduating this month, however, I’d like to take a course with the UofT School of Continuing Studies to fulfill the requirements for a professional program I’m hoping to get into.

The thing is, I heard from friends that undergrads could receive a one time $600 subsidy (can’t remember if it was $600 or $800…) to the Continuing Studies. I could not find any information on this subsidy on their website, only a subsidy for students requiring financial support. I’m not sure if that is what my friends were referring to? Or is there actually a one time subsidy separate from that?

Thanks a lot! 😀


Hey there!

So the subsidy is actually $600, given to UofT grads by the School of Continuing Studies. The credit can be used at anytime within 18 months of graduation, so don’t forget about it.

It’s actually a really sweet deal that very few people know about so I highly recommend taking advantage of it. I have a friend in there right now and she’s gotten right back into the habit of waiting until the last minute to hand things in.

There are bunch of creative writing courses, all of which are highly acclaimed, so I recommend jumping into one of those. Likewise, a lot of things are offered online so if you find these past four years have made you sick of UofT, that’s okay! 😀



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