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summer course overload

Hi Aska,

Just wondering, if you plan to enrol in 2.0 FCE in the Summer are you able to take an online course as well?

Thank you for your help!


hey buddy,

if you enrol in 2.0 FCE’s and want to enrol in one extra online course, it would be considered a course overload. to get approved for a course overload, you’ll have to set up a meeting with your registrar. during your meeting, they will look at your past grades and have a conversation with you about whether or not a course overload is practical. generally, you’re more likely to be granted an overload if you are in good academic standing and have been able to handle full course loads in the past.

you’ll see here that the maximum course load for summer is 2.0 FCE’s.

so yes, you are allowed, but it’s up to your registrar!

peace and love,




Hey so I’m currently in first year and I’m trying to get into the management program for next year. I ended up doing really bad in mgm 101 and Eco 100 because of problems at home and I’m taking them again in summer school meaning I have a full course load for summer. I currently have 3.5courses and in orderto apply for the management program I need4 courses.I tried to get a course overload but it was denied because I didn’t have a full course loadduring the fall/winter session? What should I do?


hey there,

unfortunately if you already tried getting a course overload, there aren’t that many more options available to you. the only thing you can do now is wait until next year to apply to management and sign up for a filler POSt (after completing 4.0 credits) while you work on getting enough credits to apply next year. type 1 subject POSts (see page 1 of the registration guide) would be ideal for that.

otherwise, i’d encourage you to talk to your registrar’s office for more advice about what to do next.

best of luck,



why do you want to take that many courses in the summer though

Hello! ~
Is it at all possible to take 2.5 courses in the summer term? Are there exceptions that would allow this? For example if you were looking to graduate after the summer term. Would you need a certain GPA in order to request for this?
Thank you! Student


hey there student,

it is possible. what you’re talking about is a course overload, and you can request one through your college registrar’s office.

school is hard as it is, so yeah, usually you need a pretty good track record taking courses (read: a good GPA) to be granted an overload. if you’re planning on graduating soon, that would probably also help your case. gives a sense of URGENCY to the matter.




socrates said ‘know thyself’ but what did he know amirite

is it a bad idea to take 5.5 credits next year (i’m going into second year)


hey there,

not necessarily. uoft doesn’t require that you get special permission to take more classes until you go over 6.0 FCEs, so obviously they don’t think it’s impossible.

now that you’re all grown-up and wipe your own nose and whatnot, you’ve gotta be the one who assesses how much you can handle. think about how many courses you took last year and how well you did. if you really struggled with 5.0 or less, doing more this year probably isn’t the brightest idea. on the other hand, if you really excelled, then you can probably do more.

it’s kinda like using a Q-tip; you’ve just gotta be able to feel when it’s the right time to stop.




a smorgasbord of graduation-related anxieties

Hey aska,

First off, I just want to say that you’re awesome!

Secondly, I want to ask about graduating. (I know by the time you see this, 2nd sem will probably have started but I would like your opinion anyway). I’m in fourth year and I had intended to graduate in June but that now seems highly unlikely if not impossible. I started the fall sem with 5 classes and ended with 2 and a late withdrawal. I have been going through depression, family issues, and an overall lack of motivation for school. In the winter sem, I’m scheduled to take 6 classes, which I fear will drive me insane but I want to get as many credits as I can given I flopped the fall sem and tuition is so darn expensive. If I keep and pass those 6 classes, I will have 19.5 credits (so close!). Now, my question is what are my chances of getting a course overload so that I could still graduate in June? I know 7 classes is crazy, but I don’t want to pay more tuition in summer school. Or should I just stick with what I have and take a half credit in summer to graduate in November?

Given that most of my classes in the winter sem will be electives, should I take advantage of the credit no credit option and use them all? (that would leave me with only 3 courses in which I would get a mark). Are CNC a “bad” sign or negatively looked upon by potential professional or masters programs? Although, I have no current intention of applying to any future program, I want to keep my options open and not screw myself over. Especially since I’m in my last year, how would this be taken? Keep in mind that I already have a .5 CNC from 3rd yr, a LWD from 1st yr, and a recent .5 LWD this past sem. How will schools look at that LWD I got in 4th year? Did I forever ruin any chances to be accepted in a masters program, for example?

P.S sorry for the long msg and thanks


hey there,

thanks! it’s super cool that you think i’m awesome because i find validation through other people instead of having a healthy sense of self-esteem. it’s people like you who help me function, man. you should feel proud. (no but seriously, i’m glad i’ve been in any way amusing/helpful to you. srs).

alright, on to the meat.

this is just my honest opinion, but 7 courses is really a lot. i’d say you have a valid reason for wanting them, so you might be granted course overload. by the way, you have to go through the registrar’s office to do that, so if you have reasonably good grades and you explain about wanting to graduate in June, and if the courses you want to take aren’t all incredibly demanding, there’s a definite possibility you could be granted an overload.

buuuuuut i wouldn’t advise it, especially in your last year. i understand that the financial aspect of it isn’t a small thing, but if you’re even contemplating the idea of some kind of graduate school in the future, you don’t want to screw yourself over especially in fourth year, which is in some cases the only year grad schools look at.

personally, i’d take the last credit over the summer. if you can, maybe try to find a summer job to alleviate that cost. trust me, i completely empathize with how hella expensive it is to pay for your education, but i think it’ll pay off in the long run.

as for CR/NCRs, they’re only really a problem if they’re actually requirements for a graduate or professional school. since all of the courses you want to use CR/NCR on are electives, it shouldn’t prove to be too big of an issue. in fact, it might even be helpful if you think that using CR/NCR will give you a higher overall GPA (something grad/professional schools also look at). and if you’re gonna be taking 6 or even 7 courses i understand that making 1.5 CR/NCR would definitely be helpful.

HOWEVER i have to add the mandatory cautionary that credit/no-credit isn’t a strategy, it’s a helping hand. if you think you’ll do really well in your electives and they’ll boost your GPA, then you might as well take them properly. who knows, down the line those marks might come in handy for a job application or something, and it’s a real hassle to get your mark released after you’ve made it credit/no-credit already (trust me, i work in a uoft office – people have to jump through flaming hoops backwards to get CR/NCR marks post-exams). also, if you use CR/NCR on three courses all in one year, it might look a bit suspicious to a grad/profession school, though i’d suggest you talk to any grad schools you might be interested in to make absolutely sure.

as for the LWDs, they’re not great, and they definitely would affect something like a grad school application, but i wouldn’t say that they at all ruin your chances. obviously it depends on your overall GPA and the specific school in question, but if you’ve done well in the grad program’s prerequisites and you have a competitive average, i think you would still have a chance. especially since one of your LWDs was in first year, which is pretty much irrelevant for almost all grad/professional schools.

also, lots of grad schools have a written application component where you can make a personal statement. that gives you a third, non-marks based chance to prove yourself as a worthy candidate. finally, most grad schools allow you to write them a letter explaining why stuff like LWDs have happened, if there’s a specific reason (don’t do that as part of your personal statement tho that’s a big no-no).

i hope that’s been somewhat useful to you! best of luck, man, hope it goes smashingly, and congrats on graduating. you lucky butt. grr.



overcoming an overload

Hi, I am going into second year at UTM. I have selected 10 courses in total. But due to most of them being offered only in second semester, I am left with 3 courses in first semester and 7 courses in second semester. Is this too unbalanced? Will second semester be too heavy for me to handle? (However I am on the wait list for a course that is being offered in both semesters, If I make it into the course, I’ll have 4 courses in first semester and 6 in second semester) What should I do?

Your advice is much appreciated, thanks a lot.


Hey hey

Not only is that plan unbalanced, but it’s also not exactly allowed!

The maximum number of courses you can be in during a semester is six. Taking any more than that will require approval from the registrar’s office in the form of a course overload.

But disregard the idea “balance” since in the end, everything is up to your abilities. CAN you handle seven courses in one term (assuming your overload is granted)? If the answer is yes, then proceed.

However, if you can somehow manage to go with 4:6 instead of the 3:7… I totally recommend that. Or if anything, a 3:6. There’s no need to cram everything into one term! Especially if you still have some coming years.




school would be easier if we all had… time-turners!

I was granted a course overload, and now I’m switching some courses around for timing reasons. Is this allowed or do I have to stick to the courses that were listed on the overload request sheet?? Also, I dropped the seventh course thinking that I could just re-add again (since I was granted an overload) but ROSI said I exceeded my limit (even though I had seven previously). What should I do?!

Thank you,



Nay, deviating from your proposed plan is not allowed.

Basically the overload you were approved for was for a particular set of seven courses. If you want to change things around within that batch of seven, you’ll need to get the new proposal approved once again. So the fastest thing to do would be to contact whoever gave you the overload and ask them if a new set of seven will be okay as well.

As for adding a seventh, again, contact your magical advisor.

Only they have the power (read: ROSI ability) to exceed the course limit.




can’t get enough of these courses~


In order to graduate I need 7 FCE this year. I’m already enrolled in 5.0 with one one FCE on the waitlist. How can I add one more FCE?

Thank you,

need to finish!


Hey hey

You’ll need to appeal for a course overload, so make an appointment with your college registrar as soon as possible to get approved.

For the most part, they require you to be in good standing or at least have a really good reason as to why they should give it to you, so if your greats aren’t that great, make sure your story is.



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