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pesky priorities!

Hello. My admissions category is mathematical and physical sciences. I chose this because i love chem but no other programs under that category really interest me. Soooo can i double major in chem and something from life sci like nutritional sciences or must i stay within my admissions category?



yes, you can totally do that! you can take any courses within the faculty of arts and science as you are an artsci student. it’s pretty cool. i know people who have double majored in french literature and organic chemistry.

the one thing you’d have to be aware of is priorities. if you want to take courses outside of your admissions category, you might not have “priority” for those courses. this means that you will have to wait until the priority period is over until you can register for those courses. this year, you can start enrolling in those classes on August 4th. 

i hope this is helpful! good luck!

looking forward to seeing you on campus in the fall!

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