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    they’re watching you

    Hi, I recently had a Quercus online test, it was not open book. For one multiple choice question I checked my answer on lecture slides in a different tab, I know this was wrong and this would be my first offense. I was planning on dropping the course anyway and already have, and my test hasn’t been graded yet, but I’m scared I’ll be charged with academic dishonesty and I feel terrible. I don’t know if they will grade my test, but do I email the prof? Do I tell them or will I not even be graded?


    hello there,

    i feel like i should have gotten to a question like this quicker, so sorry about the wait!

    i dunno if your situation has changed at all since a few days ago, but i’m not sure how helpful i can be anyway. i’m not sure whether your test will be graded if you’ve dropped the course (maybe not?? probably not??) and whether or not you come clean to your prof is your call. obviously, it would be the most honest thing to do, but i can’t really predict what the consequences will be. i don’t know what the academic integrity procedures are for courses that have already been dropped, which makes it kind of hard for me to navigate this for you.

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    if you want some better guidance on this, i would really encourage you to get in touch with your registrar’s office. i don’t believe anything you say to an academic advisor can be used against you in an academic integrity case given that they’re not even part of the process, but i’d check that over with whoever you speak to just to be 100% sure. regardless, they’d be the best place to go to for advice in a situation like this.

    anyway, in case you’re not aware (but you might already be), your profs can see your Quercus activity. regardless of what you choose to do and what ends up happening, the most important thing you take away from this is to not make the same mistake again in the future.

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    How do online courses work? Like for ECO105Y1, is it kind of a do-it-at-your-own-pace thing with deadlines or does everyone have to be online at certain times? Where online are they held?


    aight so,

    the thing with this is that u of t is pretty closed-mouthed about online courses in general, much less how they work. short of actually taking one, which i haven’t, it’s a bit hard to know. i’m sure it also varies across different courses from different departments. i did try calling the undergrad econ department to get some info for you, but either they were on lunch break or away. 

    luckily, before i became an aska, i enrolled in (and very quickly dropped) this exact online course. from what i could remember (and what i could find in my inbox), the course was administered through quercus and some other online software. i dug through my computer to see if i still had the course outline (i don’t), but luckily for you the internet does. check it out here. you’re welcome. 

    to paraphrase what that very lengthy document has to say, you’ll need to get an access code to something called myeconlab, and you’ll also be doing some work on peerscholar.ca. as far as i can tell, it is a ‘do-it-at-your-own-pace thing with deadlines’– when you sign up for it on ACORN, no time slot is provided. i guess it’s intended to be flexible, which is a lovely lovely thing especially given that the in-person lectures are usually at unearthly times. last year they scheduled it mondays at 8; this year it’s mondays at 9. a slight improvement. still dunno if i would take it. would not have time for breakfast. food is important, yall.

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    ~*~online learning~*~

    hello! are online lectures live or can i watch the videos any time? I’m enrolled in ggr107 and the online lecture starts right after my new job shift ends. i’m hoping the online lectures can be watched at any time so i don’t have to change my shift at work!



    in my own personal experience, online courses that i’ve taken have been recorded and uploaded online. that’s just in my experience, though, and the way that courses are run may differ between faculties, departments, or even individual profs. i suggest that you get in contact with the prof that’s teaching the course. that’s probably the safest bet!

    YAY! learning! yay! back to school! YAY!

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    hope this helps, good luck!



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    the cybersphere

    Hello. Do you know if the CSC108H1 online course is an archived one? Is there a starting time or can it be accessed at any time? Thanks.


    hey there,

    if i’m understanding your question correctly, then no, it’s not archived. the course will run in real time, just like a regular course, with assignments and tests and an exam that you’ll have to complete, all by the assigned deadlines. the only difference is that your lecture materials will be online. (keep in mind that the exam and lab sections will take place in person.)

    i’m not sure what you mean by “starting time.” lecture materials will be released as you progress in the course (the first day of classes is September 14th), and you’ll be able to log into blackboard and look at whatever the prof’s put there for the duration of the course.

    oh, and a tip: make sure to sign up for L0101, because that’s the only lecture section of the course that’ll be online.



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    i’m on the line and i can’t see any courses?? darn this newflanged internets…

    Hello 🙂 Does UofT have online courses? How do they work? Are they likely to be held in the summer session? Thanks


    hey there,

    uoft doesn’t have a lot of info up about their online courses (what SHAMS, they can’t even promote their ONLINE courses ONLINE). however, it seems like the online courses they do have listed are pretty random.

    here is the full selection of courses offered this year. which of those will be offered in the summer, i’m not sure.

    what i would do is browse that list, see which courses you’re interested in, and once you’ve picked some, call the departments that administer those courses. ask if they’re typically offered in the summer term, and if there will be an online option.

    the more popular a class is, the higher the chances that there will be a summer and/or online option. i hope you have pretty mainstream taste in courses. keep in mind, though, that neither you or the department can be sure which courses will be offered until the summer timetable comes out. however, you can browse this past summer’s timetable to take a look at what was on offer then.

    as for how online courses work, they’ve pretty much got the same course material as classes in brick-and-mortar classrooms, just whacked up onto the web.

    however, i think that exams/term tests are in-class rather than online, so if you’re halfway across the world, an online course may not be feasible. don’t quote me on that, though – definitely ask the department about it before you sign up, as it may not be the same for all courses.

    good luck,


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    what is the internet?

    I am currently a first year student in UTM. Unfortunately, due to my health situation, I may not be able to continue the next semester. I plan to postpone it and take online courses instead. I was wondering if you could tell me: Can the online courses be counted toward my final credits? That would be a great help! Thank you for your time and effort.
    Kind regards.


    hey there,

    online courses work the same way as regular courses except that they’re, well, online. so they count for credit the same way regular courses do, and you register for them on ROSI like with any other course.

    i don’t know what your plans are, but there isn’t a huge selection of online courses, so i hope you weren’t planning to do a full semester online. (so much for millenials living on the internet. sometimes i can’t even get internet connection to go on facebook while i’m in lecture?- it’s like i’m a cave person).

    there’s a full list of online courses here.

    hope your health situation clears up, mi amigo.



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    and by “several” online courses uoft means seven

    Does u of t offer online courses?

    And if so, can I take them and use the credits towards my degree?


    Hey hey!

    Online courses aren’t really big at UofT, but after a good twenty minutes of scouring the internet, giving up, trying again, and then finally using a little common sense and checking my aska archives, I finally found the one page UofT seems to offer on online courses!

    So good job, past-aska! You da man. Or woman. Whatever.

    But yes, if you take something from that list, it can certainly count towards your degree.



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    u of t: the online edition

    Does utm have any online courses?


    Not even a hello? Or a thank you? Or goodbye?

    Gee, thanks.

    Anyhow, online courses don’t seem to be much of a thing here at UofT, no matter which campus you’re at. From what I’ve been able to find, you’re essentially limited to this despite the claim that we have “several undergraduate courses.” But everything on that list is open to all UofT/UTSC/UTM students so feel free to register via ROSI if they tickle your fancy in the slightest.