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the saga that is cognitive science

Hi Askastudent,

Do you know what’s going on with the Cognitive Science program? Their webpage hasn’t been updated since January 2008 and when I look up their courses at University College, it seems they’re not University College any more… or something? “The Cognitive Science program formerly administered by the University College has been redesigned under the auspices of the Faculty of Arts & Science. Please refer to the Cognitive Science program: see Cognitive Science.” See Cognitive Science…. where? In the Arts & Science calendar there is no Cognitive Science category that I could find.

I’m sooooo confused! I managed to find one course on the timetable (under University College, not Cognitive Science), and the course code has changed from UNI to COG. One course does not a program make, so I’m not sure what’s happened. Is the program no longer offered? If it is, where have the third and fourth year courses gone? How does a program go from having TWO specialist degrees and one major to not existing so quickly?

Thanks for your help. I’m totally baffled.


Hello there. I’ve talked to a couple of peeps at University College and the short answer (after long explanations) is that no one exactly knows what is going on with the Cognitive Science program. It’s no longer under University College’s jurisdiction, and the only Cognitive Science course in the entire program is not being offered this year in the timetable (COG 250Y1). This year it seems that they are “taking a break” from Cognitive Science before determining where it is going. Which is totally weird, right?

If you look at page 134 of the calendar, you’ll see listings of what classes are offered to make up the major pogram of Cognitive Science – all courses in computer science, linguistics and psychology. For now, all COG courses no longer exist, and it’s dammed difficult to find who exactly is representing the program. (Someone at the UC programs office actually laughed when I said that the website hadn’t been updated since January 2008!)

If you are interested in the program, you will have to follow the course listings outlined on page 134, and wait until next year (perhaps?) where COG courses will be offered again. There isn’t even a faculty listing in the calendar, so there is no one you can even scream at for their negligence!

Your best bets (for screaming) are the Faculty of Arts and Science registrar, or Hilary Browning at University College.

Good luck to you! Let me know what happens.

xoxo, Askastudent

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