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I am applying to graduate school this year, and one of the questions that is asked on ouac is if I have ever had an academic sanction. I had an academic offense in my first year for my class, however, I just got a 0 on the assignment (it was a 1% assignment), and it only stayed on my record for 2 years. It is now no longer on my record, and the grad school I am applying to only requires my final 2 years (which this class is not a part of). Is it fine if I check the box off as no?


hey there,

checked this over and it seems like it is fine if you don’t report your sanction!

if it’s no longer on your record, my understanding is that it was not deemed significant enough that it should affect your educational prospects moving forward.

you don’t try to show sanctions if you only have tiny sanctions, i guess. we really be out here tryina make absurd political gifs relevant. here are some of my other recent faves, with absolutely no context, because sanctions make me think of politics and politics right now is this:

and the purest energy of all is this boi:

best of luck with the graduate school applications– aska is rooting for ya!

be Boundless,


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