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i saw others were asking you about waitlists now so I just wanted to drop my question in too! When does the waitlist usually close? I know its today but the calendar just says end of the day so should I be ready with sword in hand at 11:59 PM? Also, it’s my first time actually being on one this late in the game so if you’ve got any tips and tricks (or occult rituals, I’m not judgy) to nab an open spot I’d appreciate it!


hey there,

i’ve been told that the waitlist closes tonight at 11:59, yes! if you’re not ready with sword in hand, i don’t know what to tell you. i hope you know i’ll be real disappointed.

haha just kidding i don’t think jumping on it at midnight will necessarily be the make or break factor. it’s basically down to whether you’re the first person who wants in to reload ACORN if someone drops between tonight and the 19th.

i’m not an occult expert, although wouldn’t that be cool? i’ve sat in a chapters in front of the wicca (?) section and cracked the books on auras and crystals open, but can’t say i learned anything substantial. the only tip/trick i have for ya is to just check as often as you can without going mad. it’s a game of luck. i hope for your sake you have good odds.

wow. geez. that was too much of a throwback for me. i’m out.

be Boundless,


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