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and another one bites the St.George dust

I saw your site. I have a question!! So, I am a first year UTM student and I understand that I cannot take St. George courses until i finish 4.0 credits from UTM. However, can I choose a subject POST from St. George? I really want to do the physics major in St. George but I also dont think I could switch campuses because of my GPA. (chemistry is a %*#$) If I do end up picking the physics major from UTM, can I take the required courses for the major in the St. George campus even if it is offered in UTM?


Whaddup little UTMer

Unfortunately you would have to registered at the St.George campus to have a subject POST from that campus.

I would suggest first going into your registrar’s office and asking them about the possibility of transferring to the downtown campus. It sounds like that’s the campus that would be best suited for you. You never know, you might secretly have the perfect CGPA to get transferred (well i don’t know really, but you might as well check).

This is what the Arts and Science Course Calendar says about taking courses at other campuses:
” Students registered on the St. George campus of the Faculty of Arts & Science may enroll in most courses offered by University of Toronto Mississauga and University of Toronto Scarborough, provided that they meet the enrollment controls and prerequisites established by those divisions. These courses count towards the 20 credits required for a St. George degree and are included in the CGPA. These courses may also count towards St. George program requirements; students should check with their program office before enrolling. ”

Meaning, that unfortunately your going to have to go into the Physics department and talk to all those scary men dropping eggs off of balconies in little contraptions trying to get them not to break AND just ask them if its cool with them if you betray UTM for St.George …. and still have it contribute to your degree.

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