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How does UTAPS work? Is there any rhyme or reason to how much money you get? I cannot for the LIFE of me get anybody in the administration to tell me how it works and how they calculate the need. The websites all say that they guarantee to top up your OSAP/other prov student loans up to the assessed financial need, however, people within my program (admin and students) tell me conflicting info., such as nobody gets more than $3-5K or that UTAPS will cover my full $13,000 of assessed unmet need. HALP! I’m a grad student in a program that qualifies for UTAPS assistance, if that helps. My loans just cover my tuition but not my books, living expenses, very expensive transportation costs (as a commuter), etc. etc.Thanks! 🙂



Well it’s hard to go by what other students have received just because they will not have the same financial situation as you. No two snowflakes are alike you know?… speaking of snow flakes. I was freezing my knickers off this morning and heard gossip of snow. Banish the thought.

I’m sure how they calculate UTAPs is a deep dark secret, that is taken to the grave.In true style of not knowing the embedded secrets I’m going to send you to someone else … isn’t this just how the world works

A graduate studies financial counsellor … they probably know how to get you a whole slew of money that you didn’t even know existed!

live long and prosper … or something like that,



  • Frustrated

    Hiya, I’m the original asker. Thanks for your reply, however, I have already tried the SGS Financial counsellors. In fact, I spoke with the regular Financial Aid/Awards people who handle UTAPS and they directed me to the SGS counsellor who directed me back to them, because they have nothing to do with UTAPS apparently. This financial aid system is incredibly frustrating. It seems nobody knows how UTAPS works, and even though it’s supposed to be ADVANCED PLANNING for financial aid, you don’t know how much you get until they tell you. *sigh*

  • Frustrated

    So, I left you a comment awhile ago but for some reason it was never published. I am the original asker above. Thanks for your response, but I of course contacted Financial Aid and an SGS counsellor. The SGS counsellor told me that they have nothing to do with UTAPS and referred me back to the UTAPS Financial Aid people, who had no answers for me.

    Do you have any actual idea of how the UTAPS system works?


  • aska

    No … this isn’t one of those situations where I secretly know the answer and just want to mess with you.
    The reason no one can tell you how much you are going to get is because they won’t know until they actually assess your case. What I can tell you is that if you applied for your OSAP by the deadline, you should have received your UTAPS by now.

  • frustrated

    Okay, thanks for the response. I just wanted to note for other people looking for this info, for out of province students, they are NOT done processing applications. They have only just begun the assessment for paper applications. We should hear a response between next week and the end of February(!).

    Unfortunately, this means that the whole UTAPS assessment criteria and even just the basics of how it works are a complete mystery to everybody, including officials at various levels within UofT. In fact, I can’t even get a straight answer on whether UTAPS funding is guaranteed or not.

    I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. And wait, and wait…

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