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i wish i could bake a cake made out of rainbows and smiles

I have a good three hours between some of my classes this year so I’m wondering where are some good, quiet places to let it all out at U of T. Preferably near the sciences (Queen’s Park, St. George) and with some nice comfy seats but I’ll settle for stairs…not like the ones at Sidney Smith though, I almost got trampled last year.

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If you need to cry-cry, like wet-faced, snotty-nosed sort of crying because you’re like depressed and stuff, you can always head over to CAPS at the Koffler Centre.

But if you just need a small secret place to let out all your feelings, my personal picks are

  • Queen’s Park. There are lots of crazies there. At least if you get seen crying in the middle of the day, then you’ll blend in.
  • One of the third floor balconies of Con Hall. Yes, this is mildly creepy, but as long as there’s no class going on, I’m pretty sure you’ll have the little space to yourself.
  • The park behind University of Toronto School, just north of Sussex and Huron. Just sit on the hill and cry. Not quite the “comfy seat” you’re looking for but it can suffice. Hills are lovely.
  • An abandoned classroom of UC. Not only will you get privacy in that no one will be around, but people will probably think you’re some kind of wailing ghost haunting UC and run the other way.
  • The staircases of SidSmith (if you’re willing to settle for a staircase).

happy screeching,

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