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Damn Government.

I want to live either on residence or find an apartment downtown for the next school year but my estimated OSAP funding isn’t enough for living expenses in Toronto. Is there anywhere else I could turn to? Grants, scholarships etc. I really don’t want to commute again this year since it takes about 1.5 hours each way. Thanks.



Wow.? That?s a really brutal commute.? You are justified in telling your grandchildren stories of how you had to journey up hill (both ways), fight bears and frostbite while riding a unicycle just to get to school so you could learn.? ?

There are tons of grants and scholarships available at U of T.? If you go to your registrar?s office, they?ll be able to help you get whatever you need.? My suggestion for applying would be to amplify any cash issue you may have, and don?t feel ashamed to pull on heart strings of the administrational staff.? Also, if OSAP isn?t enough, there?s a thing called ?UTAPS?, which is U of T funding.? There is also a lot of cheap living in down town Toronto ? and the U of T housing website is very helpful in that respect, too.

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