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swerve away from those nerves

I’m applying to u of t next year but ok I’m really nervous my avg isnt going to be high cause most of my courses I’m taking I’m able to get 85 and up in except for two Maths. The two Maths are going to be included in my top 6 cause religion doesnt count as U and neither does my elective. Any advice on how to not stress? I’m applying for humanities at st george btw


hey there,

despite the fact that i’m pretty sure you’re the same person as this dude, i’m gonna answer this as well, just because you’ve actually technically asked a different question.

like i said to the other dude, the anticipated grade range for incoming humanities students this Fall is in the low 80s. i don’t know how badly you did in those maths, but it’s probably not as bad as you think.

as for ways to avoid stress, i’ve written about that before. i could list more things, but to be honest, i’m getting into the first quarter of my life here, and i can already feel my hands WARPING from carpal tunnel, so.

the core of the matter is this: you have to to realize that getting into uoft is not the be-all and end-all of your happiness. try to get excited about other universities and other opportunities that can make you happy, so that no matter what happens here, it’s not gonna make or break you.

like, i think uoft’s great. love working here, love studying here (well; i don’t love studying…) BUT i also understand that i am a radiant being of light who will continue to be as attractive, transcendent, and an all-around delight (not to mention conversational WIT), even after i leave uoft.*

if you work hard and stay meticulous about school, you’ll be fine. but even if uoft doesn’t work out, you are still one COOL HUMAN. so don’t stress, ’cause you don’t wanna wrinkle a face as great as yours.



*to be fair, i don’t know if YOU’RE all those things…obviously only aska can be made of the pure, guiding light of knowledge and charm…but you know…you’re probably cool too…

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