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difficulties for non-degree-ers?


I’m a fourth year student in life science and I already requested for graduation in June 2013, but as a life science graduate I really can’t find any decent jobs without further studies. The only place I want to go into right now is sonography and Michener is the only school around here that offers it, all the other schools are at least four hours away. That leaves me with only one option and if I do not get accepted, well I’m pretty much screwed. I was wondering if I can stay at uoft for a gap year if I do not get accepted, to boost my CGPA, or just have more time to think about what to apply to. However, if I do get accepted, obviously I would want to graduate. So should I just keep my graduation request? When is the last date to cancel the request. Would uoft allow me to stay even if I have all the requirements to graduate? Please let me know, thanks!


Hey hey!

Good news! You can definitely come back afterwards to boost your CGPA. Once you’ve gone through with convocation and all that jazz, ROSI will automatically deem you a non-degree student. Don’t worry about the title of it. Basically, you’ll be able to take other courses and such; however, what will be a bit of a pain is the issue of your enrollment time. Sadly, non-degree students are allotted unfortunate start times in mid-August, which means that the eager third- or fourth-year students might’ve already filled up the course that you want.

Now here’s one thing you can do to get around that. Say you know about this sonography program’s results in like… April, and, unfortunately, you’re back to UofT for year the five. In that situation, you can immediately apply for summer courses and be treated like a degree student simply because technically you haven’t been declared a non-degree student yet by ROSI (that happens in June). What this means really is that you won’t be totally shafted in terms of start time. But yeah, if you just want to do the September thing again, sadly, you won’t be selecting courses until much later than you’re probably used to.

But do keep your graduation request!

best of luck,



live long and forever at U of T

Hello, can you take extra courses after you graduate from a program at UofT in order to better your GPA?



sike … I’ll give you more information. You will be enrolling as a non-degree. Here’s all the bizznazz on being a non-degree student. Hohum, what else do you need to know: the marks will be calculated into your CGPA.

live, long and prosper,



Free Porn … or non-degree courses

Hi. Hope you are well. I am in my last year of university. Coming here as an international student was a hasty decision and resulted in many problems for me. In my first year i got all Ds. I went ot my registrar and asked her what to do before the finals in first year, she told me to drop 3 courses as it was before the academic deadline. However i was gonna lose 12000 dollars because of that ( international student fees ) and did not drop the courses because I already had very little money to continue studies. But i continued, i have been working 40 hrs a week consistently on campus since my second year of university. Due to the work, the stress of not being able to pay tuition my grades have been very inconsistent. I will be graduating with a gpa of about 2.2. I intend to find a job in economics, my field. Now at some point I want to return to university when i have money to do so and start studying for something i like. I need to know what will be the shortest and quickest way for me to get into a decent grad school in ontario if i come back to improve grades. Can i take non-degree courses, will I have to take courses that will add to my previous degree’s gpa? Thank you.


Why heelllllo there,

I am well thank you!

WHY you ask?

Ok fine, if you must know, i’m done all my exams. After 1 week, 600 tests/exams, 1 essay and 39 coffees, I am done.
I can now go on to my next secret identity role (cough – Santa’s head elf – cough)

Ohhh the dreaded marks from first year. Most students get a little … uhh distracted in first year, whether it’s adjusting to working and school, discovering the various ways you can make weed into a delicious snack, the easily accessible booty calls of residence, or duck taping someones entire door so they can’t get out.

But now lets focus on you. It depends on what grad school and program you want to get into. Check this out, you can kind of get a feel of the marks you need to apply to the program you want.
If you do need to upgrade marks, you can just come back as a non-degree student and the marks will be considered toward your CGPA.

Just to clarify, when you are a non-degree student, your previous marks as a U of T student are calculated in with your new marks.

Peace and love baby,


U of T, I miss you and want you to take me back

Hello there Aska,

First of all, I have to compliment you on your witty writing skills, and your ability to provide very entertaining answers for the readers 🙂

Now onto my question. I recently graduated this past year with a Bsc in Healthstudies and Medical Anthropology, with not so stellar marks… my ambition (as lowly as it sounds) was just to finish undergrad, get the heck out, and find a job.

Now that I am actually in the “working world”, I realize I totally screwed up my undergrad and having to pay for the consequences now. I want to pursue a Masters degree at Uoft in Public Health (MPH). I was reading on the program requirements, and it stated that I needed to have a mid B (2.7-3.0) GPA in my final year, a four year degree, etc etc…The program did not mention anything about a CGPA.

The issue is that my CGPA, let alone my GPA, is nowhere in the vicinity of a 2.7… Thus, I am thinking of going back as a non degree student and upgrading my marks for one year. Do you know if I can retake my previous courses? And if I do excel at them (which to be honest, is the only choice I have!), will UofT count those as new marks or will they average the 2 marks out (previous marks vs. new marks)?

Finally, are there any recommendations you can offer? I am planning to resume my volunteer activities, and despite my horrible marks, I do
have recommendations from 2 professors already. But is there anything else that I overlooked or need to focus on?

Please advise, and sincerely thank you so much !

– T (yes, I realize my ID is my email account)


Hey There T (Pain?) …. Mr. T??

You officially receive brownie points for the compliment.

Here’s the deal, I have both positive and negative news … which do you want first?
Side bar: this reminds me of when people ask questions when leaving a message on the answering machine … they CLEARLY can’t respond

Good News first … your not totally screwed.

First of all this here are the requirements for the program (again, I know you looked at them) NOW on the same website they have a section on upgrading. This is what is says:

Many applicants inquire about their prospects of admission to graduate programs if they do not have the requisite academic standing of a mid-B. The following statement does not cover every possible case but should serve as a general guide.

“The School of Graduate Studies expects applicants who are in this situation to upgrade their standing by completing a further year of study and obtaining at least a B+ average. Such additional work:

  • need not be taken on a full-time basis but will be equivalent to a year of full-time study (say 4-1/2 to 5 full courses);
  • will comprise courses at senior undergraduate level (third or fourth year).
  • may be taken in any disciplinary area where the applicant has access to senior level courses (but will carry more weight with the admitting department if they are relevant to the proposed graduate degree program).

Successful completion of such an upgrading program cannot guarantee admission, because applicants must always compete with the others who happen to apply in a particular year for admission to programs with limited total enrolment. Persons who are interested in the possibility of upgrading would, therefore, be well-advised to discuss their situation with the Department before committing themselves to what can be an arduous and expensive undertaking.”

So I’m assuming other students have been in the same position as you have in the past.
Now for the bad news, the University of Toronto allows you to repeat a course up to 1.0 credits. BUT … it also states in the course calendar that, “The repeated course will be designated an “Extra” course: it will appear on the academic record, but will be marked “Extra” and will not be included in GPA calculations or in the degree credit count”

Non-Degree credits do contribute towards your CGPA, if you haven’t already taken the course previously

If your main goal is to raise your CGPA, then your going to have to take senior level courses that you have not previously taken. Saying this, confirm with the department for Public Health and make sure there are no specific course requirements for admission into their masters program.

Don’t give up help and you can go in and see your old registrar’s office for an academic advice as they will still make appointments for you.

Tender Thoughts,

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