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I need to know what the neurosci major is all about. I’ve emailed so many
people but no one is replying. Is it hard? Will it kill my GPA? I’m super
interested in the topics but I ain’t gonna sacrifice my medical career for
it. Is a general human bio major easier? I mean it says that it doesn’t
need stats so I’m in shock.. I’m going into my second year so I’m praying
for the best! Thanks xx



to look into what a program is “all about”, you can look it up on the faculty’s calendar. here, there is a short description of the program as well as all the courses that are required for it. by looking at the courses, you can gauge how much you’d enjoy being in the program as well as how well you think you would do. unfortunately, i don’t know how “hard” the major is or if it’ll kill your GPA. all i can say is that if you genuinely enjoy the program and the content of the courses, you won’t find it “hard”.

for the difference between human bio and neuroscience, i would get in contact with the department. they would have the most relevant and up-to-date information.

good luck!



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