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welcome to the world’s largest closet

Maybe this question will appear to be a waste of time. I’ve talked to the people in admissions and one girl involved with the Theater Department about studying acting at U of T but I’m not sure if the information was closer to fact or sales pitch. She says double majors (I like international politics because I’m a closet dork) are common with Acting. Is this so? How are the productions there? How are the performance spaces (they were closed when I toured, I’m an American resident)? I hear it’s a pyramid-structured program; is it like if you lack that je-ne-sais-quois they kick you out, or do you get canned if they detect a lack of effort/development?
Have I mentioned that your sparkling wit stuns me with its sheer hilarity? Does ass-kissing make you more inclined to answer my question? I’ve found it quite effective in the past.



this is getting a little awkward…

So I’m a grade 12 student from Atlantic Canada who will be applying to U of T St George in the next week or so.? I’ve ranked Trinity College as my #1 choice on the OUAC application form, but I’m feeling a little bit nervous about my chances of being accepted here, seeing as its standards are higher than other colleges on the campus.? I’ve chosen Trinity because of its affiliation with the IR program, which is what I plan to study.
On my latest report I’ve had the following marks:
English- 92
French- 88
Theater Arts- 91
World Issues- 93
Trig (12 math)- 65

I’m obviously not a math or science person.? My grade 11 marks reflect that, with an 11 physics mark of 61, part B of 11 math 68, and an 11 chem mark of 70.? The rest of my marks are in the 80’s and 90’s.
At the other universities I am applying to, there is almost always a place on the application where you can include past achievements and participation in any activities, and I’ve noticed that there is nothing like this on the OUAC apps, which was something I was really counting on.? So I’m just kind of nervous about applying whenever so much is dependent on my marks.
Do I have a reason to be so nervous?? It took me a really long time to convince my parents to let me apply to UofT and one thing we could really agree on was Trinity, so I’m really really hoping to be accepted here.? How do you think my chances are, considering?
Thanks in advance, and sorry for the novel.? 🙂



I Fear the Unknown

Hello aska!
Sorry to interrupt your studying, especially now that it’s exam season and whatnot, but I really need your help! I’m a grade 12 student and I’ve received an acceptance from Trinity.However, all I’ve heard about it are negative things, and I feel kind of discouraged. Is it really THAT bad?

Additionally, I’m interested in applying for the Major or Specialist International Relations program and it says that all I need is a GPA of 3.0 if I’m not mistaken.

Given the competition though, I doubt that it’s a realistic mark to actually be admitted to the program. What mark do I truly need to actually get in?

It means a lot to me, because I can’t seem to make up my mind on where to go!

Thank you for your time, I really, really appreciate it! 🙂


? (more…)


is international relations the opposite of peace & conflict studies?

How do the programs in Peace & Conflict Studies, International Relations and Joint IR-PACS differ? Which has the best reputation? Which is easiest and hardest to get into?

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