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    sticky situation


    So I originally enrolled at UTSC because I had missed the application
    deadline for SG. I decided to start in Scarborough and brave the commute (I
    live downtown) for a year to hopefully try for an internal transfer later.
    I dilly-dallied and decided I enjoyed Scarborough bc of a course offered
    (IDS) but then started to hate the commute and now want to return to my
    original idea of transferring.

    My question is about courses at another campus:
    I have the intention of transferring (again missed the deadline last year
    BC I thought I liked Scarborough) so ideally I would like to gather
    downtown courses this year so i can transfer in my third year.
    So. I currently have 3 utsc FCE’s (from 2015/2016) and took 1 FCE this
    summer at SG. As of this fall, I enrolled in 2 more FCE’s on the st.george
    campus, but have a sneaking suspicion that I am in violation of the rules
    for taking courses at another campus.

    On the office of the registrar website it states:
    “Courses at UTM or St. George
    You can take a maximum of 5.0 credits at another U of T campus (or 1.0
    credit if you have completed fewer than 4.0 credits) as a UTSC student.”
    I SWEAR I had spoken with a councilor who said I could only take 1 FCE in
    the first year only. NOT that I needed to also complete at least 4.0 FCE at
    utsc. What is your understanding of this rule? Can I appeal? I am enjoying
    my courses and do not want to be removed.



    you, my friend, are in a sticky situation! i honestly wasn’t sure if i should answer this question because i thought you would be removed from your courses by now, but since i haven’t heard anything about you being removed, i’m going to assume you’re still in your st. george courses.

    you are, indeed, in violation of a rule at U of T, but at the same time, getting kicked out of your courses this far in would suck.


    first, go back to your counsellor and be all, “yo wut?”

    okay, but seriously.

    in regards to your inquiry, i called the utsc registrar’s office and asked what they thought about your situation. based on what they told me, it seems like you have two options.

    first, (10/10 would recommend) you can call admissions at st. george to let them know about your intentions to transfer. in this scenario, you would probably have to tell them the number of FCE’s you have completed at scarborough and st. george. they may even subsequently remove you from your courses if they ask for your student number.

    on the other hand, it is also possible that they may make an exception for you if they know you’re thinking of transferring to st. george eventually. you’ll still have to wait until the next deadline (january 13th),  of course, but you may be able to keep the courses you’re in. you could definitely mention that you heard from your counsellor that it would be okay. i can’t guarantee that you’ll see this outcome, but you never know until you call!

    your second option, (1/10 would not recommend) is to not call at all. the course-remover people will eventually do their rounds and remove you from your st. george courses. after that, if you want to argue this, you’ll have to open up communication with the university and explain why you broke the rules. i can’t speak on behalf of the course-removing people, but if i were in their shoes, i would be less forgiving if it seems like you knowingly broke the rule and didn’t seek out any guidance or resources.

    if i were you, i would call admissions to see what they can do for you. you may be surprised at what they have to say. if they end up removing you from courses because you called, that blows, but remember, it would’ve happened sooner or later.


    just be honest and come clean about your intentions instead of living in fear!

    i hope you do the right thing.