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after a week of school, i hate it!

Dear askastudent,

I have just started first year and I realized the program Im in now is not what I really want to do, how would I be able to change my program?


Oh dear lord, honey, you have a long way to go. First of all, you are only in your first week of your first year of school – how do you know that your program is not for you yet? Secondly, you don’t even have to worry about choosing a subject PoST until second year, which you can change at any time until applying for graduation.

The feeling that you’re experiencing is normal, especially in first year. Chances are, your classes right now are huge and overwhelming. This is a reality that will eventually chill out once you head into your upper years of whatever program you end up taking, and take on smaller seminars and class sizes.

I’d recommend thinking about what it is that you’re passionate about and going through the calendar with an open mind. Taking a thorough look at everything U of T offers will yield unexpected surprises. Many of the colleges offer really intriguing programs with much smaller class sizes and fascinating course subjects. Other programs can offer labs, research opportunities and internships that will help you gain experience in an field of interest.

You have to be honest with yourself and think about what you want to commit yourself to for the next four (plus) years. Are you only in your program of study because you want to please your parents? Or for practicality’s sake? That may not be a reason to stay in it.

A great resource is your college registrar. Most of the colleges (especially Innis) have a first year counselor who can talk you through some of the concerns you might be having. It may also not be too late for you switch courses, if that’s what you intend on doing though you should pay attention to these important dates. Please keep in mind that SEPTEMBER 26th is the last day to add new “F” and “Y” courses.

My advice is to give the first month a chance and if you really hate it, consider taking something else in the second semester.

Let me know what you decide.

xoxo, Askastudent

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