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making the most of the minimum


I am worried that I wont get into my economics major by just meeting the 67 in eco100. What are my options? Ca I reapply for the subject post next year (third year)? Or should I retake the course to get a more competitive grade??



Hey hey

Since Economics is just a Type 2 program — meaning you just need a certain grade to get in — I don’t see why your 67 won’t suffice. While it is the absolute minimum, it DOES still fulfil what’s required of you.

But you can certainly do either option.

If you don’t get into the program in this current round, just apply next year.

However, if you want to retake ECO100Y, since you passed it already, the course would be considered extra (listed as EXT, won’t contribute to your CGPA or credit count, etc.) but will still work for a program entry requirement. Likewise, you’d have to enrol in it at your registrar’s office.

Again though, I don’t think you’ll have to go through with either.

For now, just wait.




eager for the eco

Hi there, i am a first year commerce student, but i am waitlisted for the ECO100 lecture, i do not know if they are going to open anymore seats? what is going to happen since i am guaranteed a spot since it is a mandatory course for first years?





You are certainly guaranteed a spot, but that doesn’t mean it has to be in the lecture section you want.

Have you tried the two lecture sections that are actually restricted solely to first-year commerce students? Because I have and I see space in one of them. 😉

But if this is reaaaally stressing you out, I recommend having a chat with the people at Rotman. If there are enough students crying for help, it’s possible that they’ll either raise the cap on one or both of the Rotman sections, or they’ll even open a third section.




eco105y: principles of economics for dummies

Hi I am about to pick courses for first year life science. I will be taking bio120 , chm 138, mat135 a first year seminar, and I would like to take eco105. How difficult is Eco105? What are the chances it will affect my gpa?



Sadly, I am but a student and have not sampled every possible course that exists.

How difficult is ECO105Y?

Waaaah I hate those kinds of questions. “Difficulty” is just so subjective. I’m going to go with “damn difficult” because it’s economics so yes. But check out the anti-calendar to see what past students thought of their past lectures. Apparently in 2011-2012, the difficulty was more or less average, but the retake rate is a lovely 47%.

As for your GPA… well, every course affects your GPA. Duuuuh.



extra work for economics


This is the first time I’m writing to you and I guess I have a little problem. I’ve just finished my first year at UofT St. George and although I struggled a bit, I know where I went wrong and I’ve kinda figured out what i have to fix to do better academically. However, I did not get into the Subejct Post that I wanted: Economics. I want to Major in Economics but i didn’t get the required math grade as I took MAT136H1 and barely passed. I’m thinking of repeating the course again this fall, but my question to you is do you think its possible for me to take MAT133Y1 instead? I know that MAT133 is an excluded course if a student has received credit for MAT136, but I think i’d have a better chance of making the grade if I took MAT133 instead. I know a lot of people would say that maybe Econ just isn’t for me because I’m not good at math, but i think last year was more down to me being lazy and not having the foundation that I would have liked. So yeah, basically what I’m asking is: is it possible for me to do MAT133 instead of repeating MAT136 having passed MAT136?



Regretfully motivated,

It is possible for you to do MAT133Y, but the credit WILL be counted as extra, meaning it won’t contribute to your cGPA, and on your transcript it’ll just say “EXT” (for extra) next to it.

However, the grade you get will still be considered for a program requirement.

And, lucky for you, you won’t have to go through the trouble of bugging your college to enrol in the course for you since technically you’ve never taken MAT133Y before.

Just note that with MAT133Y, you need to get at least 63%.




you are the only exception… except not

So the requirement of 67% for eco100 for higher economics courses is a definite thing? I assume it is but I want to confirm it because I couldn’t get a 67 and I want to major in IR.



To be fair, I’d say no rule is ever a truly definite thing because there’s always that “Well, you can ask the prof/department” exception that can very well save you in certain situations.?But I’d say for that 67% minimum?prerequisite, pleading probably won’t be particularly effective soooooo looks like you’re going to have an extra credit on your transcript since you’ll have to take ECO100Y again to get the grade.

Also, keep in mind that for that IR major, you’re going to need an average of at least 70% between ECO100Y and a few other courses, so I sincerely hope you rocked those enough to make up for whatever you have right now.

bagels for breakfast,



erring with eco


I’m a first year student at UofT, and trying to manage my IR requirement of economics. Math has never been my forte ( and already not doing well) . And I was wondering, is it possible to take economics (for non-specialists) in the summer and still get accepted into IR for the following year? I honestly don’t know how these requirements work in terms of acceptance. I’m currently taking ECO105, so would dropping it and then taking it up in the summer be a better option? If summer school is a better option, what is the process like?

Thank youu,


Hey Sara,

According to my specialist, it is indeed possible to take your ECO requirement in the summer and then apply to the Subject POSt in the second round so that you?d be in the program for the following year, but to be honest, I don?t really recommend that.

If you?re having trouble with math, it might be best to take ECO105Y1 during the year and have it spread out over the course of eight months rather than four. At least then you?ll have more time to work things through. If you?re stumped, go to your professor?s office hours, consult him/her or your T.A., do all of your readings, and definitely do all of the assigned work. Practice makes perfect, right?

But if you?re really against it and just want an intense four months of nothing but ECO, go for it! Just note that ECO105Y1 wasn?t offered last summer and there?s no guarantee that it will be around this coming summer either.




Only Read This if You Are Willing to do Math – ie commerce shiz


I just started grade 12 and am trying to figure out what programs to apply to. I’m trying to look for the most effective way to combine business and political science- is it possible to double major in political science and some sort of business administration/commerce at U of T?

Thanks a bunch,



Hey hey!!

You actually have a few options here!

So for all the number combos I’m about to give you, remember that in order to graduate you must have 20 credits

Rotman Commerce actually doesn’t offer majors, only specializations. There are three different fields that you can specialize in. Here they are:

1)Accounting Specialist (B.Com) = 15 full courses or their equivalent out of 20 courses, for a B.Com

2) Finance and Economics Specialist (B.Com) = 13.5 full courses or their equivalent out of 20 courses, for a B.Com

3) Management Specialist (B.Com) = 12 full courses or their equivalent out of 20 courses, for a B.Com


So that leaves you space to take courses in another field (ie Poli Sci) in order graduate.

a) Political Science Major = 7.0 POL full courses or their equivalent

b) Political Science Minor = 4.0 Pol full courses or their equivalent
Here’s the basic formula for you:
Option 3 + Option a = 19 credits (ie good to go)
So it’s up to you if you would like to have a major or minor in poli sci and if it exceed the 20 credits or not depending on the Commerce Specialization you choose .

Oh geez there are more options. If economics is the field that what to study you can choose a non-rotmans/commerce degree of economics, which has various specialists, majors and minors to choose from.

So in short, yes, you can.

To look all this info up yourself check out the Course Calendar

love always,


To infinity and bey … and to my room to study for Math 133Y

Hey aska.
So I’m a first year student at UTSG and I planned on doing a specialist degree in IR. But now I am reconsidering and thinking of doing a major in IR and a major in Economics. However, I only took Eco105 and no math course and for economics a calculus course is required (ps. I suck at math). Are my chances of doing a major/minor in economics completely shot?

Thanks, Y.


Hey there, partner of a love/hate relationship with math,

Skip the first paragraph if you don’t want my opinion. Proceed to paragraph number two for the hard facts.

Ok. So, I was looking at IR and Eco and you do realize that both involve math right? I don’t know … maybe it’s just me … but i wouldn’t want to suffer through 4 years of something buuuuut that’s up to you. Maybe your mentally prepared for this … or I can suggest counselors that can help you to not have a mental breakdown come 3rd year.

NOW on to your question: You can totally take a major or a minor in Eco, but you can’t enroll the subject post until next year when you finally take that dreaded math course (MAT133Y). And unfortunately you can’t take the other required courses until you take that math as it, along with ECO 100 Y, are prereqs.

There are course grade requirements and CGPA requirements, so I’ll quote the lovely course calendar
“Enrolment in this program is limited to students with 67% in ECO100Y1 or 80% in ECO105Y1, MAT133Y1/(MAT123H1,MAT124H1)/MAT135Y1/MAT137Y1/MAT157Y1 and a CGPA of 2.0.”

I’ll just confess this now, I’m assuming your talking about the economics arts program. If for some inconceivable reason I’m wrong, just check the course calendar and they will show you the requirements as above.

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum

Yours Truly,


When I grow up I want to be a Human Resource Manager

Hey! Please I need your opinion about subject post selections. Do you think that a double major in Psychology and Economics is a good combination at university? I would like to do a masters degree in HRM after that. Also what do you think about repeating a course in university? Does it have any negative effect when applying for graduate school? I had some problems in my first year and I didn’t get up to the cut off mark in a course that I need so I’m thinking of taking the course again.



I see what you’re doing … Psych for the Human and Eco for the Resource Management, clever. Looking at a couple of the Master’s in HRM in Canada it doesn’t appear that there are specific courses you need to take for entry requirements. As you know that you want to continue on to a masters in HRM, I would suggest looking at the graduate schools you want to attend and review their entry requirements as that should probably be your deciding factor.

Saying that people at U of T have taken this combination of majors before … yippie

Well actually, I know of one other person (check the aska archives). It’s cool because you get to choose if you want to graduate with a BSc or BA. I’m not entirely sure why you would choose a BA over a prestigious Bsc, but to each their own.

On to the next part …

If you didn’t meet the cut off mark, doesn’t that mean the course is a degree requirement and you need it in order to graduate … so, uh … yah you should take it again.

Here’s what the course calendar says on the matter (and that book is almost as good of a resource as I am):
“All students (both degree and non-degree-seeking) may repeat up to 1.0 full-course equivalent for which they have received credit (i.e., achieved a grade of 50% or higher or CR) for reasons other than to gain a required mark above passing to qualify for entry into a Subject POSt or a course required for a prerequisite. The repeated course will be designated an “Extra” course: it will appear on the academic record, but will be marked “Extra” and will not be included in GPA calculations or in the degree credit count.”

Yah, i know it’s all jibberish, but simply you can take it as a requirement filler. BUT … big BUTT (teehee) it doesn’t count in your 20 credit requirement for graduation or towards your GPA. Also depending on the University and the program, they might put it into consideration. For example, if you’re tied with another student for the last spot in the program, they might choose the one who got the needed grade on the first attempt.

Also it states that you must request repeating a course at your college’s registrar, so if you’re are going to have to go in there anyways you might as well make an appointment and make sure you’re heading in the right HRM path.

Phew, a little long winded. Hopefully that clarified things for you, rather making your head explode (like when you drop a pumpkin off the roof of your building)
Peace Lova,


Step right up, buy your textbook

Hi I am wondering if you know what textbook should i get for ECO 105 course? I saw one girl had it, it was big, very BIG and was not actually a book ,but a stapled reading from different sources. A4 format pages and very thick..and it was on course syllabus but i lost it and there are no posts on blackboard about it..
Thank you!


Heyyo Student-who-is-finally-realizing-textbooks-are-necessary-for-success,

You have a couple of options here,

1) Check your Eco 105 page on blackboard again. Professors generally post their syllabus there, either under its own tab, course material or content. If its not there, email either your prof or your TA for a copy because im assuming that eventually you’ll need to know things on it, like, oh i don’t know, test/assignment dates and all the readings you’ve missed in the last month not having the textbook.

2) Check this out : those are the Eco courses and the books that are required for the course. If your prof is Hare, it tells you to go to the class to for instructions

Now, you can go to the U of T bookstore which is located in the Koffler Students Center (corner of St.George and College) and ask them in person, but my best bet would be to just turn to some one in the class and ask them where they got their book.

Love Always,


Spend Money to Make Money … ?

Hi, Im in my second year and i am completing courses for a financial economics specialist giving me a bsc. I was wondering if i could do a Bcom concurrently and end up with both degrees. There is some overlap between courses (like eco100, eco206, eco208) and i just wanted to know the allowed amount of overlap to get both degrees if possible. I am open to taking summer courses to get this done


Unfortunately the University of Toronto doesn’t allow large ambitions such as you own. I’m sure ‘biting off more than you can chew’ and ‘your eyes are bigger than you stomach’ apply to this situation … or maybe its just because too many of the courses overlap
As a financial economic specialist they limit the other programs that you allowed to be enrolled in. The course calendar is very clear on this matter, it states the following under your program requirements:
“This is a limited enrollment program. Students enrolled in this program cannot simultaneously be enrolled in any other Economics specialist, joint specialist, major or minor program in Economics, or in Economic History or in the B.Com program.”

As you said your taking the courses for the specialist, I’m assuming your not yet enrolled in it quite yet

So, I would suggest that you consider what path of Economic Finance that you want to get into because the Finance and Economics (B.Com) will lead you in a different direction than the Financial Economics (BSc). Look at the courses that are offered for both degrees and see which ones interest you more. Rotman does offer a Major program, but it is rarely taken as the cost to be enrolled in Rotman Commerce is the same for the Specialist.

Course Calendar: Rotman Commerce & Economics

Rotman Commerce is significantly more costly than the economics program, so this is a decision that you should probably be firm in unless your the lost child of Donald Trump

Ultimately i would most likely suggest making an appointment at your registrar and chatting it over with them. They can guide you to which program better suits your interests and endeavors.

‘I’d like to live as a poor man with lots of money’? ~Pablo Picasso

oooooh Pablo, thanks for your wisdom

Love yours truly,


a rant for ROSI

First of all, I am a second-year transfer student majoring in sociology and want to major in International Relations next year. Since I do not have any economics transfer credit, I have to take ECO 100/ECO 105 this year in order to major in IR by next Sept. And the following is my experience with ROSI today.

Today, I truly, madly , deeply fall in love with ROSI, which I believe is the most “reliable” system on earth. I logged in at 5:57am in the hope that I could get a spot in ECO 100 (there were 13 spots left at 5:30 in one section). Nevertheless, the wonderful ROSI logged me out immediately after I had clicked Course Enrolment. Then I could not log in again until 6:35am. All the sections had been full as expected, and the waitlists were fairly packed on which I am in the 45th and the 60th.

Now, I can only pray and sit in front of my computing, hoping that there will be enough students leaving the course. At last, I would like to ask, according to your experience, what my chance is to get a spot in ECO 100. Thank you!

Best wishes,

(p.s. sorry for venting my anger here!)


Mike I am proud of you. Instead of taking your anger out on yourself, your computer or a bottle of Jack Daniels, you did the right thing by coming to Askastudent here. I applaud your honest candour and emotion at one of the most frustrating course enrollment systems this side of the OUAC. If I had a nickel for every time ROSI screwed up and left a student devoid of a necessary course, or without a leg to stand on, I’d be knocking down old ladies with my sack of nickels.

Unfortunately, I can not do anything for situation, though I feel for you, man. I checked ROSI today and ECO 100 has 112 and 115 students on the waitlist for both sections. So you’ve gotta feel a little bit more secure that at least there are people who are worse off than you?

As of the second week of classes, the waitlists will stop and you will be able to try and register in the class the old fashioned way – by hoping that someone drops it while you are trying to add the course. Failing that, you could always try hanging around the lecture with a stack of twenties and seeing who you can pay off? That would make you pretty desperate, though.

I cannot tell you what your chances are of being admitted into the course, but I wish you good luck. Unfortunately, you may have to try applying for the IR subject PosT at a later date, or switch into a subject PoST (when you are able to apply for one next April as a first year student) that will make your IR courses easier to obtain. Consult your registrar for details!

Now say it with me folks: Everyone Hates ROSI.

xoxo, Askastudent


askastudent plans your life for you (but not really)

Hi Askastudent,

I’ll be applying to UTSG as a freshman for fall 2011 and have several questions. My first question: is it possible (and realistically doable) to finish your degree in 3 years instead of 4 with an excellent GPA (3.8 to 4)? I am turning 20 next year and naturally, I am just hard-pressed for time!

The following questions are, well, a little complicated, but I really can’t think of anybody else but you to ask this! My long-term goal is to go in business (with the backup plan, which I will get to later). I want to study either Economics at UTSG or Finance and Economics as a joint specialist program at Roman. Is there a big difference between the two programs? I hear the Rotman one is purely academic (and fiendishly difficult) with no real-life applications! Here’s the twist. I am not exactly a math genius, and I know I won’t get accepted into either program straight away as a freshman. But, I’ve been getting tutored and studying my butt off to get myself on the right track. Is it possible to get accepted into either program (Economics or Finance and Economics) in the second year? The bigger twist: my backup plan is medical school.

So, would I be better off as a no-major Bachelor of Science while taking all the necessary electives (and ace them because I need a really good GPA) to make myself a perfect candidate for both medical AND business school? For example, taking the right economics/fianance and science classes and getting internship and other work for experience to build up my resume, that sort of thing. Or should I stick with the first plan being studying either Economics or Finance and Economics while taking the right courses for medical school?

Thanks heaps in advance, askastudent!!!

The Hopeful Country Bumpkin


Hello there. I saw your other email today hassling me about answering your question, I guess I decided to get my big butt off the couch and help you plan your life and all your courses for the rest of your academic career for you. How do you like that?

First of all, doing your degree in three years instead of four with an amazing GPA while simultaneously applying for business and medical school will probably kill you and land you in an early grave. I know that you’re pre gaming right now for an inevitable quarter life crisis, but it’s important to recognize what your limitations are and how much time you will realistically spend studying, doing readings, writing papers, fulfilling breadth requirements and all the additional stuff needed to make sure you pass. Hell, applying for grad school and writing the MCATs is a full time job in and of itself. DO NOT OVERDO IT.

Rotman’s finance stream (according to the Innis registrar here) is much more rigorous and finance orientated, with heavy math applications and lots of complicated courses designated towards real world financial experience. It is totally possible to get accepted into the Commerce stream in second year, especially with high marks in first year. There are many 100 level economics classes you can take (which I’m sure you’ve already registered in), that will guide you towards the program in future years.

You’ll also be happy to note that you can get into Medical School in future years without even doing a life sciences stream! All you need is an amazing GPA and high scores on (GMAT? MCAT?) test. Contact your registrar for future details.

Basically if you ace everything in first year and take classes towards your initial plan of Business School, you will be in a pretty position for your future years of Commerce. These courses might even lead you to a career as a rich business dentist – a.k.a. a dentist for rich people! You’ll be rolling in only the priciest plaque.

xoxo, Askastudent

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