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poli sci? more like poli SIGH.

Hello aska,

I am a second year student who has recently considered applying for the public policy major. However, a grave dilemma has occurred, in that one of the courses required for completion of the major (POL214Y1) is an exclusion to a course in which I am currently enrolled in (POL224Y1). Does this exclusion thus prohibit me from taking POL214 later on, and thereby prevent me from successfully completing the Public policy major? And if not, is there some mystic manipulation that the university can do that will allow me to take POL214, while having already completed its exclusion?? Thank you greatly for your guidance, oh wise aska senpai.


hey there,

Don’t worry your little face, wee one. Aska is here for you, mystical and omnipotent as ever.

By which I mean I have done some snooping around on the Internet, and it looks like the Public Policy Major’s requirements do specify POL214, which makes me think that they’ve got their hearts set on that one.

Still, it doesn’t hurt to go and talk to them in person. Maybe the sight of your worried wee face (tear-streaked, maybe?) will move them to make an exception for you.

However, they might say no, in which case you’ll unfortunately have to take POL214 as well as POL224, even though there seems to be a lot of overlap between the two courses. I know, it sucks. Life is hard. I’m sorry. You know Spot? Yeah, he’s not on a farm, either.

It is possible to take a course that is excluded by another course – you’ll just have to take it as an “extra.” This means that it doesn’t count for degree credit, or get factored into your cumulative GPA. The course and final mark do appear on your transcript though, and then you can be on your merry way.

Good luck, junior. Hope it all works out.



trin trin…you got IN?

Is taking Trin one classes like really good for your efforts to get in IR or is it just a waste… PS, if I’m taking a FLC IR and a First year class, is trin one still a good thing to have even if it’s not going towards a major? FInally, I know it’s a bit late to ask, but is there a huge difference if I major International Relations or Political Science?




Entry into the International Relations major is based on two things: (1) your grades in your first year economics course and your first-year history OR Trinity One course, and (2) a statement of interest.

So basically, taking your Trin One course is a “good thing” depending on how dedicated you are to it. 🙂 But I suppose being able to tell the world you got into a 25-students ONLY sort of club will be nice. Also, it’ll probably look pretty on your statement!

And is there a huge difference between IR and Poli Sci?

Ummm well I’m going to go with yes since the former seems to deal with international relations and the latter seems to deal with politics.

But I don’t see why this has to be an either/or situation.

Here, you have to complete either (1) one specialist, (2) two majors, or (3) one major and two minors.

So you can definitely complete a specialist in IR if that’s what you’d like, but keep in mind that there’s an additional requirement for entry in that case: either a language course or calculus.

But you can easily double major in IR and Poli Sci, which would be great considering IR does include some Poli Sci courses, which will mean overlapping credits, which will also mean more time for electives you can play around with.



Bill Nye the political guy


Is it possible to declare a political science major at the end of third year? The academic calendar only outlines the requirements for students applying at the end of second year. I was wondering if there really is a difference between enrolling after second year or third year.

The reason why I haven’t enrolled in the political science major just yet is because I have yet to fulfill the requirements. I will have fulfilled them by the end of third year though. Can I still apply then?

– UTM student 🙂


Yo Gee,
You betcha! It seems that this is just a confusion of sneaky wording. Let’s break it down now:

“Limited Enrolment” –Students enrolling at the end of first year (4.0 credits) must obtain a CGPA of at least 2.00 and a mark of at least 65% in 1.0 POL credit. Students applying to enrol after second year (8.0 credits) must obtain a CGPA of at least 2.30 and a mark of at least 70% in each of 2.0 POL credits. ”

So you can apply at the end of first year or “after” 2nd year. If they had said at the end of 2nd year, then I don’t think you would be able to apply but because 3rd and 4th year are all after 2nd, then you can for sure apply!

Happy political sciencing,

forever watching Bill Nye … the science guy,




Only Read This if You Are Willing to do Math – ie commerce shiz


I just started grade 12 and am trying to figure out what programs to apply to. I’m trying to look for the most effective way to combine business and political science- is it possible to double major in political science and some sort of business administration/commerce at U of T?

Thanks a bunch,



Hey hey!!

You actually have a few options here!

So for all the number combos I’m about to give you, remember that in order to graduate you must have 20 credits

Rotman Commerce actually doesn’t offer majors, only specializations. There are three different fields that you can specialize in. Here they are:

1)Accounting Specialist (B.Com) = 15 full courses or their equivalent out of 20 courses, for a B.Com

2) Finance and Economics Specialist (B.Com) = 13.5 full courses or their equivalent out of 20 courses, for a B.Com

3) Management Specialist (B.Com) = 12 full courses or their equivalent out of 20 courses, for a B.Com


So that leaves you space to take courses in another field (ie Poli Sci) in order graduate.

a) Political Science Major = 7.0 POL full courses or their equivalent

b) Political Science Minor = 4.0 Pol full courses or their equivalent
Here’s the basic formula for you:
Option 3 + Option a = 19 credits (ie good to go)
So it’s up to you if you would like to have a major or minor in poli sci and if it exceed the 20 credits or not depending on the Commerce Specialization you choose .

Oh geez there are more options. If economics is the field that what to study you can choose a non-rotmans/commerce degree of economics, which has various specialists, majors and minors to choose from.

So in short, yes, you can.

To look all this info up yourself check out the Course Calendar

love always,


why is there no UTM anti-calendar?

im wondering if you might have knowledge/some book guide that would talk of the ‘preferred’ courses that are taken in second year for political sci and sociology at UTM?
any info would be helpful
guide as in ‘best prof to take or course’

thank you in advance


Apologies beforehand, as I am using your question as a jumping off point to discuss why UTM doesn’t have an anti-calendar. Normally I would be able to point you to the resource, which does offer criticism on instructors, easiness and cvetching with the course. However, UTM’s regular anti-calendar hasn’t been updated since 2005, and the only courses it does discuss are for programs in anthropology, biology, culture communication and technology and chemical and physical sciences. WTF?

Your best bet might be to go on the dreaded Rate My Professor, and see if any of the courses you want to take also match a well-loved prof. (Bonus points if there’s a chili pepper next to their name.) Otherwise, maybe contacting the Political Science or Sociology programs is the best thing to do? Both have academic counsellors there.

But hey Aska Readers, have you taken these classes? Any poli sci/sociology majors at UTM reading? Help a Aska out and comment with advice.

xoxo, Askastudent


Your daily dose of misogyny.

I know you are probably sick of these questions about courses however I have a serious (in my opinion) predicament. I was thinking of taking Sociology this year however my brother and father both told me it is a useless girly course and that I should take Politics instead. So I am currently signed up for POL108Y1Y, I was just wondering… do you have to write a lot of essays in that course? No can seem to provide me with an answer. Also is Sociology really that bad???



a very special….ist.

hello lovely Askastudent folk.
i have been wondering if it is possible to complete a major in criminology as well as a specialist in history and political science??? that would equal 21 courses, not including my science distribution requirement.. i guess there’s always summer school…….. there is alot of overlap in the requirements for criminology which i would have if i am taking HIS and POL courses. help! i need a sober second thought!

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