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the Beats, Aristotle, and some pontificating on BBAs


I am a 2nd year student at UTM. I was accepted into “intro to social sciences” when i got admitted into UTM. I applied and got into management specialist  (bba) post this year.

1. My acorn still says intro into social science but my subject post is management specialist.

Even on the degree explorer it says degree is social science and subject post is management specialist.

Does it matter what my degree post says?

Will i still be getting a bba degree?

2. I also applied to a minor in environment management and a minor in earth science (planning to drop one soon).

I saw the requirements for earth science minor and its a piece of cake, but i feel its useless to compliment a management specialist with a earth science minor.

Same goes for environmental management minor, a bit more work but does it go with a BBA degree?

How will the minor show up on my transcript?

Will adding the minor still get me a BBA degree?


hey there,

i like the spacing of the sentences in these e-mail. it reads kind of like an anxious poem. maybe you’re the next ginsberg. the next Big Beat Auteur.*

1. yeah, that’s nothing to worry about. at some point in the summer, your POSt code (that’s fancy ROSI talk, feel free to ignore it completely) will change from Year 1 to Year 2. that’ll just be a superficial change, however; as long as you’ve completed at least 4.0 credits and you’re enrolled in your specialist, you are a second year student.

a good way to tell if the SWS is recognizing your year of study properly is by your start time. if you had a second year start time, then you have nothing to worry about. and yes, you will get your BBA and become a wonderful businessperson with several snazzy suits, i’m sure. not to fear.

2. i feel like you’re going at your degree from a different perspective than i did, so i don’t know if i’ll be able to answer this question to your satisfaction.

my philosophy is: if you want to do it, then do it. anything can go with anything. are you doing them both? are you the same person? if yes, then congrats! you made the things go together.

don’t be so worried about what will make you look appealing in the vacuum-packed version of yourself that you present to employers. packaging can come after; your passion comes first. did you know that aristotle wrote on everything from physics to biology to ethics to metaphysics? a lot of the stuff he said was wrong, but he did it because he had an interest and that made an impact.

technically, if you’re already doing a specialist, you don’t NEED another minor. but if you have a real interest in one of them and you’re willing to put in the extra work, then go with the one you’re more excited about! you’re saying earth science is “a piece of cake.” is that the only reason you’re considering it? do you prefer it over environmental management? if so, then you should do it.

alright, i’m off my soapbox now. next question.

the minors will show up on your transcript exactly as they do now – listed along with your specialist and any other programs you may add, near the top of your transcript.

finally: yes, as long as you are in a management specialist, you will be graduating with a BBA.



* get it? because it’s B.B.A.? which is your degree? anyways…


you’ve got time

I want to get into commerce/management which requires the CGPA of minimum 4 credits

Im about to go into second year right now taking summer courses, since i dropped a lot of courses over the terms i will only get 3.5 credits after this summer session completes

I have all the prerequisites for management and still need MGT120 for commerce(if i choose commerce)

Im not sure what i should do now is it possible for me to take courses next term get into commerce/management program in the third year? or please suggest better option? i really dont want to stay in university for 5 years and i dont mind doing course overload!!!!



if you have all the prerequisites for management, you can apply for the program after you take one more half credit course (in order to reach the 4.0 credit requirement). you’ll have to apply during the subject POst period.

if all you have to do is take MGT120 for the commerce program, you’ll have your 4.0 credits to apply for the program, provided that you meet all of the other requirements (e.g. minimum GPA, minimum grades in specific courses).

since you just finished your first year, you still have your whole second year to reach your 4.o credits, so you should be able to apply to your program of choice during the subject POst request period in march 2017 in time for third year.

in terms of you wanting to graduate in 4 years, remember that you will need 20 credits in total. if we wanted to divide these 20 credits by 4 years, we could say that you want to finish 5 credits for each year, which is a full course load.

since you have 3.5 credits after first year, you can chose to make up the 1.5 credits in the rest of your undergrad through summer school or by taking more than 6 courses a semester. you have options. if you require further guidance on how to make up your 1.5 credits, don’t hesitate to consult your registrar! they can help you come up with a practical plan without overwhelming yourself.

now all you have to decide is whether you want to go into the management program or the commerce program!

good luck with your decision and i hope you have a great second year!

*in case you’re wondering what the title of this post is referring to



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