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Minna no Nihongo!

Dear person in charge

i am a first year student under commerce program. i wonder if i can pick up Japanese course to help me complete the
Distribution Requirement in my first year. i do not know how to find Japanese on the calendar and its code active number.
i need your help, thank you

Talk and Pee

Hey Aska,

I have a totally random question for you. Recently I just started seeing someone, and I talk to her on the phone basically everyday for what ends up being just over an hour, and to be quite frank, if I have to pee, I’m going to pee. So if we’re talking and I’ve gotta go, I just do it. Lately, she’s been asking me what I’m doing when I’m, well, relieving myself. I used to lie about it, but a few days ago I finally told her the truth. She wasnt openly grossed out about it, but we hadn’t talked nearly as long the next day. And then yesterday we didn’t have a phone convo. I mean, I didn’t call her either, but still. Is it bad to pee on the phone when talking to someone? I thought it was normal, but maybe not? If you have any insight, it’d be helpful. Thanks.





Due to some extra time on my hands, I’ve put together a brief, inquisitive essay on an animal that no one can seem to catch.



aska makes a sad face

Please write!? We’ve figured out the issues and have primitive ways of fixing it!




Hello my avid readers, (more…)


i hope i don’t find out who done this or you’ll have it on your lawn

Okay. Now, at first, I thought these messages were funny. (e.g. Bagira) Until I got this heart-felt epic. WTF? If anyone has answers as to why I keep getting messages from hopeful, sincere foreigners that I can’t help (nor really feel like I need to help. I donate blood!? Isn’t that enough!?) I’d really appreciate it. I feel badly for these women – especially this one. She’s so poetic: “walks on fresh air”…




Dear Aska!

Does stomach growling constitute as socially inappropriate?? As, say, passing gas? If not, why do I feel embarassed every time old yeller starts going at it?

Yours Forever,
Too-Loud-For-Comfort? (more…)


if i only had a heart (tear)

What’s your take on the Munchkin Suicide in the Wizard of OZ? Urban Legend or Reality?


sometimes i wonder how these people even make it out of grade school…

Is it true that there are security cameras in every U of T washroom, and that a freshman student from the Faculty of Science was arrested in October/November after he was caught masturbating in a campus washroom stall? His session was videotaped and campus security arrested him as soon as he stepped out of the stall. At least that’s the story I heard.



harsh reality, but such is life

is everyone at u of t a genius? almost everyone i know who is
applying is extremely bright!


UofT mythbusters

When you get off the Queen’s Park subway stop on the north-west
corner and walk up the path to the med-sciences building there is a yellow hard
hat bolted to the ground. What is this hat? Why is it there? What does it
signify? and is there an engineering student bolted beneath it? I have been
asking around but no one seems to know.
please help


askastudent is at least 6 separate genders.

btw.. dont u ever get a female to reply these things?? *smiles*

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