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    “You thought I will cry you a river. No, I hope you will drown in the Yellow River”

    I was in a long-distance relationship with my boyfriend (now his is my ex). He got back his ex-girlfriend last week and expecting a baby and break up with me through an email. I was clueless why he didn’t such a crude thing to me. But I am on my way to recovery. He gave me a diamond eternity ring. I don’t want to keep it, should I send it back to him?? along with this poem?

    Ouch!? What you said in the email is foolish and mean
    You don’t know me, you never did or will
    You vowed you will love me forever
    Now we can’t see each other forever
    You thought I will cry you a river
    No, I hope you will drown in the Yellow River
    You have betrayed my trust
    I felt like bury you under a ton of dust

    You shouldn’t blame me for your betrayal,
    I am the victim and you are the scumbag.
    From the beginning there is no happily ever after
    I was foolish to gave you another chance
    To hurt me once again

    You are nothing without your father
    Please, don’t bother
    Life is too short for me to hate you forever
    You are nothing to me once I get over
    I am glad you and your ex-girlfriend get back together
    You two truly deserve each other, you are a looser and she is a wh*r*

    It won’t matter what you become in the future
    You will forever be a scumbag
    Makes me feel so much better!

    I return you this eternity ring
    My hand is available for my true love’s ring

    Earth to earth, dust to dust
    I will not think of you or mention your name ever again
    Starting from
    ————————RIGHT NOW!

    Thanks Askas 

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    Minna no Nihongo!

    Dear person in charge

    i am a first year student under commerce program. i wonder if i can pick up Japanese course to help me complete the
    Distribution Requirement in my first year. i do not know how to find Japanese on the calendar and its code active number.
    i need your help, thank you
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    Talk and Pee

    Hey Aska,

    I have a totally random question for you. Recently I just started seeing someone, and I talk to her on the phone basically everyday for what ends up being just over an hour, and to be quite frank, if I have to pee, I’m going to pee. So if we’re talking and I’ve gotta go, I just do it. Lately, she’s been asking me what I’m doing when I’m, well, relieving myself. I used to lie about it, but a few days ago I finally told her the truth. She wasnt openly grossed out about it, but we hadn’t talked nearly as long the next day. And then yesterday we didn’t have a phone convo. I mean, I didn’t call her either, but still. Is it bad to pee on the phone when talking to someone? I thought it was normal, but maybe not? If you have any insight, it’d be helpful. Thanks.


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    i hope i don’t find out who done this or you’ll have it on your lawn

    Okay. Now, at first, I thought these messages were funny. (e.g. Bagira) Until I got this heart-felt epic. WTF? If anyone has answers as to why I keep getting messages from hopeful, sincere foreigners that I can’t help (nor really feel like I need to help. I donate blood!? Isn’t that enough!?) I’d really appreciate it. I feel badly for these women – especially this one. She’s so poetic: “walks on fresh air”…