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beware of innis residence, first years…

Advice to new first years. Don’t apply to innis residence. You don’t meet as many people in innis because it is apartment style versus the traditional dorm style. Innis is full of snobby fake people. Since innis picks its returning residents by student survey it’s a big popularity contest. Sure they say that student involvement is a criteria but you will see lots of people who get in because of who they know not what they do. If you do apply to innis residence and get in first year, be prepared to be fake and to suck up to the big people to get back in. This is one of the reasons i didn’t apply to get back in.

there you have it, boys and girls. can i get an amen? can i get an alleluia? thank you jesus.




  • askanotherstudent

    As a student who has lived at Innis for three years, there’s probably nothing I can say to convince you that Innis is a great place to live. I’d like to say that I’ve really enjoyed the time I’ve spent here – in fact I would consider it to be one of the only enjoyable parts of my UofT experience – and I’ve made friends here that I’ll keep forever.
    I’d also like to add that there are advantages to living in a suite. It’s all well and good to bleed a few thousand dollars for a meal plan, but I’d rather have my own kitchen. You’re only less likely to meet people here if you don’t leave your suite – that is your choice, and you are responsible for its happy consequences.
    As for the whole “popularity contest” thing, I’d love to point out that the Innis re-application process definitely does take into account comments made by your fellow residents, but only after giving you the opportunity to talk about how you contributed to the residence community. If you are a student that prefers to devote yourself entirely and without reservation to academics, and isn’t interested in participating in a community, then Innis might not be for you. And that’s perfectly fine – the Innis Residence isn’t that big anyway and the concrete nightmare that is Robarts will welcome you with open arms, day after day. But if you are interested in the fun and supportive community atmosphere that Innis has to offer, then Innis is your friend and you should most certainly apply.
    I’d like to say it’s all a matter of what you imagine when you hear the words “university experience.” To each their own, and all that. But, while presented with a long list of things I would like to say, ASKASTUDENT is no doubt firmly rooted in the belief that I am a snobby, fake person who once had good grades, proceeded to secure victory in precisely two popularity contests, and is now one of the Big People before whom a group of pitiable first years will prostrate themselves in the coming months while seeking accommodation in their second year. So I won’t say anything at all.

  • nnnbmn

    Um i m thinking of going to Innis College. I know its a smaller college which is kind of why im looking into it. I want to be in a smaller college where people dont just drink and party, but also care about their academics. Also is Innis College a diverse community?? Im Muslim and I want to know if there are any other Muslim people in the college.

  • aska

    I think someone woke up on the wrong side of the study cubicle when they wrote this original post.
    I want to say up front that at any college there are going to be party monsters and study bugs.
    As for Innis, you have your own room, so you can just close the door and study for days on end. I know that a large percentage of the rooms are saved for engineer students, who in my opinion have no time to do anything but study.
    Yes, Innis has a diverse college community but so does every option because its Toronto (the cultural melting pot of the world – title given by Aska)

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