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getting swole thanks to incidental fees

Incoming student here. Does my Tcard give me access to the athletic centre or other on-campus gyms? Or do I have to pay for a membership?



your t-card gets you into all the gyms on campus- hart house, athletic centre, and goldring! memberships to these gyms are included in your tuition as compulsory incidental fees. once you get charged tuition on ACORN, you can check your invoice to see a breakdown of your incidental fees. as long as you are a student at u of t (and paying incidental fees) you will have access to those gyms!

hope this helps!

 dog running dogs gym exercise GIF




“… and last but not least- askastudent, for getting me that tripod.”


I’m a film student looking for video/audio recording equipment for rent/loan.? Does anyone know of any resources I could use?? I’m specifically looking for camera tripods and microphones. ?

? (more…)


I’ll have a fish fillet with a side of diploma please.

greetings askastudent

I was wondering whet’s the difference between getting a diploma in UT st george and UTM from what I’ve heard, it is a same paper? will it affect your chance of getting employed in the future? or is it a minute difference of living in mississauga and toronto. please let me know





Cut a Path and Beat the Devil Around the Stump

Is taking 6yrs to complete an undergrad too long? and what does this say about
me? will I have to tell an employer that?



from rolling 20’s (as in crips) to rolling 20’s (as in dungeons & dragons)

So my CGPA sucks, no joke cause I screwed up first year. But my annual GPA for
the last few years have rocked. I’m graduating next year and I’m wondering if
there are any recognitions for high GPA’s (ex. 3.5+) in the final year? I know
you get that “high distinction” for CGPA, but what about if you did really well
in your last year when you graduate? Don’t I get something??? (more…)


let’s face it, you’re great, you’re just not distinct

Do you find out before graduation if you will graduate with distinction?



i like my degree like i like my women: reaaaaaaaaal nice

hey aska. are we allowed to complete our degree in 3 years instead of 4?? providing we meet all the requirements and whatnot. thanx.



the school is alive with the sound of muuussiiicccc

Hi! I was just wondering what sort of audition requirements are needed to join the U of T orchestra/symphony. When are the auditions, and what kind of schedule does the orchestra have? What sorta stuff do they do? Thanks so much!



decoding UofT: is it all just a british colony?

Do you know what it means when U of T grads identify themselves as “9T0”, “5T2”, etc. How is this converted into their year of graduation?

And…are all U of T buildings named in homage to their Oxford University counterparts in Britain? Eg. Trinity, New, etc…



they love UofT in Burkina Faso

does U of T have a good int’l reputation? better than other canadian schools? from my research the ‘big 4’ canadian schools are queens, ubc, mcgill and U of T…. do most agree?


why don’t you use that art degree to make me a sandwich?

I graduated recently and I can’t find a job anywhere in this city. Any ideas where an art histroy/fine art type graduate would look to find work?
Thanks in advance…


dad: show your kid the degree, you jerk

I was wondering if you know any place or website that has a copy of a typical undergrad U of T degree certificate . My dad got his Masters here but I dont think I can get a look at his, so I want to see what I’m working my ass of for looks like .Also do u know if a degree from Scarborough or Erindale looks any different from any other U of T degree ? Thanks ! (more…)

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