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I’ll be honest, I have not tried my best nor have I attended all my classes resulting in a below 1.0 CGPA. I have failed four courses in total and I just dont know how I am going to pull up my GPA to not result in a suspension once again. I know that if I’m on probation, I can get off it if I have a 1.7 GPA; but does that even apply to a suspension? And if I want to get off suspension I need to get a CGPA of 1.5 but I’ll need 100s in at least 6 full year courses which is impossible! SOS please



let me first apologize for the delayed answer. this is a really tricky situation and i’m sure that waiting for my slow af reply doesn’t make things easier.

from what i understand, you are currently on suspension and you are trying to come back from it. suspension basically means that you have to spend one calendar year away from school and when you return from that, you will be on probation. at that point, you will need to get a CGPA of 1.50. you can check out this flow chart which explains the various steps and academic standings as well as what they mean. 

i would consider really using the year off for some much-needed “me time”. school can really suck. when you’re trying to balance school, a personal life, a job, and any other combination of things, self-care becomes something that is completely forgotten about. take the year off to take care of yourself. you deserve it, and when you come back to school, you’ll feel much happier and more excited to be going to school.

Seeso self love seeso love yourself self care GIF

i would also check out the academic success centre; they’re really an untapped resource here at u of t. you can set up appointments with learning strategists who’ll help you figure out how you can get more out of classes and therefore, get better grades.

talk to your registrar. they’re amazing and can go through your options with you. even if it looks hopeless to you right now, i’m sure they would have some ideas of what you could do with your year off as well as how to help you out. they’re honestly like miracle workers.

this is a really really sucky situation, but i’m so sure you will get through this. in your message, you admit that you may not have tried your hardest in the past. that recognition, to me, shows your self-awareness and willingness to learn from your past mistakes, things that’ll help you get back on your feet after your suspension. take it one step at a time, take a deep breath, and do the best that you can.

again, i’m so sorry for taking forever to answer this. i really hope that this helps out. good luck. i’m rooting for you.

peace and love,



feeling terrible is terrible

Hey ???????? Summer has begun and it sucks. I’m on my first year of suspension and what should I even do on suspension? I feel like I failed my parents, wasted my tuition and I just feel terrible. What are my options now that I’m on suspension and when is the earliest that can I begin enrolling in courses again? Would I be able to enroll for summer school 2018? And what gpa do I need once I get back to school to get off suspension/probation? Suggestions? Thank you for your help. ~ the distressed kid


hey ?????????

being on suspension may seem like the worst thing ever but it’s really a time for ~*personal growth*~

reflect, re-evaluate, regrow, like groot! (he’s so cute, i had to include this gif)

give yourself lots of ‘you’ time. try and think about what went wrong last semester and how to prevent it from happening again. make a game plan to follow for when you get back to school and set some good goals. you’ll be even more excited and motivated to return if you set goals because you’ll be like “hey, i can do this and i can’t wait to achieve these goals!”

and when i say set goals, i mean realistic goals. stuff like “GET A 4.0 GPA” are too vague and frankly, super daunting. stuff like: ‘sleep at least 7 hours every night’, or ‘take half an hour to review notes from the day’s classes everyday’ are examples of more realistic goals that won’t seem as intimidating as: “GET AT LEAST AN 80% ON EVERY TEST.” if you are someone who tends to skip classes both unintentionally and intentionally, (lol, me) set a hard limit for yourself. “i can only skip 4 classes this semester.” set some ground rules for your ‘next semester game plan’, but be realistic and thoughtful about them.

(*i know that admin/ faculty people are reading the part about skipping classes and shaking their heads but hey, it’s actually super difficult for some of us to be in the right mindset to get to class. sometimes it’s an anxiety thing and sometimes it’s just a general lack of energy/ motivation. showing up to class is actually a lot harder than it seems, so no judging or angry emails pls.)

if you are looking for practicality, both financially and career wise, i would suggest that you try working full time to save up some money for school! who knows, you might find a job that you love and realize that you don’t need to finish school to excel in your field!

if work sounds like too much pressure for you, i’m a big believer in volunteer work. giving back to the community is always a great way to learn a lot about yourself and your role in society. sometimes we can get really caught up with our own lives and the seemingly terrible things that happen to us, but it’s also important to think about other people and do all we can to help people who are less fortunate.

hey, if making money or giving back to the community aren’t a priority right now, you could do an eat, pray, love kind of thing and travel! you might even FIND YOURSELF! go explore the world and experience new and wonderful things!

if you ever feel a longing for academia during your suspension, you can try getting a head start on classes you plan to take in the future. feed and enrich that brain of yours and don’t let it go dormant. if you spend your whole suspension without challenging your brain, it might be hard to get back into the groove of things when you return to school. (this isn’t a proven fact, but from personal experience, i have a hard time getting back into school mode after summer vacation because i don’t use my brain all summer)

in regards to the parental units, don’t feel like you failed them. they might make it seem like they used to be golden children, but i’m sure they’ve made mistakes too in their lives. you’re still figuring things out and they should try to understand that it takes time. they were once your age too! as for the money thing, yes, some mistakes have financial consequences, but think of it as paying for a valuable life lesson! life lessons are priceless, yo.

if this is your first 1 year suspension, you will be be able to return to school after one calendar year, so yes, summer 2018, after which you will be on academic probation. once you are on academic probation, you will need to maintain a CGPA of 1.50 or more to have your status changed to “in good standing”. read more about academic standing here!

i hope i’ve given you some stuff to think about and some ideas as to what to do with your one year off! let us know if anything else is stressing you out! we’re here for you!

oh. and go see your registrar. they’re awesome.

peace, love, and an encouraging pat on the back,



you need some good ‘ol r and r

hello aska,

i read through a lot of your answers that were tagged with relevant terms, but I still hope I am not repeating someone’s question

im a utm student about to be put on suspension… last school year i was negligent with my studies and so getting on probation was my fault entirely. this fall semester my marks have been abyssmal (i failed 3 courses) and I know it is my fault too, but there was also a  situation that happened during november (2016) that I could argue affected my marks.

im not used to persisting to get exemptions or extensions (since ive never had problems that werent at least partially my fault) so I did not do anything about it at the time. now I am wondering if it is worth/possible pursuing or if it is too late. it was stressful and time consuming situation and unfortunately I do not have any official documents regarding the situation, maybe a few witnesses or pictures and onesided attempts to a file report…

i am just grasping for any straws right now if you cant tell, just looking for a way to return to uni this september. ive read that students improved after a year off but i do not see how I will be able to cope with suspension and the burden of crushed expectations during the forced year off. needing to repay my school loans once im not full time also scares me.

if my winter semester gpa is a great deal higher than my fall gpa this year is there a chance i could file a petition to return to school in september since I showed improvement?

im probably hoping you could gauge my chances of returning in september and relay to me some good news ;; although I didnt mention it a lot, I do know how much of the blame for this situation is on me.

im scared to reflect on it too much so i am trying to keep moving by looking at my options. the only hope I have right now is to ace every single one of my upcoming exams 100%..

thank you for your time with these answers



first of all, i’m really friggin’ sorry that i didn’t get to this question in time. sometimes it’s hard to get through everyone’s questions in time for the end of the semester, but we (yes we, i’m not alone in my efforts anymore!) are working our way through them as fast as we can.

also, thank you for taking the time to see if this question has already been answered. we really appreciate it.

when you emailed us, you mentioned that you were about to be suspended. i’m assuming that the suspension has now taken effect. again, i wish i could’ve offered you some advice earlier but it really wouldn’t have had much of an effect on your situation.

so, how do we move forward from this? it sounds like you’ve had a tough year.

first: i cannot stress this enough. go to your registrar’s office as soon as possible. even though it might seem too late, they may be able to help you file a petition to lift your suspension. please keep in mind that these kinds of petitions are reserved for very special circumstances will only be approved if the committee on standing believes that there were extenuating circumstances affecting your ability to meet the demands of school. your chances of continuing school in september will depend on whether or not your registrar believes there are sufficient grounds to file a petition. don’t lose faith, there is still hope!

i’m not 100% sure about the timeline/deadlines on these types of petitions since they are very rare, but i would go the registrar’s office as soon as you can.

regarding asking for extensions from profs: this is definitely hard. it took me a long time to get used to doing it, but you really need to think about it like this: you’ll never know until you ask. at least do the bare minimum and ask. if you don’t feel comfortable with asking for extensions from your profs, registrars are also capable of sending emails on your behalf.

on the other hand, taking a year off might seem like the worst thing right now, but maybe it’s just what you need. you can get a job doing something you like and work towards paying off your student loans. the time off could be valuable for you in terms of re-evaluating your goals. a year without school might be good for your soul. think about it. a year of no readings, no essays, and no assignments sounds pretty nice tbh. relax and recuperate. it seems like what you went through was a little traumatic to say the least. don’t beat yourself up if you need some time to get back in the groove of things.

wishing you all the best,


*we are always here for you if you need us for (somewhat delayed) support* <3


no secrets


I started at the campus of UTM in 2010 and got to second year by 2014 – I
know, not something I’m extremely proud of. In 2014, I got suspended for
one whole calendar year for failing too many courses. Subsequently, I also
got suspended for a plagiarism allegation for 3 and a half years. Right now
is 2017 and my suspension is up in the summer of 2018.

Would it be wiser for me to just ditch U of T and apply to another
university with my high school grades? Or is that not allowed?

Thank you!



wow, sounds like you’ve had quite a wild ride. school ain’t easy, that’s for sure.

if you choose to ditch U of T, you can’t apply to another university with just your high school grades. if you try applying for another university, you’ll need to show records from every previously attended institution, and if you refrain from disclosing information, there will be pretty severe consequences.

your best bet, if you still want to pursue your degree, would be to wait out your suspension and continue on at U of T. we still want you if you want us too!

hope everything works out for you!





chin up


I was wondering if there are any cases where a student who was refused further registration was allowed back through petitioning?

In the Jan-Apr 2016 semester, I enrolled in a few courses that I had to eventually drop due to extenuating circumstances. Unfortunately, I had confused the course drop date with the late withdrawal date and ended up having the to late withdraw my courses instead. The problem is I went over the late withdrawal limit and was left with one course that I could not have passed by then. I was on my last academic suspension, thus was refused further registration after having this failed course on my record.

I immediately filed a petition to have the course removed from by records, but was refused. This was in April. I have been working since then, but I really want to finish my degree. Since my second suspension, my grades have been slowly improving, though not enough to take me out of academic probation. I am eight courses short of completion and to fail now because of a careless mistake, not poor grades, is regrettable. I have been trying so hard to improve. I’ve been on suspension so many times, but I keep coming back because even though I am not a very good student, I am serious about getting my degree.

I have been talking to an academic advisor since my first suspension way back when. She’d helped me with my latest petition too, but after it was refused, I emailed her several times, including one last week, but no response. Maybe she is on holiday. Or maybe she has no obligation to talk to someone who is not a student? Is that possible?

Are there any stories of people actually coming back from a refusal? What do you think of my situation? Also, when I was suspended for 36 months, I actually made a petition for an early return and was approved. The approval message included a line that said that this would be the only time something like this will be approved; the same type of petition will not be approved a second time. If I appeal this time, would it be a different type of petition?

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.


hello there!

first of all, i want to commend you for your unrelenting determination in completing your degree. i would give anything to be as determined as you!

that being said, i wish i had better news for you.

given the fact that you have been suspended multiple times, it’s very unlikely that the university will let you re-register. due to the unique nature of your question, i actually consulted a registrar and was told that petitioning after being refused further registration was possible, but extremely rare.

refused further registration is as clear as it gets.

if you are dead set on trying to come back (again, good for you), my advice for you is to try contacting your college’s registrar’s office. i understand that your advisor may not be responding to your emails, but if you contact the office directly, they might be able to do something for you, whether it’s helping you pursue your petition, or looking for alternate options.

since it is a busy time of year, some registrar’s offices get backed up with too many emails from incoming students, so it may help to go visit them in person. generally, offices tend to help those who come in person first over those on the phone or those who email.

i’m assuming that petitioning refused further registration will be a different petition because it’s making an appeal for a different rule at the university, but again, your registrar will have a better idea of how the petition process works.

if you aren’t able to come back to school, you might want to consider applying elsewhere. you never know, another university or college may have a different acceptance standards.

have i ever heard of anyone coming back from being refused further registration? no, but that’s not because it’s never happened before, it’s only because that in my short time as aska, i’ve never met anyone who has been refused further registration.

in terms of my own opinion, i think it’s great that you’ve been working during your suspension and being productive. i hope that you’ve found something that you enjoy doing! maybe further employment and pursuing your career is the way to go! it certainly is cheaper than completing a degree! don’t be discouraged, you said that your grades had been steadily improving. do not forget about that progress. your determination alone will get you very far.

aska believes in you.

and frankly, i’m excited to see how your life unfolds. drop us a line sometime and keep us updated on your situation!





suspension sequel: the petition RETURNS

Hi, i don’t even know where to start but here i go… I’m a first year student at utsg i started school in september 2015 same year March 2015 i had my first born ( teen mom) as a young mom i just wanted to prove people wrong and went straight to school so that i can get an education even if a had a baby early. Its a bumpy ride as when my son was born he had major complication which had required surgeries and 3  months admitting  at sick kids and by the time we brought him home the amount of visits to paediatrics and sick kids are very over whelming. But i still went for it and went to school at utsg ( big mistake ) i took only 3 courses and failed all 3 i thought that by taking summer school i can pull my GPA up little did i know my register office has sent me a mail that went straight in to clutter box and i didn’t get that letter indicating lots of important things but when i read that letter it was too late because i have made an academic offence for plagiarism and went through so much that i can’t drop that course and i was not focusing in that course for me to pass it even with a 60% which clearly i know i will be on 1 year suspension. I really really don’t want to be on that suspension because i have no plans for me if i did honesty my mom would be so mad, i will lose subsidy i will loose osap i don’t know what to do. (I’m a single mom btw). I went to my register office and that they recommended a petition letter which i know its not a guaranteed thing but i just wanted to know will they grant me that
opportunity to do so because of what I’ve been through during the year? i have all the documents of my child being sick, emergency visits almost all the document added it to 71 pages pf paper of his history do you think that my petition will go through and that i won’t be on suspension??? I’m really confused and so scared for my future ?? i know it isn’t a big deal but being a suspension means its the end of the world to me tbh !!!!!!!!!


hey there,

unfortunately, the golden nugget at the core of your question is something i can’t answer. will your petition go through? i don’t know. i’m not involved with petitions. all i have is anecdotal information, and that’s scant as best. the best thing you can do is keep in touch with your registrar’s office – and imagine that i am saying this emphatically, because i really mean it – about the status of your petition. ask them questions. they won’t be able to give you a 100%-for-sure answer either, but they can tell you how likely they think the petition is to go through.

i will say that the more evidence you have, the better the chances of the petition being granted. if you have documentation verifying the existence of an extenuating circumstance, that’s great. the fact that your registrar’s office suggested the petition in the first place is a good sign. if your child was sick, that seems to me like a specific, extenuating circumstance that could merit a granted petition.

that being said, i don’t have an answer for you. it may not go through. if it does happen that you are suspended, you will make it through that. and i can totally understand the feeling that a suspension is the end of the world; i don’t want to invalidate that feeling. it is scary. i can’t imagine how hard it must have been for you to juggle school and parenting, and it is admirable that you have been putting your child first while simultaneously handling this academic matter.

however, if you are suspended, it’s only for a year. if, after that year, you still feel like coming back to school is the right decision for you, then you can do that, and you can be successful. again, your registrar’s office can help with that. the academic success centre, the family care office, your college writing centre, and the math aid centres can help with that.

then again, in a year’s time, you may realize that school is not for you; maybe not right now, maybe not ever. you have to do what feels right, and you’re the only one who can make that decision. trust yourself. trust in yourself. don’t be afraid.

best of luck with it.




just keep swimming

Hi Aska,
How are you?
I have recently been suspended from UTM (I have a CGPA of 1.41) and I tried summer school and ultimately disappointed myself and my parents (they work very hard for me yet I could not do such a simple task) SO now I have a year off and I have this unruly fear that if I stay out of UTM for too long I am gonna lose whatever drive I have to study (and based off my gpa, not
so much). I just do not want to come back to UTM after a year and make the same mistakes. I am totally aware of my mistakes and I demand redemption next year.

tl;dr Im suspended for a year and I dont want to lose my drive to study. How do I maintain an academic mindset?

Thank you so much and you are forever appreciated in my heart!



i’m doing pretty good, thanks for asking!

firstly, school is hard. don’t feel discouraged if you’re struggling. so you had a minor setback – it’s okay. you are not alone and you have a lot of support at UTM.

the number one piece of advice we have for you is to keep in contact with your registrars because they are there to advise you in all your academic endeavours. sit down with your registrar to formulate a good plan for your undergrad. ask yourself if you truly enjoy what you are studying. if not, consider switching programs. since you seem to have trouble staying motivated, regular check-ins with the registrar will be extremely valuable for you so you can be held accountable and be less likely to slack off.

furthermore, there are a number of academic resources available at UTM including workshops and skills development sessions. they are designed to help students develop better study habits and i’m sure they’ll be very helpful.

some other pieces of general advice i would offer are:

  1. don’t be too hard on yourself because you can’t win them all. in the grand scheme of your life, this will only seem like a minor setback. don’t let this discourage you and bring you down.
  2. acknowledge small victories. if you finish a chapter of reading or get through a day of class, reward yourself with a treat. little progress is still better than none at all.
  3. set goals. lists are very useful when setting goals because there is a certain kind of satisfaction that comes from checking something off your list. set realistic goals like, “today i will put on pants” or ” i will attend all classes this week.”

and there are obviously other things like exercising regularly that you could try. some people claim that you ACTUALLY feel better after exercising and you don’t actually feel like you’ve been run over by a train, but that’s just my opinion.

during your year off, i would encourage you to try reviewing some of the course material from your first year to practice good study habits. it might seem pointless since you’ve already gotten your grades back, but at the end of the day, you’ll feel a lot more confident and prepared to tackle your second year if you feel like you know your first year material very well. use the time that you have to better your habits, and you’ll see results in the new year.

random inspirational tidbits:

alfred pennyworth: why do we fall sir? so that we can learn to pick ourselves up. – the dark knight rises

THIS VIDEO is probably one of the most inspirational videos i’ve ever seen in my life. i think it’s a lot more inspirational than dj khaled.

but nonetheless, i appreciate you too.

good luck on getting back into the groove, we here at askastudent believe in you! may the force be with you.




the end of the line?

Here’s a rather unique situation for you I think…. Perhaps you can help???

I began my degree in the fall of 2000. The last time I was enrolled in coursework towards said degree was winter of 2012.
During this span of time I incurred a few academic suspensions due to low gpa. I was able to defer suspension on medical grounds twice. But ultimately by the winter of 2012 I had used up all my tries and my status has currently been set to “refused further registration”.

I have completed 21.5 credits in total including all degree requirements for my double major. So all I would need to do, is enough coursework of any kind to increase my cgpa from a 1.43 to a 2.0 to graduate. I need advise on how to go about this.

If I took courses at another university and did well, would they be transferable towards my academic status?  Any idea on the likelihood of another university in the city taking me on given my existing transcript from UTSC just for a few random courses?

Please direct me to the best source for help. I haven’t inquired since 2012 but the registrar’s office wasn’t very helpful.


hey there,

i’m sorry to hear about your health troubles. i hope you’re doing better now. this is not an easy situation, and i’m not gonna pretend that i have the answers. i’ll do my best to give you my two cents (as per us’), but this is something that has to be sorted out between you and your registrar’s office – yes, even if you feel they weren’t helpful, or they tell you things you don’t agree with or want to hear. they still know best. it’s like your mom; you never want to admit that she may actually know what she’s talking about. darn woman.

technically speaking, you CAN petition to appeal the refusal of further registration. again, this has to be done through the registrar’s office, so if you do decide to do that, you’ll have to speak with your pesky, academic moms about it anyway.

depending on your situation, they may or may not recommend a petition. i have to say that usually, they don’t, the logic being that if you’ve been given so many tries to increase your GPA and haven’t been able to, then maybe this university is not for you. generally speaking, i tend to agree with that reasoning. maybe i’m a mom too?

that being said, every situation is unique. sharing as much of your particular situation as you can with your registrar’s office will enable them to better advise you. if you are uncomfortable with whomever you spoke with last time, maybe try making an appointment with somebody else. perhaps an appeal is advisable in this case, and talking with them will make that clear. however, suspensions and refusals of registration, i think, are also opportunities to do a kind of mental check.

that is, suspensions force you to take a pause in your journey down the winding, twisting path to a university degree and ask yourself, seriously: “what factors have led to this happening to me? do i need to prioritize those factors and making them better over school? what do i want out of life, and can uoft help get me there?”

give these questions some serious thought. talk about them with your friends and family. talk about them with advisors at UTSC. be honest with yourself.

with regards to transferring: no, while, you are on suspension, any courses you take at another academic institution cannot be transferred over to uoft. in addition, most universities that i know of will ask for your transcript if you are applying to transfer, and many will likely require at least a B in order to accept you as a transfer student. you may want to look into college programs that you could potentially transfer into, or consider the possibility of applying for work.

i just want to reiterate that i understand that this is a tough, crappy situation, but it’s important to listen to the people around you and do what will make you happy and successful.




suspension petition

Hey quick question…what is the likely hood of getting a suspension appealed/lifted because of violence at home? Thanks


hey there,

with petitions, compelling reasons go a long way, and certainly if you are facing a serious issue, the petitions committee will take it seriously. in this case, your divisional/college registrar’s office would be the best place to go not only to begin the process of filing the petition, but also to deal with the situation at hand. i’d highly recommend speaking with them as soon as you can.

all the best,



supposed scarborough suspension

Hi there
I’m a second year student and flunked my first year courses. I ended up with a horrible gpa way below 1.6 and was put on probation. I’ve completed the fall session and ended up with a sessional gpa below 1.6 again. I haven’t received any messages or emails stating I’m suspended as of now so I’m confused since thought a student on probation who doesn’t reach the 1.6 sgpa is automatically suspended. Also my cgpa won’t be able to reach the 1.5 requirement by the end of this year so will that lead to suspension/explosion? I’ve read the utsc rules for probation but couldn’t find how long it can last or what is its maximum.
I know if your put on probation twice it’s a problem so as of now am I since my gpa was below 1.6 this semester?


hey there,

this e-mail was sent in december, so hopefully someone has gotten in touch with you by now, but if not: you need to talk to your registrar’s office about this. if you failed to get a sessional GPA of 1.60 while on probation, you will be suspended according to utsc’s rules.

if no one has gotten in touch with you, you need to contact your registrar’s office and ask. they can let you know if/when you’ll be suspended, and what the next steps are.




suspicion & suspension

Hello there,

So I was recently accused of academic misconduct and this has been my second offence. I went to speak with my college registrar and I was told that I could receive a 0 in the course as well as a suspension for 4 months. I am taking a co-op program in Jan plus an internship in the summer time. The course is a half-year course but you get full credit for it. I was told that I may get suspended for the summer period but I could still graduate in November as planned once my suspension is over. I am terribly scared still though, even though my advisor told me I wouldn’t get pulled from the courses I am taking in the winter semester. Is this the case? I do not want to miss out on this internship opportunity because I worked really hard to get it and my parents would be so disappointed, since I practically had to beg them to take on a new semester. I also wanted to apply to grad school but feel my chances might be hurt by this suspension. If my suspension ends up being a year (which I really hope it isn’t), what does that mean for my graduation? And would I have to re-enrol?

Please help


hey there,

if your advisor told you you won’t get pulled from your winter courses, then you probably won’t be. top tip: don’t try and verify what advisors are saying with aska. if anything, go the other way around. sometimes i talk out of my a5$ a little bit (not intentionally, though. i always have the best of intentions. really). but you can rest easy that if you’re speaking with your registrar’s office, you’re in good hands; they know their stuff.

if you want to apply to graduate school, i wouldn’t say it’s impossible with two academic offences, but it’s definitely something you would have to explain. most graduate programs give applicants the opportunity to explain outstanding circumstances (like a failed mark, lowered course load, suspension, late withdrawal, etc.) to the admissions committee. i’m not gonna lie, though: it’s probably going to impact your application in some way.

if you were suspended for a year, you would have to complete the credits left in your degree when you came back from suspension – simple as that. if you were suspended for a year, you would have to re-register when you came back, but that’s a very simple process: just pop into your registrar’s office, fill out a form, pay 25 bucks and sign up for courses.

i would recommend keeping in touch with your advisor about how this suspension might affect graduation, coming back, etc. they have the most complete idea of your situation and would be able to discuss the various possibilities of your future more effectively than you can.




uoft part 2: less getting lost, more getting winning

Hi ,

So I was a student who got admitted to U of T ( in September 2013, on academic probation , cause for one of my high school courses I performed about 2 % below what was required on my conditional offer. Anyways , after coming to U of T, I got a little overwhelmed, and I am not joking when I say that I missed alot of classes cause I would just get lost. And Some other personal issues that had been going on came up . Long story short, At the end of my first year I ended up failing 6 out the 7
courses I took , and was put on suspension. So I freaked out didn’t tell anyone , including my parents. And basically I pretended I was going to school all year even though I wasn’t . This obviously put alot of stress on me and worsened my problems. So in the summer of 2015, I came back and took 2 courses , and failed them both. And so I was suspended for 3 years. I decided at this point that I obviously couldn’t keep this hidden from my parents. So I told them. and I started taking courses at ryerson in the Chang school . I am also now getting help for my mental illness, and I am feeling great and doing well in the courses. My question was that can I petition at the end of this school year to have my suspension lifted early, on the basis that I have solved my problems, and I am doing well in the ryerson courses, and have a part-time job. I have read some places that it wont work unless you were getting medical help during the time you were suspended. What are my chances of the petition being accepted, if I can prove I am better , and doing well in university level courses, even if they are at Ryerson.



hey there,

i’m sorry to hear you had a bumpy start to your degree at uoft, but i’m glad to hear you are doing better now!

after consulting with my MYSTERIOUS ALL-KNOWING SOURCES, i have divined that the fact that you are a) doing well in university courses and b) getting help with your mental health (provided you have documentation to support this) are both great supports to justify your return to uoft.

however, my source warned me that the petitions committee is unlikely to allow you to come back so early. if you last took courses one year ago and you’re on a three-year suspension, you’ll have to do some pretty hard convincing to get them to let you back two years early.

that being said, if you really do feel ready to come back, you can still contact your college registrar to submit a petition, and hope for the best. the worst they can do is say no, and you can always try again in a year’s time.




should i drop or will i flop?

Hi! I returned after a 3 year suspension this year and am having a really tough time of it. I took 3 FCEs but have just dropped a 0.5 one; I think I’ll do well in next semester’s 0.5 course, but I’m concerned about the two Y courses I’m in. I’m really not sure that I can get good enough grades to bring my CGPA up to 1.5 (to avoid being expelled from the school), but I’m also confused about how GPA works.

Basically, if I were to drop one of the Y courses, would that mean I have to get an even higher GPA in the remaining two to bring up my CGPA? I have an awful CGPA right now (1.22) and I’m really scared of getting terrible grades in the two Y courses that will destroy it even further, but if I drop one (or both) and suddenly have to get an impossibly high GPA in my remaining course(s), that obviously won’t help…

Should I just drop everything and try again some other time????? Or is this not how it works?


hey there,

if i’m understanding correctly, then no, that’s not how it works. it’s not like there’s a scale between the number of courses you’re taking and how well you’re doing, and if one goes down, the other has to go up.

instead, you have to get a certain average in all your courses, regardless of how many courses you took that year. if you’re in the faculty of arts & science on the downtown campus, then the only requirement is that you make sure your AGPA is above 1.70. if that’s the case, then you can continue on academic probation until you get your CGPA above a 1.50, when you’ll get back into good standing.

whatever you decide to do, make sure you are very careful about your decision. if you are returning from a three-year suspension and you don’t meet the criteria to return, you’ll be refused further registration at the university.

i’d strongly suggest you visit your registrar’s office to talk about it before dropping anything. i know y’all must be sick of me saying that, but truly – you don’t understand how much you don’t understand until you talk with someone who does. so go over there. have a chat.

best of luck,


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