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fastest way to get from there to here: go into montage, or a jump cut!

I have some transportation woes. I’m from St. George but due to options advisable to me at UTSC that ensure that I graduate(long story) I have to take 3 classes at the UTSC campus. Three out of the five days of the week I have classes at St. George and at UTSC on the same day. I made sure this was a doable plan because there are at least 2.5 hours in between the transfers. However, I as wondering if you knew a quick route between the two campuses that have been passed on by others in my situation or if one of those magic yellow school buses I see around Hart House is a shuttle from St. George to UTSC and visa versa? Any advice will help. Thanks.



crooked lies at the library

is it possible to negotiate a fine with Robarts? i had a $68.00 fine a few months ago and i paid it in full, but could i have bartered? i mean those bastards make enough money as it is…. (more…)


this question is a gift from an angel

Is there any sort of academic penalty/consequence if you miss several exams?



fear of commitment

Stupid UofT is having its way on me at my back, in the tests. I seriously think I did study a hell lot but I still can’t stop its violence. It’s not happening only once or twice, it’s now a habit. What can I do? Should I suicide?


askastudent recommends the book that may destroy your soul

How can I get a girl friend? As matter of fact how can I make friends? I am so lonley.


drink until you pass out

One more thing, besides getting rid of the mouse, I also need a cure/remedy for insomnia. Do you have one? I’m dying of lack of sleep, but I can’t sleep.


sorry, you didn’t let us know your favorite popsicle flavor…you’re expelled

What sorts of questions are asked on the Trinity Personality Profile required for admission?


frisbee and sex…simultaneously!

Hi, there
I have 5 exams 2 assignments in 2 weeks! How could i avoid being stressed out???
thanks a ton!


the secret to love:get a bit more involved on campus and go dancing. and dress cool.

You know what, I really want to have a boyfriend. I mean not someone just to hang out with and go to bed, but to love and care for, someone who’d love and care for me too.
The question is, how to make that happen?
There have been guys I liked, even loved, but it all has been one-sided. And there wernen’t ones who’d like me and I wouldn’t like – I mean no guy has shown interest in me.
See, I won’t go out with a guy I don’t care about, I somehow can’t. Some with holding hands, kissing. For me, it’s something special, so I want to be sure. But even if I did, nobody has asked me out or anything. Nobody knows that I need to be involved in order to start something (at least like the guy), so that’s not the reason. I don’t know. I really don’t want to be alone anymore. I feel lonely, unwanted and unloved.


beer is my therapist

aska: a comment from a student who was bitter about the level of care received through our counseling treatment services. rage on sister (more…)


looking for some counseling

i think i need some counseling. where and how do i go about finding a therapist who can help me? (more…)


help keep my hair in my head

My hair’s falling out. I’m scared it’s because of stress at UofT. Can you help? I don’t want to be bald by the time I get my degree… (more…)



Could you tell me how to survive the first year? Does everybody get a breakdown sometime in October or November? And how do they get out of it? (more…)

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