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nom nom nom

Are there places on campus where I can plug in my laptop and also eat my lunch? I don’t wanna get caught being sneaky in the libraries!


hey there,

fun fact: Kelly Library is the only library on campus where you’re allowed to eat, so if you find yourself on the east side of campus, you could go there! there are also outlets available by study tables- though there’s sometimes a bit of a battle for them around midterm time.

there are also barstool-type things at Robarts that have outlets on the counter. you can grab food from the food court, park yourself on one of those high chairs, and you’re all set for food and power.

the Bahen Centre has a similar setup, with a row of stools and a counter that has outlets. you can grab food from The Cube and sit there until your next linear algebra class or whatever.

finally, the Exchange in the Rotman building has outlets, tables and food – the holy trifecta.

happy eating and interneting!



no, i DON’T have $3 for a hot dog

The most important question I’ll ever ask: Where’s the free food at?


hey there,

finally, people are asking about the real issues. i’m so proud of you for being brave enough to voice what’s really on all our minds.

there used to be this really great uoft account that just tweeted different places on campus you could get free food, but as far as i can tell, that account no longer exists. some things are just too good to last, i guess.

however, UTSU often has events with free food, so following them would be a wise move. for example, their free Welcome Back BBQ was just two weeks ago. your respective college’s student life twitter almost definitely tweets about free food events, too.

what? you don’t know your own college’s twitter? fine. here we go:

innis, new, st. mike’s, UC, vic, woodsworth and trin/trin.

itsfreeuoft is another godsend of a twitter account. it tweets about all sorts of free things, not just food, but i figure it’s still worth it.

best of luck in your noble quest, and please, remember to keep your ol’ pal aska updated on where the free pizza’s at.



food $$$

hi aska!

so here’s the deal. i started at uoft in 2010 and lived in chestnut. then i took a few years off and i’m coming back in september! only now i’m a
commuter. and i want to use flex dollars for meals and stuff. but…
a) how do i add flex dollars?
b) can i use flex dollars at like new college dining hall etc? how much
does it cost (for a meal, i know it varies depending on time)

xoxo -hungry commuter


hey there,

a) all i could find was this link, which i guess lets you register yourself and then reload your T-card with money whenever you like. pretty simple!

according to page 3 of this document, you can also add more flex dollars “from the located in the Dining Hall” “from 9am to 4:30pm.” now, i don’t know what FFCo. is (fabulous food corporation food is fine co.), but it’s in the new college dining hall, so it probably won’t be too hard to find. how many offices could they possibly have in there?

b) “Flexible Dollars can be used at any of the 30+ participating locations on campus!

what 30+ locations?  these ones. and yes, new college is one of them, to spare you the 10 seconds of reading. so go ahead, gobble up that new food (as in new college food; other colleges don’t serve old food i hope).

if you don’t have a meal plan but you’re a registered student, i guess the prices listed at the top of page 4 for breakfast, lunch and dinner would apply to you.

bon appetite!



hook me up with some halal!

Hey Aska,

How halal friendly is UofT St. George? I tried to google halal options on campus but everything is very vague. I’m just looking for a place to eat meat, I can’t live like a vegetarian anymore!

P.S: A lot of food stores in UTSC allow students to ask for halal meat, are there stores like this on campus?



Hey there,

I can’t seem to find anything specific about where you can go at St. George for halal food, but we do take it very seriously and would only label things as halal if they were. So, unfortunately, if you can’t find anything that’s labelled as “halal” then… well, sadly, you have to look harder. But here’s a list of possible places for you to go to around St. George.

And UTSC is a little different and with more halal options mostly because there’s a higher demand over there.

Bon apetit!



food is everything

I’ve done a lot of research, and nowhere does it say whether Innis has a meal plan, or even a cafeteria…

I need a place with food, and I really liked the look of Innis..




Hey hey PC,

Looks like you have done your research! You totally get a gold star. You don’t know how many people ask questions without consulting Google first.

Anyhow, you’re right. There is no meal plan at Innis. Why? Because Innis functions as an apartment-style sort of residence, meaning you get a fully equipped kitchen that allows you to cook. Yes, that’s right, you can actually go to UofT to learn about biology and sociology and all of those other beautiful things, while also learning how to cook!

But if you cross the street and head over to the Innis Caf located in Innis College, you can buy food there. They have freshly squeezed juices, breakfast specials with enough bacon to fill your monthly quota for it, and these absolutely amazing chicken kabobs. However, if you’re really set on purchasing a meal plan, there’s nothing stopping you from getting one that allows you to eat all over campus.

suddenly starving,



local food from the concrete farms of Toronto

Greetings Aska,

Whatever happened to the U of T Farmers’ Market that was in Willcocks Common last year on Thursdays? I didn’t see it this year and can’t find any info on it.

Hungry for vegan pies


Hello there my loveliest of vegans,

According to U of T this bad boy still goes down every week … well for a couple more weeks that is!

Here it tis in the U of T Events Calendar.

Get it while you can babe.

mmmm food,


back-to-back lectures made possible with Tim Hortons


I’m going into CS at UTSG, but I’m also taking RSM and ECO (trying to get in to Rotman year 2). I’m really interested in doing a CS FLC, but seeing as how only 1 RSM lecture is offered, that would make me have an RSM lecture from 5-7, then a CS148 lecture from 7-9.

Is having back to back courses bad? Is it even possible?



yo yo,

When you say possible, do you mean physically or mentally?
Physically, yes! Lectures all start 10 minutes after the hour, giving you 10 minutes to get from one class to another. Depending on the prof and the class, they may even let you out a few minutes earlier than the scheduled end of class.

Now mentally, 2 hour classes back to back could be worse. They could be two 3-hour lectures back to back. From what I’ve experiencd a prof will either give you a break between the two hours or go straight through and let you leave early. I highly, HIGHLY recommend snacks and coffee.Food will get you through lectures .. and life.

Please meet my best friend, Tim Horton, may you both be forever acquainted.

With a medium regular and apple fritter,



trinity food < hogwarts

Dear Askastudent,

How bad is the food at Trinity? I hear it’s one of the worst on campus. How can that be, given all the prestige?




I actually haven’t heard too much about the quality of Trin food. In the normal sphere of society that would probably be good, but as university students we thrive on food. If there isn’t a buzz about the food, it’s probably not all that great. Chestnut gernerally is considered to have the best food. Its far from campus but it’s all you can eat.

Here is the Trin deal breaker for me. You can only eat during designated times. If you have class, you’re out of luck. Also you have to wear a cloak to dinner, possibly lunch too. I feel like this is only cool if you have a wand tucked up the sleeve and the food magically apears on the table.

U of T is a Hogwarts wanna be.

forever waiting for a wand,



not to mention vending machines at robarts….

Where is the nearest (i.e. walking distance) and best place for desserts near campus so I can get fatter while worrying about UofT-related things?



a meal fit for a… prof?

it is my first year and i was wondering where you can get free food . JRC is mentioned alot in this site where is it located on campus.

a suggestion . Can anyone giving advise about campus stuff to include location

thank you



the JCR: know it, love it, for it will embrace and consume you

Yo aska
What are the hours of the JCR, is it always open?


give me a free (gross) sandwich

I have a surplus balance on my Tcard for the meal plan at University college (university of toronto). Is there someone who wants some money to eat at the uni cafe? If yes please let me know. If not , what can i do with this extra , i am sure i cant get it refunded. thanks


free food, free events? email aska

A while ago someone had asked about free food at U of T. Well, there’s a group on facebook called “Free Food, Free stuff at U of T” and it’s awesome…there’s info about a lot of events on campus where free food is provided. And it is continually updated. Hope this helps!

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