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waffling is a great word


I am a little older, and thinking of returning to do further coursework and
possibly a second bachelor’s. But am waffling between nondegree and part

For part time: is there a minimum course load per term? Or can you skip a
term or two?

For nondegree students: can you apply at some point to switch to degree


hello there!

i never knew that waffling was a word. thanks for adding that to my vocabulary!

doing further coursework?!! well, to each their own.

i’m kidding of course. there’s nothing wrong with furthering your education, i’m just jealous i don’t have that drive (or the GPA)… but that’s a story for another time

if you are thinking of pursuing a second bachelor’s degree, there are guidelines that U of T provides- found here, but honestly, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

the only thing to take away from the above link is the fact that you can’t pursue the same degree, meaning if you have already received a bachelor of arts, you’d have to come back and do a different bachelors (e.g. a bachelor of science).

the process of coming back for a second degree is pretty straight-forward. you should first set up a meeting with a registrar at your college (same college you were at in your undergrad). before making any big academic decisions, i always recommend speaking with your registrar first, just so you don’t get screwed over by some random rule or exception down the road.

with the registrar, you’ll discuss if coming back for a second degree is really necessary or if there are other options that you can consider (a different career path, pursuing grad school/ a masters program). if you and your registrar come to the conclusion that indeed, coming back is a practical option, you’ll have to go through a petition process.

if your petition is approved, you’ll be granted 5 transfer credits, 4.0 at the 100-level and 1.0 at the 200-level, meaning your second degree can be completed in 3 years as opposed to 4 years.

part time students can be enrolled in anything from 0.5 FCE’s to 2.5 FCE’s per fall-winter session, meaning you could be enrolled in 0.5 credits in the fall and 0 credits in the winter, and still be considered a part time student. you can also be enrolled in 1.5 FCE’s and 1.0 FCE’s in the winter (totalling 2.5 FCE’s), and still be considered a part time student. if you are registered with osap, it might be worthwhile to double check with them what their definition of part time status is.

if you are an international student, you may run into some immigration/ visa issues, so we urge you to check with the centre for international experience before enrolling in part time studies.

non degree students are typically students who are taking courses to fulfill certain requirements (GPA cut-off, required courses) for grad school or masters programs. for example, some students may need to come back for an english requirement and therefore would enrol as a non degree student.

the question of “what’s the difference between part time and non degree” doesn’t exactly apply because you can, in fact, be a part time student AND a non degree student at the same time.

the university doesn’t give you a strict timeline in terms of how long you take to complete your courses. you can technically take as long as you want, with as many breaks in between as you want! yay!

you can definitely switch from non degree to a degree stream, but again, you’ll have to petition this process with your registrar.

hope this is enough info for the time being! if you have any follow up questions, please do not hesitate to leave a comment on this post, and i’ll do my best to answer it!

good luck!




don’t roll your eyes at ME


I’m a (very) part time student and I’m trying to figure out how applying for POSt next year will work. I’ll have 3.5 credits in the September. I’ll be taking a 1.0 course which will bring me to 4.5 credits. Can I wait until the April when I have 4.5 credits to apply for POSt or will this be problematic? I’ve done so many searches and I’m still unclear how this would work. Maybe I’m just over thinking it. But there seems to be an issue with people not being able to take courses they wanted because they’re going into second year without a POSt. Am I going to be unable to take the 1.0 course that September? What happens?

Thanks in advance,




what i’m understanding is this: by the end of this summer, 2016, you will have accumulated 3.5 FCEs. you’re taking 1.0 FCEs this upcoming Fall/Winter, meaning you will have 4.5 FCEs by Summer 2017.

you can only apply for a subject POst if you have 4.0 full course equivalents, so yes, you will have to apply to your subject POst after you complete your next 1.0 credit. if i’m following your timeline correctly, that would be Summer 2017, between April and September. i don’t really see any real reason why you won’t get into your 1.0 credit course for September (unless the class is full), since you’ll still be considered a first year student, and so you don’t need to be in a program yet to sign up for courses.

lucky for you, the subject POst request period will be after you complete your course, so don’t fret. you’ve still got quite some time before you have to deal with it!

if your confusion is coming from the fact that you’ll have 4.5 FCEs by next Summer instead of 4.0 on the dot, don’t worry, that’s not a problem either. while you’re at 3.5 you should not be enrolling in courses. it’s once you complete at least 4.0 that you sign up for programs. for you, that will be next Summer.

hope this cleared things up for you!

*a message from your mom: “if you keep rolling your eyes like that, someday they’ll get stuck there!”




settle in, it’s gonna be a long ride

Hi, how many years can a student stay in school? Will they kick me out after like 6 years?

I’m asking because I am thinking about becoming a part-time student.

Thank you.


hey there,

nah, they won’t kick you out. once you’re enrolled in a degree, you’re enrolled. you go at your own pace.

stay forever mulan

or…just six years. six years sounds better than forever. also, like, financially plausible.




full-time student, part-time napper

If I take 3.0 FCE in 2015-2016, would I still be considered a full-time student even though I would be charged per-course based on the new changes regarding flat fees? Thanks in advance, Aska!


hey there,

yes, you would still be full-time.

i’m not 100% what the context is for this question, but just in case you’re wondering, what your full-time status means in practical terms is that 1) your incidental fees will be a little bit higher than for part-time students and 2) you will still be considered full-time under OSAP.

all the best,


P.S. sorry for the wait on this question. these new-fangled fees rules are really THROWING ME FOR A LOOP, y’know?


but i FEEL like i’m here all the time

Hey Aska,

I am currently taking 4 courses, one full year and three half year courses, for a total of 2.5 FCEs. I would like to drop one of the half year courses but if I have only 2 FCEs will I become a part-time student? I am on OSAP so will this affect that as well?

I wouldn’t mind being a part-time student but only for this semester- I want to take 3 courses in the summer so if I do end up going for part time, how difficult would it be to do that then change back to full time in May?

Thank you!


hey there,

if i could have one wish in all my life, it would be that people told me what campus they were on before they asked a question. alas, there seems to be no genie in sight for me.

in any case, on all three campuses, you need to be taking at least 3.0 FCEs in the fall/winter terms to be full-time (it’s articulated slightly differently on each campus, but that’s what it boils down to).

so if you’re in 2.5 credits, then you’re already a part-time student. that may affect your OSAP, and i would recommend talking to the financial counsellor at your local registrar’s office about it.

applying for OSAP and registering for courses in the summer term is a completely separate process from registration and OSAP in fall/winter, so if you’re a part-time student now, that shouldn’t at all affect any future semesters. all you have to do to be full-time in the summer is sign up for at least 1.5 FCEs.




working by day, studying by night :(

Hey there

I’m trying to figure out the best major/minor options for me as a part-time degree student. My problem is that I am only able to go to evening classes, and my options seem totally limited to the point of insanity. I would love to get my bEd afterwards (a feat I know I will have to go full-time for), so I’m looking at teachable options. I was thinking I might do an english major, french minor, history minor, but fear I am just kidding myself. A part time degree is no doubt a long road– I just want to make sure I’m not doomed before I start.

Any suggestions?



Hey hey!

You’re obviously not doomed. You’re going to take a little more time than everyone, but you’re not doomed. I do hope, however, that you’re patient because sometimes UofT can be a pain when it comes to getting into courses…

For now, I suppose I recommend taking a look at the course timetable and seeing what works. More often than not, if a department has a lot of courses, a fair share of them will be offered in the evening. So if you’re interested in majoring in English, I can actually tell you from experience that there’s quite a number of evening courses there, and looking at the timetable, this year there have been a lot of sections for most French classes. Unfortunately, History doesn’t seem to offer much at night (this year at least), but if you’re just minoring in it that shouldn’t be too difficult.

And when it comes to deciding for next year, make use of the course finder to narrow things down to evening classes only and make your life a little easier.




poke your professor

I’m considering living outside of toronto this fall and i was wondering if U of T offered
online courses? Or an alternative such as online courses through other campuses or
schools that allow credit transfer.


So you’re thinking about doing U of T long-distance, eh girlfriend? Unfortunately I’ve checked out the school’s options, and other than some “web option” online courses offered through UTSC, you’ve got to do something in person to fulfill the credit. (And even though UTSC has taped lectures, they force you to write the test and exams in person.)

Have you thought about doing an independent study for a class? You’ll have to put in a little face time every now and then with your professor, but this hands off approach lets you build your own syllabus and assignments. It might be your best option short of transferring to another school, and battling it out with the Transfer Credit Office to make your credits work.

If that’s what you’re thinking, I’d strongly recommend booking an appointment with your college registrar to make sure everything will correspond properly. Let me know what happens!

xoxo, Askastudent


ABC, 123, Do-Re-Mi

hi. im a student who is taking one credit so im a part time student.\ but next year i will have more time so i want to be a full time student.. what should i do to be a full time student?

i jut have to enrol at least 4 courses?? thanks.



I’ll take Boring for 2000, Alex.

I’ve decided to take a stab at completing a course at U of T.? I am planning to come in to pay the re-registration fee and get all set up to begin.? Since I’ve attended the University before, I have a general idea of what to expect, but I’ve been a little overwhelmed with the amount of information I need to know before I even attend my first day of class!!

I will choose a course that I don’t think will be overly impossible and one which I am interested in: MAT135Y1Y.? I know calculus might not be the first choice on everyone’s list, but I’d put some thought into it, and I’ve decided this will be the course I’m willing to start with.

If I am only taking one course, which things will not be available to me as a part time student that I should know about?? (For example, it’s good to know that as a part time student, my OSAP payments will still have to be made and I will still accrue interest, as opposed to if I were a full time student — I know that is a financial aid question which is not dealt with by you so much, but I think you understand what I mean by part time vs. full time now.)? Another example:? full time students have free access to the athletic centre with their T-card.? Will I get free access as a part time student?

I’ve been told to get a move-on in registering since courses are filling up fast. I’d like to take an evening section.? I’d like to get an email response from you, at least, before I jump into this again.? I’d like to be at least a little reassured or prepared.? Do evening sections fill up within a day’s difference?

What’s the ‘catch’ with taking a first year seminar — I remember there being one. Is it that it doesn’t count toward my GPA, or is it that it doesn’t count toward my distribution to complete the BSc degree?

It doesn’t cost anything to register as a visitor, right? As a visitor, I won’t have to pay, and I won’t get a credit, but what WILL I have access to?? ROSI? SWS? Tutorial sections? Free tutoring?

? (more…)


a smooth criminal

how do i complete a master’s in criminology?

by dusting for prints in each of your ex-boyfriends bedrooms and solving the case of the frat house that roofied your best friend’s roomate. oh wait. that was an episode of veronica mars last week. (more…)


let’s face it, you’re great, you’re just not distinct

Do you find out before graduation if you will graduate with distinction?



degree smorgasbord

this is prolly a dumb question but here goes it:
Let’s say one has a major and two minors
Major= science
Minor=soc sci
would one graduate with a BSc, a BA or a choice?

you, my friend, get to choose! isn’t u of t wonderful?
cheers, askastudent


specialists and majors – can this marriage be saved?

quick question:
is there a big difference between double major and double specialist?
can i specialize in one area, and major in another

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