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a specialist and a major sounds so easy in theory


I’m currently in grade 12 and have already submitted my OUAC application to UofT for Rotman Commerce. The trouble is, last year grade 11 second semester, I completely crashed all my courses due to external circumstances and (putting all the grade 11 courses aside,) there’s this one calculus mark (I fast-tracked) that Rotman actually looks at. I got a 81 in that course. However, my school calls it a AP Calc course but I don’t know how Rotman can see that or even consider that factor from OUAC as the only indicator is that the course code ends with a 9.

I saw couple previous replies regarding Rotman’s mid-high 80s requirement for calculus. My questions are:

Can Rotman see it is an AP course?

If they can, do they factor that into considerations?

Is there somewhere I can explain a special circumstance

Do I still have a chance? (I have fairly strong extra crcs and a 92 avg from midterms grade 12)

Thank you for your help!

Oh, and also aside from admissions, are you allowed to have one major in Rotman and another major in general artsci e.g. Ethics, Society and Law?


hey there,

AP courses can be used as transfer credit at this university, so yes, they know if you took an AP course. HOWEVER, just make sure that it is being communicated to the university that you did actually take an ap course.

if you’re an ontario high school student and you did your AP class through your high school, then usually, your school will just submit your AP marks automatically. that’s how they did it for me, anyway, back when i was in high school in the Year of Our Lord 1669.

however, if you did AP independently, you should speak to your guidance counsellor about the proper procedure for sending uoft your AP results.

since rotman does explicitly state that you need mid to high 80s in MCV4U, it might be nice to explain to them any extenuating circumstances that might’ve affected your mark. feel free to contact enrolment services to see where you could direct that kind of letter.

do you have a chance? i don’t know. i’m just a girl in a chicken suit. you guys give me way too much authority. but given that you meet all the other requirements, and if you submit a strong supplemental application, i’d say you’re still in the running. again, i’m not the number one authority on this by any means, but – don’t stop trying.



P.S. according to the university, you ARE allowed to enrol in up to two specialists and/or majors. rotman is a program within the faculty of arts & science (though they sure do seem like their own little world sometimes), so doing a rotman specialist (there are no rotman majors) and another FAS major should be fine.


only do as many credits as they’ll count, ygm?


I’m in my second year at UTM in the comparative physiology specialist and I want to transfer to St. George. The admissions website says that you can’t transfer it you have more than 10 credits completed, when does it count this from? In my first year I finished 5.5 credits so would I only be able to do 4.5 this year or does it just count from when you apply to transfer, in which case I’d be finished 7.5 credits after first semester is over.

Any help would be great!?


hey there,

well, this page about transfer credit says that “[s]tudents who have completed up to two years of study at a recognized university may be granted a maximum of ten transfer credits.”

since your assessment for transfer credit will include every single credit you’ve completed up until the point you actually come to UTSG and start taking credits here, i’m gonna say that it counts from the very end of your time at UTM.

so if you’re finishing your second year this april, then yes, only 10.0 FCEs will be transferred over. that’s not to say that you can’t complete?more than 10.0 credits – like, if you finish 10.5 FCEs by april, you’ll still only have completed ‘two years of study.’

but they’re only gonna?transfer?a maximum of 10.0 FCEs, so why make it hard on yourself?




all about transfer credit

Hey! I’m a first-year student at UTSC and I am pretty sure I want to major in philosophy (but I want to double-minor in Celtic Studies and European Union Studies, which isn’t offered in Scarborough!). By the end of second semester, I will have completed 3 philosophy courses that count towards my major here at UTSC.
HOWEVER, I was looking into attending UTSG instead. (What can I say, I like downtown). I was just wondering what steps would be involved in transferring over. Is there a specific person I should speak to about transfer credits? Also, if I have fulfilled my breath requirements here at UTSC, does this mean I have also fulfilled them for St. George as well?
thanks so much.


hey there,

if you want to transfer, you’ll just have to make sure you meet all the prerequisites and then fill out an internal application by the deadline for your faculty (arts & science for you).

transfer credits are assessed after you apply to transfer, so unless you have any?BURNING QUESTIONS about a specific course or courses, you don’t have to talk to anyone about it.

you can read a bit more about how transfer credit works here, or you can contact the transfer credit office yourself with specific questions.

the breadth requirement thing kinda depends on how your transfer credits pan out. if you took a course that counted for the fifth breadth requirement category ?at UTSC and you get a transfer credit for it that also counts towards the fifth breadth requirement category at UTSG, then that’s great.

but that may not happen for all your courses.?depending on how your transfer credits are assessed, some may or may not count as breadth requirements here.

once you get your transfer assessment after applying, you’ll be told exactly which credits count towards which breadth requirements. generally speaking, really basic, first year courses that are common to all three campuses are usually no problem (i’m talking first year calc, first year chem, that kind of thing). for some of the more particular ones, it’s not as certain.*

but like i said, it’s all just a matter of waiting to see what transfer credit says.



* well, it’s not as certain to ME. i’m sure it’s crystal clear to the transfer credit office people, it’s just that…i don’t work there…


i’ll take one course to-go, please

Hey Aska!

So, I am a 3rd year Digital Enterprise Management student and I just had a question about transferring a credit. There is a 4th year course (MGD428) which is REALLY difficult and heavy (I took it this year but dropped it because it is really hard) and it is only offered in the fall semester so I have to take it next year.

But I was wondering if I take a project management course (4th year) at Guelph Humber which has the same weight and extremely similar description to MGD428, I can transfer it and use it towards my degree? I wanna take it during the summer so I won’t have to take it at UTM in the fall. I read the guidelines for transfer credits and LOPs, and I think I can do this, I just wanna make sure?? I know I have to get at least 60% but I feel like I can.

The one at Guelph-Humber is significantly easier (I know taking it at UTM will hurt my GPA) and uses a much easier textbook but the actual content and work you do is really really similar. And the Guelph-Humber prof is much better (there is only 1 section taught at UTM every year with a really hard prof).

Thanks! You’re awesome!

* and PS I know I can take it and pass at UTM but I want to keep my GPA high for grad school and I know taking it at UTM will make it go down.. :\


hey there,

i checked transfer explorer for MGD428 at University of Guelph-Humber and i wasn’t able to find any equivalencies, so i can’t tell you what your chances are in getting it granted, but i wouldn’t despair just yet – all that means is that no one has requested it before.

even though i haven’t been able to find a precedent of people doing this specifically for MGD428, you still can certainly request it using an LOP.

as long as you meet the eligibility requirements for the LOP, i’d say there’s no harm in making a request. if you want to know your chances of having it granted, have a chat with CCIT and ask them if they’ve ever granted a request for that course before.

other than that, just submit the LOP and hope for the best! i’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.



P.S.: here’s a tip for you – saying that you want to take a course somewhere else because it’s easier probably won’t fly with the people who approve these requests. if you have another reason for making the request, maybe emphasize that one.


i hear the deer actually sit in class with you


I was just wondering what the policy was at UTSG for taking classes at other campuses. I’m seriously considering taking a few courses over at UTSC but wasn’t sure if this was allowed. if it is, would classes taken there be counted as transfer credits? Is there is a limit on the number of courses i’d be able to take? Could i complete a major/minor there rather than at Are the classes any different in significant ways (academic and other wise)?

Would you recommend taking classes there?

Any info would be really helpful,



hey there,

it’s totally allowed! UTSC and UTM courses will show up on your transcript and count towards your CGPA just like a UTSG course. however, it’s a good idea to talk with your department about whether you meet the prereqs for any UTSC courses you want to take, AND whether those courses can be counted as program requirements here.

there’s no limit that i could find, though you’ll find that there’s a limit to the amount of commuting that your soul is able to tolerate.

all subject POSts you enrol in have to be UTSG, artsci subject POSts. you’ll likely find it impossible to complete all your prerequisites for a subject POSt using just UTSC credits.

as fir differences, there’s nothing really substantial. the classes are different in that they’re different classes. that sounds stupid, but honestly – they’ll have a different syllabus, a different prof, and a different class size than the UTSG equivalent (if there is one).

some general classes (like first year calculus or econ) are pretty similar between campuses and even between universities, but it all depends on the course. the best thing would be to call the department at UTSC that offers the courses you’re interested in, and just ask. there’s no general academic difference.

although, you’re more likely to encounter deer at UTSC. so if you’re afraid of deer, i do NOT recommend taking classes there.

but otherwise, if there’s something they offer that we don’t have here, yeah – go for it.




an IB mystery

Hi aska,
I’m going to be a first year student in September and I have 3 transfer credits from IB. So I was trying to enroll into a 6th course, and I realized that some of the courses have *percentage score as part of the prerequisites*.
Say for CHM249H1, the prerequisite is:
CHM151Y1/CHM138H1, CHM139H1 with a minimum grade of 63%…since for CHM222H1, the prerequisite is (CHM138H1CHM139H1/CHM151Y1 with a minimum grade of 63%, MAT135H1, MAT136H1/MAT135Y1/MAT137Y1/
MAT157Y1, PHY138Y1/PHY140Y1/(PHY131H1,PHY132H1)/(PHY151H1, PHY152H1). Noticing the existence of the square brackets in CHM222H1 and the lack thereof in CHM249H1, *I’m assuming the “with a minimum grade of…” for CHM249H1 is only for CHM138/139H1(so it’s either CHM151Y1 or 63% in both CHM138H1 and CHM139H1)*. Since I have chemistry HL, it seems that, from the IB transfer credit page, I should have: CHM1**Y(unspecified first year credit).
*The only 1**Y course in the CHM course list is CHM151Y1, so it should be what I got.* However, the degree explorer says *I have a CHM1**Y (CHM139H) credit out of 1.0.* For math and physics, I got the appropriate 135+136/131+132 half-credits, all of which are shown as* CR* on degree explorer which suggests that *I don’t have a percentage mark for them.*
So this is the problem:
*I don’t know if I have CHM151 or CHM138+139.*
*CHM151 excludes with CHM138+139, so I can’t take CHM151Y1 if I have CHM139H1, so if the chemistry credit I got is CHM139H1 AND is CR’d, it seems that I won’t be able to take CHM249H1 as I can’t take one of the prerequisite options and don’t have percentage marks for the other.*
1. For CHM249H1, does the percentage requirement apply to both the options (perhaps because of the lack of a uniform rule on the matter) or only the latter?
2. I have the transfer credits but they are shown as CRs, so is that still possible to enroll into such courses that require specific marks as prerequisites?
3. Which chemistry transfer credit am I getting?
confused IB student
(Sorry for the long email, hope it helps that I bolded the key points)


hey there,

yeahh, i really appreciate you bolding the key points, but unfortunately, that formatting was wiped out by my e-mail inbox. darn this technological age. hopefully i can address the important things anyway.

1. hmm, CHM249H1‘s prereqs are kinda confusing, aren’t they? i think your comparison to CHM222H1 might not be entirely accurate, because that course requires some math courses as well, so i think what they’re trying to say is that you need a 63% in 151 or 138+9, plus math/physics. if you take a look at CHM223H1, however, you’ll see that one prerequisite course clearly requires a certain mark, while the other one doesn’t.

based on that, i would say that CHM249H1 requires a 63% in EITHER CHM151Y1 OR CHM138H1+9H1.

2. it depends on the department, and the course you want to get into. you’ll have to contact chemistry with that one.

3. if degree explorer says you have a 1** credit, that means that you have an unspecified, first-year credit. so if you have CHM1**Y1, then you have 1.0 general, first-year chem credits. you do not have CHM151Y1 or CHM138+9, and if you need any of those courses for a program or as a prerequisite for other courses you want to take, then you’ll probably need to take them.

i say “probably” because of one line in this document on interpreting your transfer credit assessment which states: “Unspecified credits may be used to meet prerequisite, program or breadth requirements as long as permission is obtained from the relevant Program Advisor or College Registrar.”

just a tip – if you’re going to talk to anyone about trying to use your unspecified credit as a – well, specific – credit, make it the chem. undergraduate advisor rather than your college registrar. i can tell you right now they’ll know more about their own credits than any college will.

hope that helps!



transfer POSt


I’ve submitted my transfer credit assessment, and now I’m waiting for the?results.?Do I need to select my subject post on rosi for the majors I want to enroll?in, or wait until the transfer credit assessment is done?


hey there,

believe me,?i understand how nerve-wracking this?is, but for now, you’ve just gotta sit tight and wait?for your assessment results.

according to transfer credit, “[a]dmitted students who receive?4.0 transfer credits?or more and who clearly indicated a choice of program on their application for admission will be considered for admission to their chosen programs on their Transfer Credit Assessment letter.” so they will try to put you in a POSt if they can.

if you’re not admitted into a program once your credits are assessed, you will need to select one yourself (“[s]tudents who are not eligible for admission to a Type 2 or Type 3 program at this time must select and enrol in a Type 1 program(s). Failure to do so will result in the refusal of further course enrolment“).

bottom line is, you have to be in a POSt by the time school starts, so if they don’t put you in one, you’ll need to select one. a POSt is basically your ticket to second, third and fourth year, so it’s pretty important that you’re in one by September. (it’s also your ticket to MAJOR CAREER ANGST, but let’s just push that aside for now.)

also, if you’re admitted into a POSt you don’t want, you can totally drop it and enrol in another/others, as long as you meet the?requirements and you make the changes at the appropriate time.




coming in from la belle quebec

1. I’m coming from Quebec, and my whole life I studied in French. So if I check the English requirements, this is what it tells me: “If your first language is French and you have four years or more of full-time study in a Canadian school system achieving satisfactory academic progress, you are not required to provide proof of English facility. Instead, you must include Grade 12 English ENG4U/EAE4U (or an equivalent course) among the courses you offer for admission.”I’m not sure I understand what that means? Does it mean I have to take an English course during my first year?
2. Since I will be in Victoria College, do you know how far is it from other Colleges? What I mean is, what if I have a course in one College building and right after in another building, is it a long walk there? I don’t want to be late to classes and whatnot.
3. When I applied, I applied to Social Sciences (with the intention of then majoring in either Equity Studies or International Relations), but I was made an alternate offer to Honours of Arts and Sciences. Will I still be able to have Equity Studies or IR as my POST?
4. Last question I’m not sure you can answer and maybe I’m better off calling directly the university but I’m gonna give it a shot, this is going to be my first year of University (as in I have never attended University in my life). However, when I go on my ROSI account, in the “Year of study” category, I have the number “2”. Do you have any idea why? Shouldn’t it me written 1??
Thank you again so much!


hey there,

1. ENG4U is a Grade 12 English course that Ontario high school students take. what they’re saying is that you need to have taken an equivalent English language course in your last year of high school (or during CEGEP) in order to prove your English facility. from here: “Twelve Academic Subjects including English/anglais (2 terms)” are required if you’re coming in from CEGEP. if you haven’t taken an English course, then you should contact admissions to see whether you need to provide some other type of proof.

2. nah. take a look at this campus map; i’ve circled the victoria college buildings. as you can see, they’re on queen’s park circle, which has university buildings all along it. obviously some buildings will be closer to you and some farther, but most university buildings should be a maximum 10 minute walk from you.

3. yes! social sciences is just an area within the Faculty of Arts and Sciences; as long as you meet the first year requirements for equity and international relations, you should be fine (note that IR is a type 3 POSt, meaning that even if you meet the requirements, you may not get in, because enrolment is limited; equity is a type 1 POSt, meaning enrolment is unlimited).

4. it’s probably because you’re coming from CEGEP; since Ontario doesn’t have CEGEP, those credits will likely count as transfer credits for university here.

from here: “Transfer credits will be granted to CEGEP candidates who have completed more than the 12 academic courses. If you have completed a two year DEC, you may receive up to 5 full credits towards an arts, science, commerce/management degree.” 5 full credits is one year at uoft, so maybe that’s what happened to you!

you can, again, call admissions to make sure of this – they have access to everything in your student account, and will be able to tell you exactly where you stand.

have a sensational first (second??) year!



transfer me…somewhere…


is there a formal application i have to fill out to get all of my UTM credits transferred?because it shows up normally on ROSI, so at this point i’m not doing anything but those credits are going to be?considered for the subject post i applied to!



hey there,

this is a pretty vague question, my dear friend. what i?think your situation is, is that you’re currently transferring from UTM to UTSG. if that’s the case, your transfer credits will be assessed (or will have been assessed? i can’t tell if you’re already at UTSG or in the process of transferring) along with your application; so just read your application documents/webpages carefully and make sure to follow the instructions, and you should be fine.




recon for econ

Hi, regarding admission to Economics Major, does this apply to transfer students as well? “All students who meet the minimum grades listed here will be able to enrol in the Economics Minor, Environmental Economics Minor, Economics Major, Economics Specialist, and Economics & Mathematics Specialist programs;”



hey there,

alright, a coupla things. firstly, that link you’re looking at is outdated! biiiiiig no-no. we’re in 2014 now, and you have to look at the current requirements on the 2013-14 calendar for economics. your second issue is that you should only be looking at the economics major, because the requirements for different economics programs will likely not be the same.

so, for 2013-14, admission to the major program requires completion of ECO100Y1/105Y1 with at least a 67%/80%, and MAT133Y1/135H1+136H1/137Y1/157Y1 with at least a 63%/60%+60%/55%/55%.

now if you’re looking at those course codes and you have no idea what they mean, that makes sense, ’cause you’re from a different school. however, if you want to transfer into the program, you still need to have completed the equivalent of those prerequisites in your school. “but i don’t know what the equivalent courses are??!?!1??” i hear you panic. well, ECO100Y1 and MAT133Y1 are very popular courses here at old u of t, and the school has graciously provided us with a chart showing course equivalencies from a few major canadian universities.

just scroll down to economics and mathematics – introduction to calculus, and see if your school has an equivalent course to ECO100Y1 and MAT133Y1. if it does, then you’re eligible to get transfer credit. if your school isn’t on the chart, read up on the uoft courses and see if any of the courses you’ve taken sort of match them. it’s not guaranteed, but you might still be granted transfer credit.

so, let’s say you have the proper course equivalencies and you’re on your way to getting the minimum required mark in both ECO and MAT. now you’re eligible to apply to transfer into the program, but you’re still not guaranteed to get in. economics is a type 2 subject POSt, which means that not everyone who applies to the program gets in – even if they’re from uoft.

i hope that cleared up your confusion! and i look froward to maybe seeing your lovely face at uoft sometime soon *waggles eyebrows*.

best of luck,



bop to the top at UTM commerce

I am a second year in the accounting and financial management program at the university of Waterloo. Due to a loss in my immediate family, my academic performance was poor during my first year. For the same reason for my second term in first year my marks were graded on a credit/ non-credit basis. This means all my marks for this term were marked as pass with no numerical grades. I am struggling in my second year in AFM as well and wanted to know my chances of getting into UTM commerce.
My university transcript is very poor (GPA 76.5% not including credit/non-credit grades) but in high school I got accepted into UTM commerce with a 89.5% average.
Thank you for your time.


hey there,

UTM commerce doesn’t publish the cut-off range for GPA every year, but your 76.5% is around what would be acceptable. Also, from the looks of UofT’s course equivalencies, it seems like you would have completed most of the 4.0 prerequisite courses for commerce already while in AFM.

This is the stick, though. Even if you meet all the pre-requisites, in order to be in UTM commerce, you have to have completed 4.0 credits at UTM (either in addition to your transfer credit, or completing what you don’t get as transfer credit). Either way, you need to spend a year here before you can start commerce. They just want to see that you’re UTM material, you get me? You gotta bleed that blue and white. If you decide to do that, you could take some economics courses that are part of the commerce program so that you won’t have to take them once you get to commerce, but there’s no way to get around that extra year.

Here’s how I look at it: if you transfer, you’ll have to do one general year at UTM, then three years of commerce, plus your one or two years in AFM. That’s six years just to get a bachelor’s degree that’s pretty similar to the one you’re in now anyway. The way I see it, staying in your program or transferring into something else at Waterloo might be easier.

If you’re cool with spending a few extra years in undergrad, then go for it. Apply to UTM, and then you can move on to commerce if you want to. But remember to do whatever feels right to you.

Hope it all works out, freund.



transferring terrors


I am coming from a CEGEP in Quebec for my first semester this upcoming fall. Meaning I transferred 5 credits. I am double majoring in Book and Media studies and Art History. I have no clue what I’m supposed to sign up for. What i’ve heard is 3 book and media studies and 2 other courses. But does that mean I take no art History courses???

What should I take, how do I make my schedule, what is a breadth course?! HELP




Don’t freak out. You’re fine. Sometimes it can be hard to manage all the freedom you’re allowed to have and the discipline you’re expected to have.


Question 1: “What should I take?”

Things related to your program, of course!

The Art History major is quite lenient in letting you take whatever courses you’d like here and there, and they all sound pretty interesting. Now if you don’t have some sort of “Intro to Art History” transfer credit coming over, you should definitely take FAH102H The Practice of Art History. But aside from that… just heed the major’s requirements and go crazy!

Now I consulted another student who took a good chunk of Art History courses for what he thought would be super interesting for you and got:

FAH246H Art Since 1900 – “Because you have such a short span of time to go over, memorizing all the dates is a lot easier. Also, it’s pretty fun to see the art’s influence on pop culture today. And lastly, if you ever want to sound like a pretentious art snob, this course will definitely set you up for it.”

FAH230H Renaissance Art and Architecture – “It gives a whole new meaning to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. But it’s just a little bit church-y.”

FAH252H Intro to the History of Photography – “This one is new, but it sounds soooo interesting!”

And his last comment: “Minimize the number of medieval courses you take.”

As for your major in Book and Media Studies, I have a feeling you won’t have gotten any transfer credits for that one, so you’ll just have to take a good look at the requirements list.

You’re going to have to take SMC219Y Mass Media in Culture and Society, SMC228H and SMC229H, so I’d recommend getting those out of the way.

Question 2: “How do I make my schedule?”

Step 1: Make a chart going hours of day by days of week.

Step 2: Consult timetable.

Step 3: Make sure nothing overlaps!

Step 4: Enrol on ROSI and pray you get your courses.

Question 3: “What is a breadth course?”

So a breadth requirement is the university’s way of making sure you’re like cultured and stuff and that you’ve taken courses in a variety of topics. There are five “groups” that you need to work with. You need to either get 1.0 FCE in four of the five groups, or you need to 1.0 FCE in three of the five groups and then 0.5 FCE in the other two groups.

Since you’re double majoring in two humanities, I’m going to assume your difficulty will be fulfilling groups 4 and 5, so take a look at this post for some ideas on how to conquer them.

Annnnnd I guess that’s that.




ap stands for already passed (so please just give me the credit please)

So, I got into Rotman Commerce and I want to use my AP credits that I took?in high school to count as college credits. Does this automatically happen if they get the scores? Also I want to use these credits so I could skip?some of the prerequisites and skip into something like second year biology.?Is this possible? The thing is, I took AP Bio in grade 11, and I’m not sure?if they have the scores for that or not? I don’t know. But I told the?admissions my scores when I applied. PLEASE HELP ME. thankyou.


Howdy ho!

You can get a credit for your AP course if you went through with the necessary steps to make sure that your test scores made it to the university.

So when you wrote your exam, you would’ve been asked if you needed the scores sent somewhere and you would’ve given the little code meant for UofT. Once the university gets the scores, they automatically assess you and will contact you to tell you what course equivalent you’ve gotten, but for the most part, if you know you have the grade, you can check the chart in that link to see what you’d get.

But since you did it in Grade 11 and I assume you didn’t notify anyone of having those results sent to UofT way back when, you might want to contact Enrolment Services to see if you had the foresight to send the bio score when you applied.

If they say nay, you need to speedily contact your high school or whoever and make sure the bio score makes it to the university by July 16, 2013.

Now if you do get the transfer credits for “BIO120H” and “BIO130H,” feel free to move forward!

Just… be careful.

Don’t load up on science courses when you’re in first-year Rotman, because let me tell you what: getting into Rotman (like the real Rotman which happens at the end of first-year) is pretty damn hard.




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