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if the first four people on the waitlist were to “disappear”…

Sorry to bother you, but I’m currently 5th on the waitlist (out of 240 spaces) for a lecture that I really need to be in (CSC148H1S).
I understand that being in the top 10% of the people in the course gives me a good chance of getting in, but I can’t be too sure. So I was wondering how fast the waitlists move around the first week of Winter classes (or in the first week of semesters if it’s too specific), based on my current situation.
Many thanks!


hey there,

i mean, not only are you in the top 10% of the class size, you’re in the top 2%. you’re playing with some nice odds there.

i know it seems frustrating now since the waitlist is NOT MOVING AT ALL OH GOD, but it will move in the first week. especially considering this is a first year class, and so a lot of people won’t know what to expect from it, a lot of people are gonna drop it after the first class.

oh no,” they’ll say indignantly after the first half-hour of lecture. “this is not at ALL what i signed up for.”

in fact, i’ve heard stories of people up and leaving classes at the break, not even staying for the whole first lecture, going straight home and dropping the course right away. trust me, it happens, and it’ll happen for CSC148.

so yeah, have a backup because that’s just good sense, but i’d say your chances are pretty good.




“please let me into this class, i’ll bake you seven cakes”

Hey aska, so I’m trying to get into a third year class, but I’m 18th on the wait list. Is it logical to assume I have a shot at getting in? And if not, do you think I could convince the prof to let me in if someone drops after the deadline?

Hey Aska! I go to UTM and am trying to get into Animal Behaviour – I’m 18th on a waitlist of 32, and the class has 48 people. It dropped by 7 people since the first day of classes, and I’m kind of hoping it drops even further by Friday.. but am I hoping for too much? Someone told me I should try to convince the prof to just take me in after the waitlist end date, but is that even a thing?


hey there,

it depends on how big the class is. if your spot on the waitlist is within 10% of the total class size (so, if the class size was 180, you’d be right at 10%), then you’ve got a pretty good shot at getting in. after that, it’s a lot less certain.

if you’re 18th in a class of 48, the chances are really poor, to be honest.

if you need the class for a subject POSt or graduate school or have some other reason you ABSOLUTELY MUST take this course, you can talk to the department about potentially putting you in.

make sure you talk to the department first, though, not the prof, ’cause they’re the ones who have the power to pluck people out of and stick people into classes.

a quick note: i’m not sure if both these questions are from the same person (i mean, they probably are, but i want to give you the benefit of the doubt). either way, it bears repeating for everyone:

sending your question multiple times WILL NOT make me answer faster. aska answers everything chronologically. if anything, spamming my inboxes will just annoy me. i’m already constantly on the brink of caffeine withdrawal-induced rage, so please don’t do it. thanks for understanding, amigos.

best of luck, hope you get into that class.



eco150y1 is one hot commodity

I’m freaking out. I am going to major in Equity Studies and International Relations, but I couldn’t get into ECO105Y1 and Intro to Equity Studies because the courses are full. So basically if I don’t get into these courses I can’t start my majors next year. I don’t want to end up doing 5 years because of that (would be way too costly for me). I don’t know what to do. Do you think if next week during frosh I go see the registrar and tell them I need those classes they would let me in?
Thank you so much!


hey there,

yes, i do think you should talk to your registrar. however, i’m warning you now: they may tell you to remain on the waitlist (and if you’re not on the waitlist, to get on it) until we get closer to the day the waitlist drops (september 14th for F/Y courses).

after the first week of classes, a LOT of people are going to drop courses. they’re just waiting to test run the first class, and then they’ll make a decision.

to prove it to you, i’ll let you in on a secret: i’m enrolled in 6.0 credits, and i’m only planning on staying in 5.0. no, i won’t tell you what i’m hoarding (it’s not ECO150, don’t worry).

that said, it doesn’t hurt to talk to your registrar’s office about it now; who knows, you may have extenuating circumstances which mean they might be able to stick you into the course. also, the registrar might know of some alternative options you’re not aware of. a trip to the registrar’s office is always helpful, is what i say.




waitlist clarification

You mentioned something about the 10% rule for the waitlist. Is it if your position is in the top 10% out of the spaces available or the people in the waitlist?


hey there,

i looked back at the waitlist questions i’ve been answering and i see how you might’ve gotten confused. i wasn’t entirely clear and i’m sorry about that. i guess even folks as beautiful as aska can make mistakes sometimes.

the rule (which is really more a rule of thumb than a hard-and-fast rule, just so you know) is that if you’re within the top 10% of the people in the course, you’ve got a pretty fair chance at getting in.




waitlists are for waiting

Dear aska,

I was wondering if I could get in the course that I’m waitlisted in for ECO100Y1, meaning if enough people drop the course. Last time I checked, I was around 20th out of the 400 seats (in LEC0401) because I applied late on ROSI. I really need to get into this course for my Economics degree and I was also wondering if I could talk to the professor or the department about my dilemma instead of waiting for a spot on ROSI.

Much thanks.


hey there,

no! you may not. actually, you could, but you really shouldn’t. i’ll tell ya right now that the prof/undergrad coordinator is gonna have a tough time getting back to you promptly at this time of year (even aska’s inbox is flooded at the moment, and i’m not even a real, serious uoft adult).

more importantly, it’s not the departments’ job to help students in this situation.

if you’re within the top 10% of the waitlist, you have a reasonably good shot of getting in (and ECO100 is a big course with, likely, a big waitlist). according to the school, “ROSI does not enrol students from the waiting lists into courses in real-time; instead, the enrolments are done in batches.” i’d say there’s a good chance you’ll be in the next batch, though it’s not a certain thing.

so sit down and wait, why doncha, instead of angering the prof about it for no good reason. you’ll regret that when assignment #1 comes around.



P.S. if you don’t get into the course after the waitlist ends and you ABSOLUTELY need it for your program, speak to your registrar’s office, and they may be able to help.


but i really really really wanted that course

Hey, I’m on a waitlist for 2 courses that I reeeeeaaallllyyyy want to do. If I have a relatively low number of people in the waitlist in front of me, what are the chances that I can get into the course?


hey there,

the general (GENERAL) rule of thumb is that if you are within the first 10% of the course size (e.g. spots 1-10 in a course of 100 – you’ll notice i keep using this example because my math competency is at a grade 4 level), you have a pretty good chance of getting in.

past that, it’s all a matter of degree. and luck. no matter how many e’s you stick in the middle of that ‘really.’

you’ve just gotta keep checking until the deadline, and hope for the best.

good luck,



no more waiting for me!


My little brother is at UTSC and wants to major in computer science. Except he needs two courses to get into the program and due to a crappy starting time he only managed to get into one. CSCA48H3, Introduction to Computer Science II. But he needs to take  CSCA08H3, Introduction to Computer Science I in the fall semester so he can have it as a pre-requisite for CSCA48H3, in the winter session. He is currently 24 on the waitlist, there are 122 people on the wait list and there are over 150 spots (not sure of the actual number ) in the class. What are my brother’s chances of getting in before the wait list drops? Plus what are the chances of the professor taking an initiative to let him in considering it a first-year course and lots of other people would want in to his/her lecture.

Concerned Sis


hey there concerned sis,

the general rule of thumb is that if your spot on the waitlist is within the first 10% of the total people allowed in the course (e.g. you’re numbers 1-10 on a waitlist with 100 people), you have a good chance of getting in.

if you’re spot 24 on a waitlist of 122, you’re at 19%, which is not great. however, it’s also not terrible, and there’s no harm in staying on the list, especially since your brother can enrol in an extra 0.5 FCEs as backup starting august 15th at 6am (before any UTSG students start to panic, this is the UTSC date. don’t get your timetables in a knot).

the chances of the professor taking the initiative to let him in? zero. profs aren’t in charge of that. your brother could go and speak to the prof/department in person, but i doubt it would do much good.

for now, it’s a waiting game.




i have never yelled at a student like this in my life


i’m on the waitlist for a couple courses right now but rosi won’t let me see my rank, is there like a maintenance week scheduled right before school starts, is it because i’m going into first year, is uoft just trying to mentally destroy me in an attempt to weed me out? before, i could click on manage course and be able i was 6 on a waitlist of 89 but now it just says?! 6709 : you may not make any changes to this course at the current time.

i’m not trying to make changes i just want to see my bloody rank and the box that used to tell me has disappeared.





You need to relax.

So breathe.

Breathe again.

Now unfortunately, this is what happened, according to my super secret source: ROSI was supposed to be unavailable for September 6 because… I dunno. ROSI needs sleep too. But whatever silly goose puts ROSI to sleep totally forgot to wake ROSI the frack up on Saturday! That being said, ROSI was essentially dead all weekend. There ya go.

But managing your courses is managing your courses so whether or not you want to see your rank or drop a course, it wasn’t going to happen.

Congratulations though — you just survived your first of many situations in which UofT tries to see how quickly it can make you have an anxiety attack.




but why must we waitlist

Hey aska!

I’m currently a freshman at UTSC and wanted to ask if there was a due date to get into courses that you’re waitlisted in. If I happen to get in to my course over the next few weeks (Intro to Linguistics), how exactly do you drop other courses? Will I have to pay the fee for both? Thanks for taking the time to read these really freshie questions! 🙂




Basically the last day to add any F or Y courses is September 16, which I suppose makes it the “due date” for getting in. However, all the waitlists for F and Y courses seem to end on September 9.

What this means is that you get a week-long melee in which you get to repeatedly check ROSI for anyone who might have dropped the course. But a lot of people are going to be doing this too so this means you’ll have to check a lot.

Like a lot a lot.

Now dropping courses is totally simple. You little go to your courses on ROSI and just… well, drop them. 😉

But since UTSC charges you per course, you’ll notice a rise in your balance when you get off the waitlist for Intro to Linguistics, which, naturally, you’ll be expected to pay.

However, since you plan on dropping another course in favour of that one, it sounds reasonable that the money for the course you’re dropping will simply count towards linguistics instead. Get it?




psychology a shuttle bus away

Hi aska!

I’m a UTM student and I decided to take a course at St. George this year to get that “downtown experience”. The problem is that the course (PSY336) has a wait list longer than the maximum class size – my position in the wait list is 70 when the class size is 65

Do you know if the psych department will add more spaces to that lecture section or add more lecture sections to accommodate students in the wait list? Thanks in advance for your reply!

Wait zoned


Lol “wait zoned.”

I like that. You’re funny!

Anyhow, I’m going to be honest with you. I highly doubt the psych department will add more spaces to that lecture and/or make an additional section. Your best bet for entry is to wait until the waitlists are removed (so for an F or Y course, midnight of Sunday, September 15), and then repeatedly checking ROSI to see if someone has dropped the course and left a spot for you.

But you don’t need to take a class to get a “downtown experience.” You can just like… come downtown! 😉




what the waitlist?

I am number 5 on a wait list of 365? WHAT DOES THIS MEAN???


Naturally, the possible meanings for this situation is endless.

A few off the top of my head:

  • You are Person the Fifth on the waitlist.
  • There are four people ahead of you on the waitlist.
  • You need to off a total of five students in the class to get a spot in it.
  • I suppose you have a decent place on the waitlist. Dunno that depends.




for the love of linear algebra


I hope you can help me… I know you must get these sort of questions (they’re more like whines) all the time, but I have a situation that has been stressing me out all day. I am a first year student and I was trying to get into the second year linear algebra course mat223h1 for the fall term. I am currently 19 out of 196 spaces, so what do you think are the chances of getting into this? I heard a statistic was that about 10% will likely get into their course, but I can’t be basing my university decisions off of rumoured stats can I? I am really worried that I won’t be able to get into the class… I was looking at a specialist in actuarial science or statistics, both of which highly recommend taking mat223h1 in first year. What do you think are some possible solutions if I were to not get in? And what are the chances of getting in, based on my place on the waiting list. I just want to know the nature of this particular course.. I mean do people tend to drop this course a lot, or do they hold onto this one?

I hope you can help! I just need to ease my stress. Thanks 🙂 I’m a first year. Naturally I’d be worried.


Hey there first-year!

Sorry for the late reply. I know this might not really be relevant to you right now, but here’s the deal for future reference at least. 🙂

So the fact that you were 19 out of 196 in a second year course in your first year warrants you a high five! I sure hope you got in, but normally in a situation like that you do have a fair chance. There is no real statistic, but with such a large class, hopefully things worked out for you. In any case, if you didn’t get in before the waitlists were dropped, I hope you played the lovely game of refreshing the courses page on ROSI every five minutes or so to check if someone dropped it. Basically, after the waitlists are dropped, there is a one week period where entry is essential a free for all.

However, if you weren’t able to get into the course this term, there’s always one in the winter. According to the timetable, actually, there are five sections too. Likewise, if the summer courses for 2013 are anything like those of 2012, MAT223H1 should be offered.




what am i waiting for?


Let us place ourselves in a hypothetical situation in which a student? finds his or herself #58 on a wait list for a course of 150 spaces. Realistically, is it just wishful thinking to assume many students will drop out of the wait list? within a few weeks, creating a space for said student? And, is there a date when those who are wait listed to be dropped from the wait list?

Thank you.



Hey there AK,

Let us place ourselves in a hypothetical situation that’s actually surprisingly realistic but still completely hypothetical in which a student is answering a question about the oh so troublesome waitlists. If the hypothetical student from this hypothetical situation was #58 on the waitlist in an F or Y section course, then right now, no, there is no chance of getting into the course. Unfortunately, the waitlists for F or Y courses ended on September 16, 2012, and the last day to have added the courses was September 23, 2012.

However, if this course happens to be during the second semester, the hypothetical student should stay on the waitlist and, naturally, wait. He or she has a little over three months until the waitlists for S section courses close and sometimes a ridiculous number of students simply drop it, so he or she should just wait it out for now.



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