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almost too specific

What are some tips for choosing a room at chestnut residence? I heard the elevators rarely work or break down a lot. Is that true and if so how often? Also how often are fire drills? Do the rooms offer some sort of soundproofness like regular hotel room doors do?



i’m not too familiar with how chestnut works, but i’ll try my best.

according to their website, there are various living learning  communities and themed floors in chestnut. there are some floors that are open to students in all programs of study and some that are for specific programs (for example, there are engineering floors, life science floors, humanities floors, etc). there are also floors for people with shared interests. there are also floors for people with the same interests, such as the arts and culture floor and the health and wellness floor. the living learning communities are a good way to meet people with shared interest or people who you might have classes with. i suggest that you go through the list of living learning communities that they have listed on their website and pick a floor based on the community that you’d like to be a part of.

as for your (very, very, almost too) specific questions, i really have no idea. you should contact the people at chestnut directly and check out their FAQ.

i hope this helps!

nuts GIF



PS- yes, i know that those are walnuts, but i couldn’t find any chestnut gifs.




I am enrolling in UofT’s Faculty of Arts and Science Program for the fall semester of 2018, and I wanted to ask how I could choose the Chestnut Residence as a preference on my OUAC application? It only gives me the options to rank the 7  Faculty of Arts and Science colleges. Also, if I want to live in Chestnut, what college would I be considered a part of?



when applying to the faculty of arts and science, you have to also apply to a college. though most people who live on res do live at the res that corresponds to their college, it’s not required.

after being admitted to u of t, you will be prompted (in my year, it was via email. i don’t know if that’s changed) to apply for res. in the application, you’ll be able to pick between all the different residences (college affiliated or not). if you want to live in chestnut, this is when you would pick chestnut (if i remember correctly, it was also a ranking system, so you’d have to rank chestnut first). check out this link for a more detailed breakdown of all the different college affiliated residences and this link for more info on chestnut.

if you live in chestnut, you can be a part of any of the 7 colleges. the college you belong to isn’t just where you live, it’s also the admin and resources that you can access. for example, if you needed to talk to a registrar, you’d get in contact with your college registrar. for the most part, there aren’t too many major differences between the colleges, but i still suggest doing your research.

investigating basketball wives GIF by VH1

so, basically right now, you need to rank the 7 colleges (after doing your research)wait until you’re accepted to u of t, and then apply for residence!

i hope this helps, good luck 🙂

peace and love!




desktops in demand?


I’m a new international admit at UToronto’s Innis College! I’ve accepted my residence offer at Chestnut Residence.

I want to run a desktop PC in my room during my time in college, and I want to buy the computer after arriving in college. I also might want to make other purchases online later on.

Am I allowed to receive courier/postal mail or parcels directly in residence? If not, where can I collect them? Also, does the residence accept parcels or mail for me if I am out attending classes?




Your answer:

After finding nothing and just wanting to be sure, I did a little undercover work (read: contacted Chestnut — the people there are so helpful btw!) and was told that for mail can be received at the res and your giant packages will be kindly held at the front desk.

But some extra:

And daaaamn a desktop? In university? Are you suuuure that’s what you want to do?

Most students use laptops just because they’re nice and portable. If you ever have a giant lecture at con hall — looking at you SOC101Y! — you can see luminescent apple after luminescent apple on the laps of many a hipster.

Also, if you’re living at Chestnut, you’re going to be a bit of a walk away from campus. While I get that that’s totally a valid reason to want a desktop > laptop, don’t you want to be able to take your laptop with you to lectures? To the library? It can be quite a pain to get a computer at Robarts during the day, or any other library for that matter.

Except the Innis Library — that’s basically the best place to go if you’re looking for a quiet working space and free computer.

Likewise, since you’re an international student, you’re going to have to think about where you plan to store that thing for the four months of summer, assuming you don’t extend your stay with a couple of summer courses or whatnot. Granted, you could probably start a May lease for where you stay in your second year and keep it there…

Eh, up to you.

But either way, I totally recommend taking a look at what the UofT Bookstore has to offer in terms of electronics. They’re usually nicely priced and pretty accommodating to we poor student folk.




help me find housing

Hi hi,

I’ve just been accepted to UofT and I have to rank my colleges. Woodsworth is first and by mistake I clicked on an x by Chestnut Residence and it put ‘NOT INTERESTED’ over it. I really don’t want to end up in Chestnut so I saved my rankings with WW first and Chestnut saying Not Interested. Does this mean that their only option is to put me in WW as I have excluded Chestnut from my options?

Thanks for answering!


Hey hey!

Okay soooo the way the First-Year Guarantee works is that first-year full-time students will always be given a place to live. So if you don’t get into your first choice — in your situation, Woodsworth Residence — then you will quite likely be passed off to Chestnut. And then if there’s no room at Chestnut, the university will rent a hotel or something equally grand. All in all, if you’re incoming, you’ll get a place to stay — but if you reject whatever they offer you, then that’s that.

Now there’s no way to make Woodsworth your “only option” and force them to take you — if that were the case, students would be doing that all the time right? You can say you’re “not interested” in Woodsworth on your MyRes app, but you can still be given a place there if Woodsworth doesn’t take you. But again, if you decline that offer… well, then have fun finding housing in Toronto. 🙁

But if you do get sent to Chestnut, don’t sweat it! 😀

It’s actually become a very popular residence. People can actively make it their first choice now! Likewise, given that the place used to be a hotel, the rooms are pretty big, the beds are pretty big, there’s cleaning services, and on Sunday mornings they make some mean omelettes. Chestnut is a great res. Yes, it’s a little far off, but hey, there’s nothing wrong with a little exercise right?




nobody seems to want chestnut…


I am looking to apply to res at Innis but I fear getting sent to Chestnut as I simply could not afford it. I should have an average >92% in my final year of high school and am applying to the physics program, which is only a low 80’s to get in. Would this average be enough to get a spot at Innis and not be sent down to Chestnut? How many student do end up being sent down to Chestnut and what averages have previous years had to get their choice of residence at Innis?



Hey hey!

Okay so as I’m sure you already know, the grades needed to get into the residence are technically the same as the ones needed to get into your given program. For you, yes, that would be low 80s. However, given the smaller size of Innis residence, getting in will be super competitive.

I can’t tell you anything for sure, but I’d say a 92% average would more than likely be enough to get a spot in the residence. As for the number of students that get sent over to Chestnut, well that varies by year and by number of applicants.

Good luck getting in!



aska becomes a gambler

I was accepted to Chestnut Residence in May, and had to decline the offer. However, after finding out my schedule I reapplied, and was wait-listed. A room opened up at the end of August and I got it. I have a single room, they told me with a double bed. I requested a co-ed floor, and in my application I said I preferred a high floor. What floor am I most likely to be placed on? Thanks!


Hey K,

High five for getting a room twice!

But I have no clue…

I can assume you will for sure have a single room on a co-ed floor.

I really can only guess what floor you will be on (and I never win the lottery so I wouldn’t place money on my guesses) but, 8, 14 … and 6 are my guesses.

Let me know if I am right.

forever unlucky,



i’m sorry chestnut, my tardiness has let you down.

Hi theree,

So I’m asking this a little late considering I have to make this decision by tonight, but in case you do get a chance to respond, I’m looking for the ~low down~ on Chestnut? Is the walk to campus worth it? I’m a second year so will I still be able to meet people on my floor? How are the floors set up, are there common areas or houses and stuff like that or will I miss out on a lot since I’m not doing frosh week? Do the windows open in the rooms? Love the fresh air. Basically any info would help a lot, thanks


<This message will self-destruct 3 days ago>

Wait … what? Let me know if you need reassurance about your decision. If I’m not there for you in your time of need, I’ll be there to help you pick up the pieces after.

forever tardy,



Chestnut suggestion: take cookies, put through toaster, put ice cream in middle.

I don’t know if this is going to sound like a weird question, but I’m applying to the University and I’m researching the colleges to pick mine in order of preference. I’m applying for a Human Biology major just fyi. I have a friend who is a resident at Chestnut and I don’t have an option of applying to Chestnut for residence on my application. So basically my question is, how can I apply for residence at Chestnut ?
– A


Yo A


I would probably give your registrar’s office a shout too, to see if they are down. I can only assume they will be because Chestnut is generally an overflow residence … so anyone volunteering to go will probably get a high five.

Enjoy the Chestnut Freshman 30.

forever missing the cookies of Chestnut,



Chestnut question … again


Does chestnut residence have a frosh week? And about how many residents of chestnut are in second year? I’m transferring from another university next year and I want to know if there will be a lot of people my own age in residence, and if transfer students have to have roommates?



Yo yo,

Chestnut has probably the most diverse student body. You can be in any year of school and attend U of T, OCAD or George Brown. In my own personal experience, there was a pretty good balance between all the years of study. Obviously there are going to be more first year students in any residence, but Chestnut probably has the least amount.

No one is forced into double rooms, but the singles cost more dolla dolla bills. Here are the fees:

Academic Term Fees – 2010/11

Meal Plan



Super Single





Carte Blanche






and yes, chestnut has its own frosh week.



Chestnut parrrtaaay

I am thinking about transferring to U of T next year because I am interested in their radiation therapy program. I’m currently in my first year of bachelor of science program at a university in Nova Scotia, and I have never been to Toronto, let alone the U of T, so I was hoping for some advice!
I have no idea which college would be best to choose as a science student, and I want to live in a residence that will allow me to meet lots of new people considering I know like one person going to U of T.
My friend is living in chestnut residence next year so I was wondering, if I decide to live in the same rez as her, if it is a good social residence? Or if iI would be better off living in a difference residence as a new transfer student going into their second year….

I need all the help I can get to help me make my decision!



Yo yo Alexandra,

I’m going to link you (like all college inquires) to a previous one that outlines each college and their pros and cons.

Chestnut … ooooh chestnut.

If you are straight with the application and flatly say “I want to party and dance all night”, they will make sure to put you on a floor with other people who claimed the “party monster” title, or simply just want to be social and meet knew people.

I have two accounts of chestnut:

Dude 1 = incredibly social floor. Chill fests galore. Parties. yahoo.

Other person = an incredibly studious floor, but found 3 party buddies and lived happily ever after, dancing their lives away and stealing Christmas ornaments through the night.

On a side note to those accounts. The ‘other person’ continued to live off campus with those 3 friends and have a glorious time. While? ‘dude 1’ rarely sees the people he lived it up with for a year. It definitely depends on the year you go and the crowd Chestnut has to offer that year.

The food and private showers are sick at Chestnut.

Stay Gold,


Don’t Forget the “U”

Hey, my name is mo, and I am a canadian thats been living in the states for a while and your sit has helped? me out alot in my search for info about u of t. I am currently going into grade 12, and was wondering if you think my marks are competetive for admission. I have looked at the averages for different colleges and programs and saw that the averages are usually around the upper 80’s. how ever at my school the average isnt recorded. if its a 90+ its a 4, an 80+ a 3 and so on. but Im mainly in honors or AP courses and in those classes its weighted so a 90 is a 4.5, 80 is 3.5 and so on. My gpa is a 3.5 weighted and a 3.25 unweighted. Do you think im competetive for the life sciences program? ( if it matters i have a 33 on the ACT, which is around a 2200 on the sat). Thanks!

? (more…)


under the table (sotto sotto)…

I’m an International student hoping to attend u of t. Thing is, i need money. Do you know of any under the table jobs I could get in Toronto that do not involve nudity? Thanks. You’re a doll.

well, under the table jobs in toronto are difficult because they are illegal, so people don’t usually openly advertise them in the paper or anything. i guess it all depends on your field of expertise. construction working can pay good money under the table, if you can get the job, but you’re going to need experience. stuffing envelopes and crap-ass jobs like that are often under the table, if you can arrange something. also, sweatshops. but going to school during the day and working the graveyard shift in a sweatshop may not be your cuppa tea. but then, i doubt that it is anyone’s cuppa tea and you gotta do what you gotta do.

now, if you are planning to get an illegal job out of desperation, and not from some sordid blotch in your personal file, check out the international student centre. they have lots of info for work, scholarships, bursaries, and all kinds of other goodies that you can use, including a great vegetarian restaurant. eat at the vegetarium. it come recommended.

if you are in financial need, there is always money to be had at this school. plus international students are allowed to work on campus, and there are lots of campus jobs available. apparently grounds staff gets paid a pretty penny, and if you can, work at robarts, they make like $13 an hour or something obscene like that.


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