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long time reader, first time asker

Hello Aska!

First – You are utterly brilliant!
I will be applying to UofT this fall, and scrolling through your blog has
saved me many a panic attack! Within this wall of flesh, there is a soul
that counts thee its creditor.

P.S. I went through the tags before writing this (true fan here) so don’t
worry – this doesn’t have ‘another college question’…..(or does it…..?).

1. Oh all seeing eye, how do you know everything that’s happening at UofT’s
massive campus? What are some of the best ways to keep on top of student
events, displays, Disney serenades, aska fan-fests, food trucks etc? (Most
importantly – food trucks!).

2. Slightly beyond UofT – which are the best natural sites to explore in
and around Toronto – hikes, trails, hidden Narnias perhaps?

3. Innis is one of the only apartment style residences on campus, and as
far as I can see this style of residence (and Innis in general) seems
perfect. But, as an Innis insider, what are some of the disadvantages of
apartment style living?

4. I have been looking through the PolSci and International Relations
department pages, and although I found a massive list of internships
offered to PolSci students, I could not find a similar list for
International Relations. Does PolSci generally have more available
internship and exchange opportunities in general?

Finally, I feel like I am compelled by tradition to put this question here,
if only as a symbol:
‘Innis or UC?”

May the odds and even be ever in your favor.



thank you so much! i am always humbled and delighted to meet a fan like yourself.

since you’ve asked me a five-part question, here’s a five-part answer:

  1. first, you could check out the student life website. they have a lot of stuff on events, displays, clubs, anything you may desire! if that isn’t enough, you can also check on facebook- lots of clubs and societies post when they’re hosting events (and whether or not there’ll be free food). you could also check out hart house (they always have a bunch of stuff going on), the utsu (university of toronto student’s union), your college’s student society, and the clubs fair during orientation week.
  2. there’s lots of nature-y stuff to do in and around toronto. so much so, that i’ll just redirect you to this. in all seriousness though, there are a lot of places to go hiking in toronto, check out this article.
  3. it all has to do with your personal preferences. however, you’ll have to think a lot about things like food (innis doesn’t have a dining hall, but you could still get a meal plan) and cleaning (you’ll have to look after a kitchen and a bathroom and a common area AS WELL AS your own room).
  4. i don’t know if there are MORE internships for polisci students as opposed to international relations students… it just looks like the IR department’s student experience page hasn’t been updated as recently as the polisci department’s. you could get in contact with the IR department and they’d probably have way more information than me, a humble not-IR student.
  5. innis or uc?






at least you know aska will always be more antisocial than you.

I’ve just finished my second year of university at St. George and I haven’t really gotten into university social life. I went to UTSC, hated it,
transferred to UTSG and I’m just getting the hang of things around here. I’ve had a really rough past two years, but to avoid the sappy story, I just need some guidance on how to be social and make new friends when everyone seems to have a set social circle already. I know many people build their university relationships during frosh week and first year but since I wasn’t in the best emotional state during that period, I didn’t go to frosh. To solve this, I tried to become a frosh leader at SMC but I did not get the position. I tried really hard and put in my best effort but again, everyone knew each other already so it was hard to make an impression when you’re kind of the new kid. I guess my question is – are there any ways to get involved in UTSG social life during the summer? Any tips or resources on how to be social during the school year? I’ve joined The Varsity and UFashion but those are not running during the summer, I believe.

Also. another question.

I am thinking of transferring colleges. I’m currently in St. Mike’s but I spend a lot of time at UC and everyone that I’m close with is a UC member. I know it’s always good to go your own way but I feel comfortable at UC and the commuter resources are helpful. Overall, I just like UC a whole lot better for a lot of reasons. I know to do this I’d have to contact the college registrar and such but have you heard of any instances where someone was successful in doing this or am I just wasting my time?



hey there,

there are plenty of different activities that run in the summer. hart house has a whole range of different clubs and activities you can get involved with (archery??? heck yeah!). there are an overwhelming number of student organizations at this school, many of which run throughout the summer as well as into the school year. you can also browse work and volunteer opportunities on the student life website, which updates throughout the year.

as to transferring, i don’t know anyone personally who’s switched colleges (most of my friends are really lazy/contented though, so don’t take that to mean anything), BUT you’re definitely not wasting your time in trying. it never hurts to go and talk to your registrar’s office about it.

also, just a side note – if you’ve got friends at UC awesome enough to transfer for, then it seems like you’re already pretty involved in the social life here. maybe you’re just comfortable with a smaller amount of friends, and there’s no need to push yourself to do more. you should only ever be as social as you’re comfortable with – if you’re not enjoying yourself, it’s just not worth it. obviously this is just a suggestion, and getting involved is always a great idea, but maybe you’re not as much of an outcast/new kid as you thought!




the perks of being a uoft student


I am going into gr.12 IB and I am REALLY interested in going to u of t. However, some people have told me that going to u of t is overwhelming and that it is only “worth it” if you can get into the private colleges. Could you give me a brief overview (regarding application, student life, academics) of trinity, rottman and woodsworth?

Thanks, I hope I am not asking too much. I love your askastudent website, finding it very helpful!



Hey Ellen,

As someone who goes to U of T and has experienced its ups and downs for a lovely three and a half years, I want to tell you that contrary to the idea that U of T is only worth it if you’re in a private college, that is sooo untrue. Firstly, we don’t have private colleges. All seven of the colleges here, despite their varying sizes and apparent snobbishness, are accessible to anyone. Secondly, being in a larger college can be fun in terms of meeting new people.

Your application really depends on what you’re aiming to take. For example, if you’re an Ontario student hoping to join the Humanities stream or the Social Sciences stream, we look at your top 6 grades (which must include grade 12 English). If you’re not an Ontario student, however, refer to the admissions site to get a vibe for what they want from you.

Now student life is at U of T is always pretty active. Every college has its own student society and if you’re going to be part of residence, there will definitely be a council of sorts planning things for you there. Likewise, if you have any specific interests, there’s a huge number of student groups you can join. So if you like Hip Hop or helping children or even Quidditch, U of T probably has a club for it.

The academics at U of T, like any other university, are quite rigorous. We are a very research-oriented institute and take pride in our work. I mean, there’s a reason we were once again named Canada’s number one university, so studying here won’t be a walk in a park, but it’ll definitely be worth it.

As for the rundown on the colleges, refer to this post or just check out the ‘college’ tag for the website since there will probably a number of entries about them. Rotman, on the other hand, is not a college, but the larger name essentially for U of T’s business program.

always happy to help,



any club that would have me for a member

Hi Aska!

I am a student at UTM and wanted to find out if it is possible
for me to join and participate in UofT groups or organizations that are
a part of the other UofT campuses. I’ve received vague answers
everywhere I have searched and I am hoping for a more solid
answer. Of course the only place that I knew that would be anywhere close was you! Since you seem to have a bottomless jar of knowledge right at hand.
Thanks in advance for reading my e-mail! I really do appreciate that you would take the time out of your day to share some of your wisdom.
As a dedicated fan I have to also throw in that I absolutely envy your awesomeness. =]

“I absolutely envy your awesomeness.” Congrats, dear stranger, you have just made Aska’s day. (Which before, was made by eating gratis carrot cake.)

Aside from the commute, there shouldn’t be anything barring you from getting involved with a club or organization on the St. George or UTSC campuses. Why, there’s even that zippy yellow school bus to take you to St. George at previously agreed upon times! The best thing to do, would be to sift through this giant list of clubs and organizations, and see which ones tickle your fancy. Don’t contact them now, as no one will even be in the office until the first week of classes.

Personally, I think that any club would be lucky to have a person like you for a member. Plus you can offer that valuable UTM perspective thus missing from downtown organizations. (Is it true that every UTM student has webbed feet?)

xoxo, Askastudent

P.S. A good place to hit up is The Varsity Newspaper, if you’re at all interested in student journalism. The “UTM perspective” is always appreciated and you can be a star cub reporter! Contact them here.


If a tree falls in the forest, and no one reads the flyer…?

What campus club/organization is in charge of Frosh week?? I need to contact them for frosh kit questions…any possible contact would help. Thank you in advance.

A simple question. A less simple answer.

Much like Canadian Federalism, Frosh Week responsibilities are divided amongst U.T.S.U. and the individual Colleges.

UTSU (the metaphorical federal gov) will do the concert, parade, and clubs fair – typically on the last day. They will also amass the basic “frosh kit” (e.g. laundry bag, XXL t-shirt, random flyers that you’ll never look at).

It is your College’s Student Society (‘provincial gov’) that will conduct registration, and organize the itinerary for the majority of Frosh Week. They will also supplement the frosh kits with another t-shirt (probably just an XL this time), some college paraphernalia, and some more useless papers.

Sometimes college residences will host Orientation activities too (…they’re like municipal gov’s!).

The International Student Centre will also host activities (…yep, my metaphor just ran dry).

I’m going to take this pro-active opportunity to say (from experience) that you must participate in the Frosh Week of your OWN College. So, if your high school friend goes to Trin, and you’re at Innis… it looks like you’re gonna have to make a new friend. Bahahaha!

Seriously though, participating in Frosh Week is a critical way to socially transition to the university and the city. It WILL be awkward and tiring at times, but if you are a good sport I promise you’ll have a blast.

You can expect a registration form in the mail from your Student Society/Union/Council in June or July, or sometimes you can just register on the website:

Innis New St. Mikes Trin U.C. Vic Woodsworth UTSC UTM

P.s. I’m sorry UTSU. You were a casualty of my metaphor. I would never suggest that you resemble Steve Harper & Co.


CINSSU is the best student group on campus

Hi there
I was wondering if this free movies on friday thing at innis is open to all uoft students or only to those affiliated to it.



what is sac’s agenda?

i heard u can get free agendas in the SAC office…we can just walk in and pick one up apparently. is this true? are they good?


learn to use chopsticks and deal with it

Which college has the highest percentage of orientals?


sororities can smell boredom like sharks smell blood

I am bored out of my mind! I was wondering if there are any female fraternities I could join, or any Black youth clubs around campus. Please I’m at my wits end here!

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