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anotha one (semester)

I also wanted to ask if it was viable for a student to graduate in 4.5
years (since I’m missing 1.5 credit to graduate on time) ?? Like if I had
to take a semester more of classes, is the only option to pay for another
whole year?



you can totally graduate in 4.5 years! you can take as much time as you need.

if you were only taking 1.5 credits, you would be considered a part time student and charged the fees associated with that status. 

i would check in with your college registrar to see what they say. they could provide you with options to see if you could graduate without taking the extra semester (though of course, taking more time is no big deal at all! but knowing your options can be helpful). they’ll also be able to help you change your stratus from full time to part time or tell you about changing your fees to be per-course. the college registrar is your best friend!

i hope this helps! good luck!

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may the force be with you

Hi! Can I graduate from a Honours degree in 3 years instead of 4 by taking classes in the summer?



yes you can! 

however, in addition to classes in the summer, you would have to also take 6 FCE during the year. i did the math in this post.

basically, you’d have to take 6 FCE for 3 years (for a total of 18 FCE) and then take 2 during the summers. either one in each summer or cramming both into one. you could also split take 6 FCE one year, 5 FCE the next two years for a total of 16 credits. then, you’d have to take 4 FCE and the only way you could do that in two summers is if you took 2 FCE every summer.

it’s totally within the realm of possibility, but it would be hard and exhausting. but not impossible!

good luck dude. may the force be with you.

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the first credits are so special

Good day!

I would like to ask a question regarding enrolment. I accepted a One Program Gradients of Health & Wellbeing in an Urban Mosaic (Health Studies) and I think it is worth half credit. Does that mean I have to take another four courses? If so, I am only going to have 4 and a half credit for the first semester? Sorry, it really confuses me. I know that I have to take five credits every semester. Please enlighten me. Thank you.



actually, according to this, that particular ones program is worth 1 full credit. in that case, you do only need to take 4 more FCE (full course equivalents) for a total of 5 FCE.

most students take 5 FCE every school year (fall and winter semester). this could be 10 half credit courses, 5 full year courses, or any combination of the two. you can check out this website for more information about course loads. it’s a little complicated looking, but just know that as long as you’ve got a total of 5 FCE at the end of second semester, you’re good!

hopefully this helps! looking forward to seeing you on campus in the fall!

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mission possible

is it possible to graduate in 3 years?



yes it is. you’d have to take 6 FCE every year for three years (for a total of 18 FCE), plus 2 FCEs worth of summer courses for the total of 20 FCE that you need to graduate. you could take the 2 summer FCE either all at once or spread them out over 2 summers. this would allow you to graduate in june of your third year.

though it is totally within the realm of possibility, it’s important to remember to take your time. if it suits your pace to finish in 3 years, then go for it! if somewhere along the line, you find that you need to drop a course or two, then do that and take an extra semester or two! there’s no one way to finish a degree and i wanna beat up every high school councilor or american college movie for perpetuating this stupid and (in my opinion) incorrect idea of university. it isn’t always a 4 year journey. 

i hope this helps! good luck on your mission.

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je m’excuse, je ne parle pas le francais

heya aska. this is a question that is not u of t-specific necessarily, but i can’t seem to find the answer anywhere online, so thought i would ask here first before resorting to talking to whomever in whatever administrative position that would know. i completed the explore program in summer 2015 (at a u of t-approved university) but still haven’t transferred the credit (for ~complicated reasons~); i’m just wondering if anyone knows if it counts for 1.0 FCE or just 0.5. thanks !



i contacted the french department’s study elsewhere coordinator (a lovely man named Paul) and he was very helpful in answering your question! i’ve paraphrased his words below:

in short, all explore courses are worth 1.0 FCE, but there are other steps you need to take to ensure you receive the transfer credit.

  1. you need to go to the transfer credit office at sidney smith hall (100 st. george street) and fill out a transfer credit application
  2. then, arrange to have your Explore course transcript sent to the transfer credit office at sid smith
  3. after that, contact french.secretary(at) to book a french placement test
  4. after the test, forward the results to the transfer credit office

our friend Paul also included the following note: “if you have already taken an FSL course at U of T, the placement test result must show that your level has increased by the one full course in order to be eligible to receive a transfer credit”.

hope this helps!

bonne chance!

paix et amour,



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