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why is there no UTM anti-calendar?

im wondering if you might have knowledge/some book guide that would talk of the ‘preferred’ courses that are taken in second year for political sci and sociology at UTM?
any info would be helpful
guide as in ‘best prof to take or course’

thank you in advance


Apologies beforehand, as I am using your question as a jumping off point to discuss why UTM doesn’t have an anti-calendar. Normally I would be able to point you to the resource, which does offer criticism on instructors, easiness and cvetching with the course. However, UTM’s regular anti-calendar hasn’t been updated since 2005, and the only courses it does discuss are for programs in anthropology, biology, culture communication and technology and chemical and physical sciences. WTF?

Your best bet might be to go on the dreaded Rate My Professor, and see if any of the courses you want to take also match a well-loved prof. (Bonus points if there’s a chili pepper next to their name.) Otherwise, maybe contacting the Political Science or Sociology programs is the best thing to do? Both have academic counsellors there.

But hey Aska Readers, have you taken these classes? Any poli sci/sociology majors at UTM reading? Help a Aska out and comment with advice.

xoxo, Askastudent


is ROSI a social experiment?


I will be entering my second year in utsc and have (only seconds ago) logged myself onto rosi to enrol in the courses i plan on taking for this coming fall/winter. However, as i tried to enroll in Social Statistics and Sociological Theory II, a message appeared in bold letters – “You do not fit in any enrolment category”. I am uncertain of what this message may mean; i have recently applied to become a major in sociology but my status have not been approved yet. The two courses (in which i would like to take) are perquisites if i would like to presue my degree. What can i do??? I have heard from others that rosi will open the remaining spaces avalible on a certain date. Do you know when that may be??? Thanks.

Oh yes, and what does “The space availability information is displayed accurately (as of the time of access) for your enrolment category” mean? Your enrolment category? I don’t really get this…


Hey there. It’s cool if you don’t get stuff sometimes. U of T is a major quagmire of all intellectual reason, at least administration-wise, which is pretty ironic for a hollowed institution that prides itself on higher learning. But I digress…

The magic date, for all courses to open is as discussed, AUGUST 6TH. According to the Calendar, Social Statistics has prerequisities that you have to have taken in order to be eligible to take the class, as does Sociological Theory 2.

Here’s what they say:

SOCB06H3 Social Statistics
A consideration of elementary statistics including the summarizing of data, the logic of statistical decision-making and a number of common statistical tests. Statistics is a basic tool used by sociologists. An understanding of statistics is necessary for the student who wants to become an informed reader of social research. A working knowledge of elementary algebra is required. However, the lecturer will undertake brief reviews of mathematics as the need arises.
Breadth requirement: Quantitative Reasoning
Limited enrolment: 170
Exclusion: ANTC35H, ECMB09Y, ECMB11H, PSYB07H, SOC202H, (SOC300Y), STAB22H
Prerequisite: SOCA01H & SOCA02H

SOCB43H3 Classic Sociological Theory II
The development of classic sociological theory from the end of the 19th century to the eve of World War II. Special emphasis is placed on the work of Emile Durkheim, Max Weber and Georg Simmel.
Breadth requirement: History, Philosophy & Cultural Studies
Limited enrolment: 170
Exclusion: SOC203Y
Prerequisite: SOCA01H & SOCA02H & SOCB42H

Is it possible you’ve either not taken the prerequisites or already taken the exclusionary courses? This would cause you not to be eligible for the course. It’s either that, or because you are not registered in the subject PoST, that other older SOC students have priority for the class. In either case, you must wait it out and try and register on AUGUST 6TH. Feel free to contact the UTSC Sociology program here.

xoxo, Askastudent


need help double major in soc and psych

i recently have been accepted to UofT st.George and i am preeety confused with the course selections could you please help me and tell me what courses are mandatory for me to take for this to happen


According to the 2010 Calendar (my super BFF), to enroll in the Psychology major, students must have a senior year high school Calc course or equivalent, 4 university classes in whatever, and received at least 70% in PSY 100H1. (Plus a GPA of 2.5 or higher.)

To enroll in the Sociology major, there are two sexy options which I shall detail.

Option 1! (the one that applies to you!)

1. Minimum grade of 65% in SOC 101y, or average of 65% in SOC102/103H1.

2. 3 full course in whatever (not only SOC.)

Option 2! (ignore this option as it doesn’t apply to you)

1. Mark of 72% in two 300 level SOC classes.

2. GPA of 3.0 (73-76%)

3. 3 additional credits in whatever.

Therefore young first year, you should take PSY 100H1 and either SOC101Y or SOC 102/103H in your first year of study. If you’re going full time, you have one to three classes more of your choice.

Additional helpful sites:

Psychology For First Years

Sociology For First Years

Justin Bieber’s Twitter Account

Hope that helps.

xoxo, askastudent


Your daily dose of misogyny.

I know you are probably sick of these questions about courses however I have a serious (in my opinion) predicament. I was thinking of taking Sociology this year however my brother and father both told me it is a useless girly course and that I should take Politics instead. So I am currently signed up for POL108Y1Y, I was just wondering… do you have to write a lot of essays in that course? No can seem to provide me with an answer. Also is Sociology really that bad???



rescheduling due to blood loss

I was just wondering if you could help me.
I woke up today and realized that im sick,runny nouse,cant open my eyes,I know
its just a cold but I got soc101 test tomorrow , so I dont know what should I
do. Feeling really shity. On top of that i fell of the stairs few days ago,it
was bleeding and still hurts,…anyways thank you.



your definition of ‘easy’ sucks

Dear great one, is POL108, SOC101Y1 easy courses?

What about RLG101Y1? I’ve read (on this site) it’s hard to get a 90+ in
humanities. Well are the FYS half credits easier?

“Easy” defined: Hard work but 90+’s are attainable. (more…)


salami AND ham, now that is a delicious sandwich

Hey I was wondering what you think is a better course ANT100 or SOC100? I’ve been hearing mixed reviews about both, and I honestly don’t know what to take. Help me askastudent, or just shake that magic 8-ball and give me an answer!

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