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Aunt Eye Cal End Hair.

I am having the hard time in choosing the courses. I’d like to know the course load of the following courses:



Another school year has passed us by, and another round of course enrollment looms in the not-so-distant future. With a new cohort of students entering of U of T, I am morally obliged to advertise the “Anti-Calendar.” Proudly presented by the Arts & Science Students Union (ASSU), this document presents a synthesis of course evaluations that students fill out at the end of term. While the info may not always be transferrable to subsequent courses (e.g. there’s a new Prof), the Anti-Calendar is still one of the most useful resources for course selection, and/or mindless time consumption. Aska shamelessly refers to it like a broken record.


The 2008-9 version will be available in mid-June online and in tangible form at the ASSU office.

In the meantime, I will rely on the 2007-8 edition in the hopes that you readers will chip in … a lot.


Before I begin let me just say… If you are a new student, which it sounds like you are, then I wouldn’t base my course selection solely on work load. Sure some course combinations yield a hellish course load, but very few are heaven-ish. And even if you could take the Sun & its Neighbours’ 5 times simultaneously, where would that leave you?


May I suggest considering…

a) pre-requisites for subject POSts that you might want in the future;

b) distribution requirements;

c) courses of pure interest (I’m convinced everyone likes at least one thing); and

d) first-year seminars.


According to the Anti-Calendar, from 2 years ago, RLG100 was interesting and not too tough (woo), but the tutorials are supposedly not great (boo). One Prof seems enthusiastic and fun, and the other seems enthusiastic and approachable. Students indicated that the workload was about 4.25 out of 7. So, like, average.


The Anti-Calendar indicated that GGR124 had a marginally lower workload. The Profs were reported to be… guess what?… enthusiastic. Apparently the powerpoints aren’t posted online, which is totally irritating. I guess you’ll HAVE to go to class.


A second useful resource, when selecting courses, is the exams and course collections database (search by department… it’s easier). PDFs of many past exams and syllabi are accessible here. Calm down, most Profs are not lazy enough to repeat the same exam two years in a row, BUT reading previous exams gives you a great idea of the course content. And yes, I said the word “syllabi.” Plural for syllabus, it is a pretentious word for course “outline” (oh, how banal!). Get used to it. Again there are no guarantees that these details (e.g. description, lecture topics, modes of examination) will remain the same from year-to-year, but they will probably be really similar.


On a side note, syllabi are like “contracts” between the student and Prof. So, if the Prof ever changes assignment weightings or late penalties without consulting the class you totally have a leg to stand on when appealing to them.


And that’s all I have to say about those two courses that I have never taken. Any help from out there?!?


P.s. Both courses had non-multiple choice exams. So, you’re on the right track so far.


does God exist? a. yes c. all of the above d. none of the above

I was looking into taking PHL235, intro to religions. I tried to get the syllabus online but no luck. Do you know anything about this course? I heard that the evaluations are all short answer/multiple choice, but no essays.Is that true?



your definition of ‘easy’ sucks

Dear great one, is POL108, SOC101Y1 easy courses?

What about RLG101Y1? I’ve read (on this site) it’s hard to get a 90+ in
humanities. Well are the FYS half credits easier?

“Easy” defined: Hard work but 90+’s are attainable. (more…)


the magician’s nephew beats Harry Potter any day…..burn.

hey what have u heard about the christianity and culture program offered at St
Mikes??? thanks! (more…)


praying for the religion schedule to get in order

do you know anything about the Religion programs at U of T?
why are so many of the courses not offered every year?


walking around naked helps

hi there. i was expecting that they place me into one of the coed dorms but they said there wasnt any space available so i am placed in a religious all-female dorm… this really sucks because im not religious and im a complete party girl. im very annoyed…. will my life suck?..


have you tried…partying?

I’m going to Vic starting in Sept. Are people going to hate me because I’m not a party girl (I’m 18 and religious).


does it make any difference that we’re talking about religion class?

Theres this amazing guy in my Religion class. I think he is really amazing- aesthetically. I’ve talked to him and he is really approachable, really easy to talk to. I want to go for him, problem is a friend of mine thinks he might be gay. I know it’s a stereotype that good looking guys with great personalities are homosexual. I can’t ask him because I don’t know him well enough to do so, what do I do? (more…)

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