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gurl bye (revised)

Hi Aska! So I’m in my fifth year and hoping to go to med school. I’ve heard about the u of t weighing formula, and how they eliminate your lowest FCE for every year of full time study. I did a full course load for 4 of my 5 years (one year I did even did 6 FCEs), but for one of the years I did only 4.5 FCEs. Does this mean they won’t apply the weighing formula to me at all 🙁 Thanks so much in advance!


the original march 8th published version of this post contained incorrect information. please disregard the original post. it has since then been revised. please see below for the post. my sincerest apologies for the mistake!


this is a great question.

what you’re referring to is the weighted GPA formula that we have at u of t for the MD program.

you should be able to have your lowest 5 FCE’s removed from the calculation of your GPA since you completed 5 full years of undergraduate study. 4.5 FCE’s from fall to winter is still considered full time, so it looks like you’re good! if you want to triple check to make sure, you can always contact them directly!

(fyi: full-time status= a student enrolled in 3.0 full course equivalents or more for the fall-winter sessions is considered to be full-time.)

also, the frequently asked questions section of the MD program does state that if you have five years of undergraduate study, you are allowed to eliminate 5 of your lowest FCE’s from your GPA calculation. so there you go!

since you are applying to med school, check out the OMSAS page on U of T if you haven’t already!

say bye to those crappy breadth courses you almost failed

peace and love,


aska edit: shortly after posting this, i was notified of a mistake that i had made when looking at what counts as full time. i used the arts and sciences definition of full time when answering your question, and it ended up being drastically different than what medicine considers full time.

so, as i’m sure you know, from the standpoint of medicine at u of t, in order to be considered full time, you need to be in 5 FCE’s. since you didn’t have 5 FCE’s in your last year, it may throw off your weighted GPA calculation and you may not be eligible to eliminate any of your lowest FCE’s. however, this is up to the discretion of admissions, so contacting them directly is the only way you’ll get a solid answer.

i sincerely apologize for the mistake and any inconveniences (false hope) it may have caused! this is a student run website and sometimes we make mistakes but we always encourage you to contact the source directly. since your case is a unique case, please please please give them a call or shoot them an email: here is the link to their contact information:



and that’s kinda it


I was wondering of what to choose, at the moment i kinda want to go into the medicine field, but at the same time i kinda want to do architecture as well, but i don’t have physics 12 and apparently U of T doesn’t offer architecture design. So im kinda lost. please help! =)




please stop dangling that catheter in front of my face

what’s the difference between going into nursing at UofT vs. going to York or
Ryerson, other than the admission requirements and the length of the
programs…? (more…)


homeopathic ho’s

Hey aska,
I was wondering, are any naturopathic or alternative medical treatments covered or subsidized by the Health Plan?
So, do i get any benefits on birth control? If so, do you now what brand the health place has available for purchase? thanks.



med school is totally ridiculous to get into

if i have an 80 average but a 60 in calc, will I get into med


the most noble profession…plus you get paid!

Hello, a new comer to Canada need help!!! I am totally confused now! Some smart people go to medicine because doctors can make tons of money; Since I have got great marks, people suggest me to study medicine. but i am not very interested in medicine, what should i do??? I don’t know whether i will be better off or worse off in the future? Besides, i have met some very lousy doctors since i came here, they don’t worth their salary!!

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