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summer transcript scramble

Hello. I have another question about courses. So I am currently taking a summer school for Chemistry 12 University course and enrolment is on Thursday. Where can I submit my transcript for summer school? And will they allow me to enrol in a Chemistry course even though I have not submit my transcript for summer school yet? Thank you for your help. I appreciate it.



i’m so sorry that it took until now for me to get to your question. i’ve been really swamped lately and then took a week off (aska needs downtime too!) so i’m sorry if this answer is no longer relevant.

you should be able to enrol in a chemistry course at u of t without having grade 12 completed (ie. it’s not on your final high school transcript yet). so, you’re all good, m’dude!

as for submitting your summer transcript, you need to get in touch with enrolment services. you should call or email them (following that link) and ask them how you would submit a transcript.

i hope this helps, and i’m so sorry this took so long!




get pharm’d

hello uoft expert. what are the chances of getting into the PharmD program after completing all the prerequisites after in my second year?



though i am the “uoft expert” (your words, not mine), i have absolutely no idea what your chances of getting into any program are. according to the pharmd website, you need to have a cumulative average of at least 70% and to be finished all the prereqs, which usually take about two years to complete. those are just the minimum requirements. i’m sure you know that u of t is absolutely whack and that you’ll need more than the minimum to be competitive. because i have no way of knowing how competitive admission would be in any given year, i don’t think i can tell you your “chances”.

i would get in contact with the faculty of pharmacy (specifically the pharmd program) as they would have the most relevent and up to date info and may be able to answer any questions that you may have.

i hope this helps! good luck!

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psych! don’t really have an answer

Hi there aska! I’m a psych major interested in eventually doing my masters in psych. Say for example I chose to do a thesis on women’s mental health, would I need to take courses related to my future area of specialization or is any psych course fine?



you would have to check out the specific program’s prereqs. if you were thinking about pursuing your masters at u of t, you can check out this link. 

otherwise, i can’t really help you. i don’t know what program you want to get into, so i can’t give you anything but very general advice. i would get in touch with the school or program that you’re interested in, ask them if there are any courses that they require you to have completed before, and see what the steps are from there.

sorry i can’t be of more help.

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hello again

hey aska!
I submitted a BScN related question about a month ago. I’ve done more research and still have a few questions. I know one of the requirements to apply for the nursing program is 10 FCE. This means I can apply after my second year of undergrad but I’ve heard that there’s a greater chance of getting accepted if I complete an undergrad before applying. Do you have any advice for someone who wants to switch into nursing but would prefer to graduate in 4 years? Also I read that each prerequisite must be completed with at least 60%. I just finished my first year and completed BIO120+BIO130 with 70s but CHM135+CHM136 with 50s. Can I choose to use my bio courses as prerequisites instead of my chm courses? thanks guys!
you don’t need to be in your second year to apply to the BScN program, that’s just when you can start applying for the program. basically, once you’ve hit 10 FCE, you can start applying. however, if you don’t think your marks are strong enough to apply after 10 FCE, you could wait until third or fourth year. it’s all up to you! it’s not that you’ll have a better chance of getting accepted if you apply after you’ve completed your undergrad, it’s just that they have more marks to look at and you have more time to boost your GPA.
you can’t choose what the admissions committee does and doesn’t see. according to this page outlining their application process, you have to submit an official transcript, meaning they would have access to everything. i can’t find where it says that you need a 60% in the prereq courses, but you need at least a 3.0 GPA in order to be eligible. 
all that being said, the only advice i can really give you if you want to finish in four years is to just apply after your 10 FCE (or after second year) and work really hard during your second year to boost your GPA. i would also look at the other admissions requirements and work to make those really good. look for a couple of amazing references and write a slam-dunk personal statement. that’s how you could differentiate yourself against the other applicants.
if finishing in four years isn’t a big deal, you could also keep trying until you get in, even if it’s after your second year.
i hope this helps! good luck in all your future nursing endeavors.
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lemme refer you to the FAQ

hello aska! id like to apply to the undergraduate program for nursing. I know applicants should have a 3.0+ gpa, a work related reference and a academic reference. I wasnt originally planning on nursing & i was slacking in my classes so my gpa is currently 2.5… Is it possible to boost my gpa to 3.0 if i do well in 6 FCE? Also does work related reference refer to paid work or volunteer work? & im assuming academic reference would be a prof? thank u so much



of course, you can pull your grades up if you really try, but i’m not 100% sure how much you could pull your grades up. it would depend on how well you do on the 6.0FCE you wanna take as well as how many FCE you’ve already finished. i suggest checking out this handy dandy GPA calculator. just remember that it’s not an official GPA calculator, just an estimator and planning tool.

a “work-related reference” refers to anyone who can vouch for you in a professional capacity. according to the admissions website, a “work-related reference” could be a work OR volunteer reference. i would figure out what might be the most relevant experience to nursing. for example, if you’ve volunteered at a hospital, that would be much more relevant than a summer camp you worked for.

an academic reference is anyone who can vouch for you in an academic capacity, so yes, a prof who knows you and your work well would be dope.

i’d also check out their FAQ page. they have a lot of good (and accurate) info about the application process there.

hope this helps and good luck!




too many acronyms

Hi 🙂

So im planning to apply to U of T and want to study criminology. To do so, I need to take an English Proficiency Test, like TOEFL or ?ELTS, because i went to high school in germany and english is my second language. And my question would be if i, as an international student, would have to take the SAT? Or would it be enough to show my high school diploma from germany and the results of the english proficiency test?



yes, you’ll need to do an english proficiency test and then have the results sent to the university. as for another standardized test (like the SAT), you don’t have to send those results in unless you took them. if you did take the SAT, you’d have to have the results sent electronically from the testing authority. you can check out the specific admissions requirements here.

i hope this helps!




acorn, you good?


I’m going into my second year studying life sciences and have applied to several type 3 programs. I got invited to a program a few days ago on Acorn and there was orange text saying “accept your invitation” and an accept button but being the indecisive person I am, I decided to wait to see if I got anything else before accepting. I checked back today and there was another program under “invited” on the enrol & manage –> programs page on Acorn however both now only have a reapply button. What does this mean? There’s no option to accept or decline the invitations, and clicking reapply just makes an error message pop up saying that the request period is over??? I’m worried and confused, pls help!!

Confused student



as far as i know, you can’t start accepting invitations for programs until july 3rd. i don’t think ACORN will let you accept before that, but you can view your acceptances before that. you can check out more of the dates here. so yeah… not really sure what’s happening with your ACORN and all those weird buttons, but i wouldn’t worry about it too much if i were you.

if you’re worried about the offer disappearing, i would check with your college registrar as they have access to more information than i do as a student blogger.

hope this helps! good luck m’dude!




so many details so little answers (sorry!)

Hey guys!

I know i am pretty early but i need information as early as i can.

I want to apply to for Computer Science at University of Toronto St George for September 2018. I am an adult student so ill be taking most of my courses online and in summer, night and adult school. So the courses i am planning to take are:

– ENG4U (already did it though when i was in high school)
– BAT4M > accounting
– CGW4U > world issues
– MDM4U > data management
– SES4U > earth & space science

So apart from the obvious english and calculus, do you think the rest of the courses are acceptable?

Plus for calculus….well so my transcript shows a mark for the course but i never actually completed it. I wanted to drop it because i know it was going to be pretty hard since my dad was going through an operation and i just wasn’t in a  good state to focus on such an important course also since i was taking ENG4U and SCH4U. My stupid mistake was that i was late and dropped it right after the dead line so even though i officially dropped the course and never wrote the exam, the mark still showed up on my transcript. Do you guys have any idea how Soft will look at that? And is should explain them my situation right?

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you!



i don’t know if i can say that these courses are “acceptable” or not, i can only tell you that the only courses required are english and calculus. if you are worried about your calculus mark (you said you wanted to drop it, but it was past the deadline, so i’m assuming you didn’t get the mark you wanted), i would suggest retaking the course.

as for whether or not the courses are “acceptable”, i would get in contact with enrolment services. they would have the most up-to-date and relevant information that i might not be privy to as a wee student blogger. they have the best info on the mystical enrolment process and admission requirements.

i really hope that helps. best of luck!




the bias is real

Okay, I know a lot have talked about it but I hope you bare with me a bit.

The whole idea of studying in Canada started in Feb, and I have registered
in multiple universities, the ones which didn’t reach their deadline yet,
one of them is UofT. Sadly I didn’t make it to UTSG deadline but I have
registered for UTSC and UTM, in Computer Science (and my April IELTS exam
result getting held back for a randomly selected measuring didn’t help
my lateness). But yesterday I got admitted in UTM as UTSC have “reached
enrolment capacity”.

I’m expecting an admitting from the University of Alberta too.

Now, I would love to go to UofT but I’m not happy with the being in UTM,
less range of courses, most the events will be on the main campus, far from
downtown, need an off-campus residence, and as an international student, I
need a good social life and being off-campus won’t help.

How easy/what’s the chance for me to transfer to UTSG, what should I do and
not do to ease the transfer, and does the tuition fees differences a lot
between the two campuses?

Or should I just stick to UAlberta? (with their on-campus residence)

If I wouldn’t be able to transfer to UTSG I’ll go to UAlberta without a
second thought.

I know there isn’t a right answer to this but any thoughts and advice would
help, cause I can’t stop thinking about it and I don’t know what to choose.




seeing as though this is askastudentuoft, it’s highly unlikely i’m going to tell you to go to ualberta because that would go against everything we believe in. like, do you really think i’m going to say: “yeah man, go to ualberta, they’re so much better than us!”

that being said, it’s really up to your own gut. you can definitely transfer to UTSG eventually. it’s called an internal transfer! we have tons of posts on internal transfers which will answer your question about how to do so and much more! i encourage you to look at those because there are only so many ways to say the same thing over and over again :/ to ease the transfer, you just have to work hard to get a good CGPA. what CGPA range are they looking for? it changes every year so you’ll have to ask enrolment services when you want to transfer.

not sure what you’re going to be studying, but the UTM and UTSG tuition fees look about the same if you look here! colleges at UTSG have varying incidental fees but they don’t seem to vary by much. the fees website will have tons of info on international fees.

UTM is a great school with a lot to offer. i think you’re being too hard on it. seriously, give it a chance. if your end goal is to end up at UTSG, being at UTM would definitely make the transition process much easier than if you were to transfer from ualberta

another thing to consider is the city. do you want to live in edmonton or do you want to live in mississauga/close to toronto? i’ve never been to edmonton, but i know that toronto has a great deal to offer with its multiculturalism and places to explore! toronto is awesome.

but hey, as much as we would love for you to come to U of T, we hope you make the right decision for yourself, even if it means going to another school!

you know yourself better than anyone else. you are the only one who knows what you want and what you don’t want.


peace and love,





the N to your BSc

How can a Life Sciences student become a Nursing student?



i’m assuming you’re talking about the bachelor’s program? the website has tons of info about how to get into the bachelor of science in nursing program hosted by the faculty of nursing.

according to the website, it’s a two year program and you need to have 10 FCE before applying. it also says that you need a 3.0 GPA, a personal statement, an academic reference, and a work-related reference. there are also some prereq courses that are outlined on the website, so i would check those out too.

basically, i would just check out the prereqs, take those courses in your first two years (or first 10 FCE), then apply after! the application itself can be found here.

good luck!




mysterious admissions committee continues to mystify


Before I start, THANK YOU for all the work you do. It’s always better to start with thanks as I have heard. So my predicament is basically this: I applied to ArtSci at St. George for the Social Sciences and will now likely fall below the required average (by about 2-3%). I am asking if that cuts me off from admission. My marks for the required courses are super high (above requirement), it’s just the sciences which are keeping it low. Will they look at the individual courses? Can my required possibly save me?

Thanks in advance



they do have access to your full transcript, so they can see that your required courses have better marks. however, the whole admissions process is kinda shrouded in mystery, so i’m not quite sure how they make their decisions. there are a lot of factors that go into their decisions.

i’m not sure which average you’re going off of, but if you’re looking at this, then the cut-off is low to mid 80s. i’m assuming you’re at a high 70-ish? dude. i really don’t know. lots of stuff go into their decisions, but at the end of the day, that just what they are- their decisions.

best of luck!




hot buttered soul admissions

I know this sounds a bit too ambitious, but can utm grads get into HBS? If so what do you think needs to be on the checklist?



i have no clue what you mean by HBS. do you mean the heritage building society? health and biological sciences? hardware breakdown structure? hawaii biological services? hot buttered soul? hrvatski biljarski savez? i literally have no idea.

okay, in all seriousness. i think you meant harvard business school? idk. ask harvard.

jk. i don’t think it’s too ambitious to go for harvard! despite the jokes and sterotypes, utm is a university too, just like utsg. you worked hard for your undergrad degree, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

again, i don’t know much about other schools’ application and admissions process, but i can tell you what they have on their website. according to the harvard admissions website, you need an undergrad degree, GMAT or GRE test results, an essay, two recommendations, and a resume. i would suggest putting in extra effort into the essay. you’ll be able to really appeal to the admissions committee and showcase your passion and dedication.

best of luck, get after that HBS (whatever it means).




masters of saving the environment

Hi aska, I recently decided that it would be best to go to grad school. I was interested in UofT’s masters (specifically, forest conservation) program but need a min 3.0cGPA. I currently have a 2.6cGPA (hoping for 2.7-8 if all goes well), but by the time I graduate I would’ve been in school for 6/7years. With a low cGPA and years taken to graduate, is there anything I can do to strengthen my application? I’m worried I’ll never get in anywhere due to my low cGPA. Help!!



first of all, the number of years it’s taken you to complete your degree doesn’t matter. in fact, if you want to have a more competitive GPA (and you have the resources to do so) you could even stay longer. if you’re hesitant to do another full year, you could do summer courses. of course, this comes with risks- you have to do well in the classes- but if you think you’re up for it and you’ve committed to going to grad school, i say go for it!

there are also a ton of non- GPA requirements outlined on u of t’s masters of forest conservation website. they say that you need a CV, letter of intent, and three reference reports. i would suggest putting a lot of effort into those parts of the application to strengthen your shot. i would also suggest working extra hard on the letter of intent to really outline your passion, dedication, and appeal to the admissions committee.

good luck, my dude. go and save the environment. i’m rooting for you.




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