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i just want to know what i’m up against

Hi, I’m a first year student at UTSG and I’m worried that I might fail a course (even though I put it down as credit/no credit) I obviously want the credit cuz it’s a full year course but i worry I might fail. I don’t want to spend this summer in school obviously,  but I’m thinking of making up for it next summer. I was wondering how does summer school work if I take one full year course? Do we meet every day? Are lecturers typically 2hrs? Are there tutorials? How many days a week would we meet?

Also I’m thinking about majoring in sociology, It says u need a combined mark of 65% for SOC102 and 103. I severely underestimated first semester and got a 64 in 102 and I’ll probably finish in 103 with around 75. Do u think I’ll be admitted into the program with a 70% overall? How competitive is sociology? I can’t find this info anywhere!



first of all, i hope you didn’t fail the course! we’ve all been there at some point in our undergrads, so don’t sweat it too much. you’re only in first year and you have plenty of time to catch up if you do end up failing. fingers crossed!

i actually prefer summer school to fall/winter school (?) because i feel that i have more energy to get up and go to class when it’s nice outside as opposed to when its dark and gloomy. it’s not the worst thing! a summer of relaxation can get boring! might as well do something productive!

*my most sincerest apologies if this information is completely irrelevant at this point in time- i’m really bad at getting to time-sensitive questions on time*

every summer Y course is different. i’ll show you different examples of what to expect. since you’re pursuing an arts degree, let’s go with something like anthropology. as you can see below, you’ll have 2 two hour long lectures and one hour long tutorial per week,

but for another Y course in arts, let’s say cinema studies, you’ll have 2 four hour long lectures and no tutorial. (the lectures are usually very long because they sometimes include screenings)

if we look at yet another example coming from east asian studies, you’ll have 1 two hour long lecture and 1 hour long tutorial per week.

so you can see that it really depends on what course you decide to take. some classes come with tutorials and others come with screenings. there’s no set amount of class time that all Y classes have per week.

a question about sociology, yay! you’re talking to someone who just completed their sociology major! (humble brag, but hey, it was a lot of work and i’m glad to be done)

there really isn’t a way to find out how competitive a program is, (trust me, i even asked the registrar) but at least you know you’re above the minimum average needed and that you’ll be considered. it does say on the calendar that getting a combined average of 65% will not guarantee entrance into the program, but really, it varies every year depending on how the averages are skewed each year. maybe you’ll have a lot of overachievers this year which will bring the entrance standard up, who knows?

anyways, i hope this helped a bit. i’m sorry that i wasn’t able to provide you with any concrete answers.

i hope you have a wonderful summer and that all your exams went well!

peace, love and hope,



pros and cons of an extra semester


So I’m in my third year and I am currently behind 1.5 FCE due to dropping out of courses I was doing really poorly in the last couple years. I know that to graduate with distinction you need a cGPA of 3.20. I’m wondering if it is still possible to graduate with distinction [assuming I have a 3.20 GPA still] if I take the summer after my fourth year to complete the remaining credits? Would I still graduate with honours? What is your opinion on the pros and cons of taking that extra summer to finish and graduating in the fall of 2018?

Thank you so much!!



you can graduate with distinction as long as you get a GPA between 3.20 and 3.49. it doesn’t matter how long it takes you to complete your degree!


the pros of taking an extra summer:

-you’ll have more time to pursue a higher GPA if your goal is to graduate with distinction

-you can spread out your course load and have a more chill semester during the year

-courses are more sped up during the summer and will take less time

-if you got a bad haircut at the beginning of the year, it’ll have grown out by convocation

-studying outdoors with squirrels running around is a possibility!


cons of taking an extra summer:

-having to study during patio season

-if things go wrong again (god forbid), you’ll be paying more tuition for the same result

-courses are sped up so you’ll need to work really hard to keep up with the course materials

-convocating in november means it’ll be really cold when you’re trying to take photos outside of conhall/ UC with your family


regarding your question about graduating with honours: if you are pursuing a bachelor’s degree in science or arts at U of T, your degree will be called an Honours Bachelor of Arts or an Honours Bachelor of Science degree.

if you are still not sure about what to do, it’s always a good idea to go see your registrar’s office to look at how you are progressing in your degree. if you are financially capable of paying for an extra semester, it’s definitely a good option to consider!

hope this answers your question!

peace and summer lovin,



summer grades matter

Is it true that grad schools don’t look at summer terms (grades)? I’ve taken a summer term every year since I started at uoft and that’s whats enabling me to graduate early in 3 years instead of 4



not sure where you heard that…

but it’s not true. most grad schools will look at your most recent two years of schooling. if that includes summer school, you’ll be okay!




summer course overload

Hi Aska,

Just wondering, if you plan to enrol in 2.0 FCE in the Summer are you able to take an online course as well?

Thank you for your help!


hey buddy,

if you enrol in 2.0 FCE’s and want to enrol in one extra online course, it would be considered a course overload. to get approved for a course overload, you’ll have to set up a meeting with your registrar. during your meeting, they will look at your past grades and have a conversation with you about whether or not a course overload is practical. generally, you’re more likely to be granted an overload if you are in good academic standing and have been able to handle full course loads in the past.

you’ll see here that the maximum course load for summer is 2.0 FCE’s.

so yes, you are allowed, but it’s up to your registrar!

peace and love,



summer, night school, same diff

So I am currently a grade 12 student and am planning on applying to UTM for Life science. Please give me a good grasp on this, because I’ve been hearing inconsistent feedbacks from different people, but what is an average that most life science admitted students get around? I have people telling me it is super competitive where you must have high 80s at least, but I also have family friends on their 4th year saying as long as your average is above 80 and around low to mid 80s, there is nothing to worry about? So what do you think it is?

Also, how focused are they on individual marks instead of averages? because my other courses are in low to high 80s but my advanced functions is stuck in the 70s. So I was wondering if you could give me info on that too.

Last question, is there any discrimination against courses taken in summer or night school?

Thank you



the life science average is available right here and it states that you’ll need low to mid 80’s.  when information is spread from person to person, it can become quite skewed, so it’s always a good idea to go right to the source! keep in mind that admission averages change from year to year and some years can be more competitive than others.

my understanding is that individual marks aren’t as important as your average, but if you are applying to Life Science and happen to have a high average because of A’s in humanities classes, yet you got a C in Biology, they might see that low biology mark as a red flag. enrolment services will definitely take into account classes that you took which are relevant to the program.


and finally, according to the UTM admissions FAQ: “All courses are considered equivalent, whether it is day school, night school, summer school, private school or online, as long as it is completed through a Ministry of Education recognized institution and it is your first attempt at that course.”

sound like you’re good!

peace and love,



you usually need to go to some class to pass

hey aska!question about summer school hoping u couid answer. UTMstudent thinking about changing programs to DEMprogram. In order to get into the program i need to take cct109,110 was considering taking it in summer school, but I recently accpected a good paying summer job and they said i could have 1hr a week to go to class. Long story short do u think i could do well in the class going to 1 hr of lecture a week? wanna take the class but but also need the money& dont want to fall1yr behind.HELP!


hey there,

no, that’s not a good idea. CCT109 and CCT110 both have 5 hours of class per week in the summer (4 hours of lecture and one hour of tutorial, each). that’s ten hours of class altogether, not to mention the time outside of class you’ll need to spend doing readings and assignments. if you only attend 1 hour of class per week, you’re only going to 10% of your classes.

i’m not going to tell you what to do, but you’d be risking failing those courses if you decided to only go to one hour of class a week. if you really want to do them over the summer, it may be a good idea to seek other, more flexible, part-time employment.




this credit is only worth half because of the sunshine

Hey aska, are summer Y courses worth 1.0 credits?


hey there,

yep! all courses in the summer are worth the same number of credits as they would be in the Fall/Winter. don’t worry, you’ll still pack in the same number of hours as you would in the Fall/Winter term, but they’ll just be SQUISHED INTO a smaller number of weeks. have fun.




summer money: pay for school, or buy a BIG STRAW HAT

Hi Aska! I plan on taking a Y course during the summer. How do I apply for OSAP during the summer session?


hey there,

what an apt and timely question!

if you had OSAP in this Fall or Winter session, then you can apply for OSAP using this online form, which you can submit to enrolment services. the recommended deadline for that is March 31st, which is always sooner than

if you did NOT receive OSAP in the Fall, then you’ll need to go to in order to apply.




OSAP, probation, OSAP probation

Hi Aska,

A year ago, I ended up on academic probation. I was able to get off it and have been very slowly increasing my GPA since then. This year, I applied for OSAP and was told it would be the last time. That’s understandable as I’ve been a repeat offender. Anyways this year, I ended up dropping courses to save my GPA from going down. While I was taking four courses in the fall, I ended up using an LWD on one of them. This winter, I dropped two out of my four courses (so I am now a part-timer). I know what a stupid way to waste of money and time. SO because it doesn’t really matter at this point as I will not be getting anymore OSAP, is there a need for me to tell the financial office that I dropped courses?

On another note, is there a minimum GPA requirement to take UTSG courses in the summer? And do you know if they have posted their possible summer courses?



hey there,

if you were getting full-time OSAP and you’ve now dropped to a part-time course load, then yes, you should get in touch with enrolment services/your divisionally appropriate financial aid office. you need to communicate to OSAP that you’re now on a part-time course load so that the amount of aid you’re receiving can be adjusted appropriately. enrolment services can fill you in on the details about exactly how you should go about doing that, but it typically involves writing a letter to OSAP explaining why you dropped down below a 60% course load.

there is no minimum GPA to take courses in general. if you’re on probation, you do need to make sure that you make it out of that semester with a CGPA above 1.50 to get yourself off probation.

finally, the preliminary summer schedule is available now for your eager eyeballs to peruse!




i can’t even conceptualize summer right now

Hi! When does the 2016 summer timetable come out, and when can we begin enrolling in summer courses for that session? Thank you 🙂


hey there,

the preliminary timetable will probably be available sometime in mid-to-late February, and the final timetable in mid-March. enrolment for summer courses will be happening in late April/early May.

so it all doesn’t get going for a while yet, but good for you for being on top of things. i could take a leaf from your book; i’m not on top of things right now, lemme tell you. i’m not even level with things. i’m like, below them, being squished by them. gee, i sure love the Winter term.




don’t tell your mother, we’re nerds for the summer

Which month for the 2016 year would I apply to a summer course ?


hey there,

course enrolment in the summer began april 1 and ended may 18th this year, so have your spreadsheets out and your ACORN open for April 2nd (probably), 2016: The Final Showdown TM.

if you’re interested in an E-enrolment indicator course (i.e. a course where you need to apply to the department to get in), then just keep in mind the specific deadline to get into that course. you may have to apply in february or march, prior to course enrolment on ACORN, to get in. those deadlines will be on the calendar and/or the department website.

enjoy those summer courses, man. hope you have a cool, fun time like demi lovato (probably less inflatable ice cream cones on top of buildings, though):




school isn’t cheap but neither is anything else

how much are summer school courses at u of t? I hear rotman courses are generally more expensive- around $1300.. But what if i want to take Psy201 for example or PHL courses? Thanks!


hey there,

fortunately for you, the summer 2015 fees are still up, so you can peruse costs at your leisure there. actually, 0.5 commerce credits cost about $1500 this past summer (it’s more for international students).

a regulated arts & science course however (that is, any course that is not under commerce, computer science or bioinformatics) is cheaper. 0.5 credits cost about $600 for domestic students and around $4000 for international students. that would include any psych or philosophy courses.

keep in mind that costs go up a little bit every year, but they tend to creep rather than skyrocket, so the 2015 fee schedule is a pretty good indication of what you would be looking at in 2016.

that’s pretty much the only redeeming fact about how much university costs: it doesn’t increase too quickly.




math in the summer? heaven forbid


I am a first-year actuarial science student, so I have to reach 65% to get to my subject post program. I am not sure about my MAT137 mark for this term (it might be not good enough). However, I cannot stay in Canada during summer time, so I wanted to ask: is it possible to retake a course during the fall/winter 2015 term instead of summer 2015 term? Thank you in advance!

Best regards


hey there,

it is totally possible to retake it in the Fall/Winter term! however, you are required to enrol in a subject POSt after completing 4.0 FCEs, so if you’ve already completed 4.0 FCEs, you’ll be required to sign up for a subject POSt before the next term starts.

meaning: if you haven’t retaken MAT137 by the end of the summer, you’ll have to sign up for some other POSt as a place-holder until you can apply to the actuarial science major in the next subject POSt enrolment period (April-September 2016).

so just make sure you’re in either one specialist, two majors, or a major and two minors. then next year, you can apply to actuarial science and drop those place-holder POSts.



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