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all you people with late essays, take note from this planner

I am a prospective student who is applying to u of T next year. My average is around an 84 or 85 and I am applying to Humanities. However, I am taking math next year which sort of lowers my average. If all my other courses are in the high eighties or more and my math is about a high seventy low eighty, will that have a major impact on my entrance?

Hi Aska,
I was just wondering what a good high school average would be to get accepted into U Of T St. George for the humanities stream.


hey there,

i started to panic a lot when you said you were applying – THE DEADLINE WAS IN JANUARY WAT R U DOING – but then i read “next year” and took a deep, calming breath. you’re not late, you’re just early for next year.

now, i understand math is a low point for you, but hopefully you can still calculate an average*. let’s say you get an 85% in all your courses next year except math, in which you get an 80%. that would make your average an 84.2%, which is right in the anticipated acceptance range for humanities?for this year. that’s assuming, of course, that you’ll be taking 6 courses next year. if you take more than that, then the math might not even be relevant if it’s not part of your top 6 best grade 12 courses (including program prereqs), which is what the university uses to consider you for admission.

so no, i don’t think it will have a huge impact on your admission. and if i could just give a word of advice? i know it’s hard not to worry about getting accepted to uni before you have been accepted to uni, but humanities at uoft is not all that difficult to get into. if you’re planning this far ahead and your marks are almost certainly going to end up in the mid-80s, then maybe it’s time to start doing the preparing no one thinks about: what kinds of things do you want to do once you’re actually in school? do you have ideas for part-time jobs you might want to apply to internships clubs you wanna join? projects, either independent or school-mediated? all this stuff is just as important as your program and degree, so if you want to channel your nervous energy about uni into something, maybe try channelling it into that!**



* I say that, and yet the other day I started to panic that I wouldn’t have enough money on my Presto card for the week because I’d divided 35 by 5 incorrectly.

**also, prom dresses/tuxes. about 40% of your time next year will be dedicated to that, whether you like it or not. so BE PREPARED.


what’s in your frosh kit?

Dear Aska,
I heard tons of different things about ‘Frosh Week’ and I understand what it is. But, I read up on the UofT site, that we must purchase a ‘Frosh Kit’. What are the contents in this kit, and how much do we pay for it?


Believe me, it’s not as exciting as you think it is.

After paying your orientation fees to your college when you sign up for frosh week? (though I think it might be like a weekend) before the first day of classes, you’ll receive your own handy-dandy frosh kit. Inside the kit will be staples like a bottle of water and condoms (in case you feel like making water balloons, of course), The Varsity’s Student Handbook, a student organizer, maybe some sponsored coupons (Vic students one year got passes to the Toronto Symphony Orchestra) and the all-important Frosh Week t-shirt, to denote which member of the tribe you really are. Expect to pay somewhere in the ballpark of $10-$15 for this mandatory kit.

For more frosh week questions, check out this Q&A at UTSC.

Having never attended frosh myself, I can’t really vouch for it – though friends in residence did say it totally offered the opportunity to hook up with all the hot second years a week early. Personally, Askastudent is basically as old as the hills now – and not those fake-tanned celebrities from Los Angeles.

Happy Frosh! Aska


“oh… wow… ‘woodsworth’ earmuffs. That’s… very sweet of you…”

Dear Aska:
k random question….but you know all the customized UofT apparel by college (like Trinity hoodies, SMC track pants, etc..) where exactly do people get those? I’ve been told it’s somewhere around Hart house but i cannot find this mysterious place for the life of me…and i’m trying to get a customized thing for a friend as a gift. SO in summary, is ther ean actual place at UofT that sells these or will I have to go to blakc market, purchase a hoodie and get it customized myself?
Thank’s tonnes!



come to think of it, classes aren’t shocking enough these days.

hi, this is kinda too late but when i logged in to select my courses today, all
my first year seminar choices were gone. I had to choose between ” shocking
artists, shocking art”by prof Legge or ” classics of the italian cinema” by
prof Katz. do u kno which is easier? i ended up choosing the art thing. (more…)


art, the most confusing program in the university 2: the revenge of the subject post…

I have another question!
I don’t really understand the concept of Subject POSt’s.
When the time comes to choose one, whats the process? I know there is a place to chose one on rosi, and then I know you must get approval, but how does that all work?
I have a problem! I just found out I need a 70% in two classes to get into the program I want. (Visual Studies) I don’t remember ever reading that before, it doesn’t seem fair! Thats higher than so many other programs. Now lets say I don’t get those marks, then pretty much I’m screwed. Lets just say I come close…68% say, is there anyone I can look sad in front of to change it!?? (I’m guessing no eh?)



can you write your way out of a knuckle sandwich?

I’m in my first year & taking humanities/social sciences (no decisions re:majors tho)..and I’m really interested in taking some creative writing courses..but u of t seems to have an extreme defecit of them! I am not really interested in majoring in English, but I’d still love to do some creative work…is it possible to take courses at other universities (say, like..YORK..i know, the enemy) and earn credits towards a u of t degree?


why don’t you use that art degree to make me a sandwich?

I graduated recently and I can’t find a job anywhere in this city. Any ideas where an art histroy/fine art type graduate would look to find work?
Thanks in advance…

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