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fear not, for the showers are hot

This is probably one of the most facepalm questions you receive in 2017:D Do pools at utsg and utm have hot showers? LOL I’m serious!



this is definitely not one of the most facepalm questions i’ve received in 2017.

yes they do.

good luck with that.


peace and love,




sports & sisters


I’m coming in as an exchange for 2nd semester (winter) and was wondering if I can join a sports team as a beginner during this term? can you join a sorority if your coming into the 2nd semester as an exchange?



hey there,

varsity is finished tryouts for the year (though i doubt you would want to join varsity as an exchange student anyway).

however, intramurals – from what i understand – can be joined on a rolling basis. here’s how to do it. (keep in mind that as an exchange student you will likely be a woodsworth college student, so you would want to be contacting the woodsworth intramurals representative).

as for sororities: you can e-mail them to ask, but it seems like recruitment typically happens in september, and i’m not sure if you would be able to join when half the year’s already gone by. also, i don’t know if it would be worth it – sorority fees ain’t cheap, you know.

hope that helps, and i hope you enjoy toronto! (it’s gonna be absolutely frigid when you get here. i hope you’re prepared).




i can’t remember the last time i did A Sport


I’m hoping to pick up rugby (or a new sport) in the Winter semester of university, but I’m unsure as to whether they’ll let me join half way through the year….also I’m still a beginner, are there many sports that allow beginners to join in the second semester?



hey there,

in terms of varsity, the tryouts are all over now, so you’d have to wait for next year for that particular echelon of athletics.

intramurals doesn’t have rugby, but there doesn’t seem to be any deadline for when you can join. all you have to do is contact your college representative and then wait to be picked up by a team.

maybe you could inquire after a few different intramural teams and see what turns up? my friends who go outside tell me flag football is similar to rugby – maybe you could try that first?

a note: intramurals go by levels, so if you’re still a beginner and want something more low-key, that might be a better option for you than varsity.

i hope that helps!





Are students studying at other U of T campuses allowed to try out for the Varsity Blues sports teams?

hey there,

yep, anyone on any uoft campus is eligible to join the Varsity Blues (UTSC reference, UTM reference). UTM also has its own Varsity team, the Eagles.

so, does this mean you’re an athlete? could you carry my bookbag between my classes for me? please DM me with deets.




Calling All Hot Personal Trainers

Dear students,

I am looking for a personal trainer either at Hart House or Athletic Center, but I just know myself and I will work harder if my trainer is hot (womanly hot). Do you know / could you find out who are the hottest personal trainers at U of T?


This is the kind of questions I like to answer. Personal fitness goals solved by babalicious instructors. Personally my heart/hormones prefer the folks over at Hart House, but maybe I just haven’t explored the realms of the Athletic Centre yet.

This task is too big for one person.

Comment below and tell us of 1) You are a hot personal trainer willing to take on the task of this individual OR 2) have you noticed any babes at either Hart House or AC.



it’s not working out

Hi Aska!
I’m graduating in June. When do my Hart House and Athletics Centre
memberships expire?



Hello sporty one,

Basically once ROSI understands that you have graduated in the system (I’m sure you have already requested graduation and requested convocation tickets by now), all the bells and whistles of a U of T education will be lost to you. That means that you probably only have a few weeks before convocation to swipe that Tcard, my friend. If you ever register in another class as a non-degree student, you will be able to use the Hart House Gym and AC again. But now, a recet grad membership to Hart House costs $34 a month. More deets can be found here.

xoxo, Askastudent


tramps like us, baby we were born to run

I have this question in mind for years, then I found your site.  You know the
incidental fees that we have to pay, which include the fee to access the
athletic facility.  I only step inside the build for exam purpose and have
never use their smelly gym.  I have to pay more than $200 per year to fund this
service which I am not going to use.  Can I get my refund?

Thanks for your time and hope you understand my question.  [youtube][/youtube] (more…)


physical colleges

i am interested in attending u of t next year and i am researching colleges. I hope to get accepted into the physical education & health program. so anyway which college has the best resources for study in that area??


if JFK took powernaps, then I will take powernaps!

Is it possible to manage:
– 6 full courses (17 hours of classes/week)
– job (17 hours/week)
– sport (appr. 5 hours/week)
– many, many, many extracurricular activities (time involvement impossible to estimate)
– a bit of volunteering (from time to time, nothing stable)

Have an A average??? I really really need to know!


I want play futbal

Hello. My name is Greoge and I was wondering if you could tell me where I could sign up to play football for the u of t. I’m going to new college next year and wanted to know if you could tell me where to sign up to play in September. Thanks for your help.
well george, i think you’ve got what it takes to be a ball player here at UofT. you spelled your name wrong.


deep thoughts

If you go parachuting, and your parachute doesn’t open, and you friends are all watching you fall, I think a funny gag would be to pretend you were swimming.


story of the decade: phys ed involves sports

If I am accepted into the physical and health education program, do I have to take sport activities in addition to other courses? (more…)

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