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A defunct link on a U of T website?! (a first for everything)

I cannot access to this website


Ooooh. A straight shooter. I respect that.

Alright Calamity Jane, try this:

(it’s the 2009 version)

Finally, a U of T document that uses PINK! Or perhaps it’s magenta… or fuchsia.

What’s this University turning in to?!? … late withdrawals, credit/no-credit, tertiary colour schemes.

P.s. For future reference the document can be found at > “Special Update… click here” (this link is now also broken. just goes to show that time will get us all in the end – aska 2014).

P.p.s. I’m not sure why this song popped into my head after answering your question. Let it rekindle your love OR confirm your hatred (I’m on the fence… for once).


see ya there


I have just received acceptance from UT Commerce Innis College, but I wasn’t guarenteed in the Innis Residence…I looked at some of the posts and I saw some guy last year had same situation as me. Anyways, I did contact the Innis Residence by email by the way even though I didn’t get a response yet. Oh yeah, Do you know why they send response so late? I have been waiting 2 days now with no response.

Also, Is changing college (like right now) possible even though I am already accepted? because I would like to change it to Woodsworth college since Woodsworth residence also has single rooms for every students.

Other than that, Is UT Commerce a difficult major to deal with? I had head from others, the class average is somewhere from 50% to 65% which seems very low.



sorry, the grand scheme doesn’t include college preferences

My preference for colleges at U of T was as follows.
1. Innis
2. Trinity
3. Victoria
4. University/New
5. etc.

But I knew that if Trinity wasn’t listed as my number 1 they wouldn’t accept me. So I, thinking myself a clever young lad, decided to apply to Trinity as my number 1, with Innis as my number 2. I figured if I got into Trinity, but didn’t want to go there, I could still go into Innis.

Now I’m hearing that Innis also requires being number 1. If I’m accepted into Trinity, do you think it’ll be possible to transfer from it to Innis?



Like Sand Through the Hour Glass…

Hello. I’m a typical stressed out grade twelve student that applied to the U of T St. George ages ago and only was accepted, actually, days ago.
While I was being wooed by other univerisities with scholarships and such, I stared at “Pending Review” on Toronto’s site for months!

They’ve sent me a package that basically says Innis is my college but they may not have residency for me.
With nearly a week to decide, I must know: What are the chances of me actually living at Innis, or am I forced onto my second choice (which I randomly decided as New College, but apparently the ‘new’ is kin to the ‘green’ in Greenland).

So I saw your url on the pamplet and decided to try my luck.


? (more…)


there are no fish left because the seals got to them first

HELP! I need a date for the innis formal :|.. lets just say there are no fish left inthis small pond that is innis.




When Frost Week Isn’t Enough…

What is the best winter activity to occupy our time around Innis residence while
we are busy procrastinating?

? (more…)


does one clique count as cliquey?

Hey there, I’ve been reading this site for a while and it’s been helpful, sooo
here is a question.
I’m going to be a first year Innis student in the fall, and I’m wondering if
there are particular things I should steer clear from while I’m there. In some
of the older entries, you mentioned that Innis is pretty cliquey and overall
not that great, so do you have any specific suggestions for getting around the
stuffy atmosphere? Maybe any awesome clubs or student groups I should look up?
Or some non-UofT related activities? Thoughts? (more…)


missing the boat (and common living space)

i was admitted to the innis college and was contemplating whether i should live
on residence. i have decided but its now june 23 and i want to know whether or
not it is too late now to apply?



innis is a hippie college…if you get in a time machine

Is Innis a hippie college? If not, where is the best counterculture hangout in U of T St. George for a chemical engineering chick who can’t let go of the 60s?



beware the gpa secret police…gpasp, or gapsp

I got into Innis and it was my first choice. However, I have been hearing that their snootiness is only rivaled by Trinity because entrance is based to marks only.
Is any of that true?
How does Innis pick it’s members?
Thanks a lot.


making the innis college commute

hey aska, quick question. bader theatre to innis college, how long will this take walking? i am awful judging times/distances from maps.


the biggest sin of all…it’s not murder, it’s regret!

why the hell doesnt SMCSU never update? I should have chosen INNIS!!!!!!!

yes. yes you should have.
cheers, askastudent


from here to india-ternity: cinema studies for international students

I m interested in cinema study and i m confuse whether U of T have many colleges which offers this course? or Innis is the only college to do so? if somebody can guide me for my portfolio reqirement?

hoping for somebody to help

pankaj, India


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