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some tough medicine

Hi there,

This past week, my life took a turn for the worst. I came back from a 1 year suspension, and really studied hard, and looked to get things back on track, finishing a whole academic year with good grades, and not being kicked out (being that I am already on academic probation). In the following summer term, I took a politics class, and was later caught for plagiarism. I had a meeting with the Academic Integrity Office, regarding an essay I wrote for the politics class. In the end, the decision was made that I was to receive a 0 on the essay, and a further reduction of 25% from my final grade. This decision, dropped my final grade significantly. I was unable to meet the 1.7 SGPA at utsg, and was effectively put on a 3 year suspension.
I am at a loss for words, and I am constantly running circles at UofT, trying to get someone to help me in my situation.
I spoke to my registrar, which told me to either petition, or to simply find another school.
My registrar also said that the success rate of petition regarding suspension/plagiarism is not so great.
My question for you is, what does someone in my position need to do in order to get the suspension lifted, so I can resume my education?
I am looking for any and all options, and in the mean time I am looking into petition to the Vice Provost in regards to the suspension.
Looking forward to hearing from you, and I hope there is a chance that you can guide me in the right direction and get this whole situation sorted out.
Thanks in advance!


hey there,

firstly, i’m so sorry that you’re in this situation. i understand how difficult it is to go through something like this with OSAI.

however, i can’t give you any more or better advice than what you’ve already received from your registrar’s office. if they are advising you against filing a petition, then it’s probably with good reason. they anticipate that it won’t go through, and they don’t want you to waste your time.

i don’t know the context under which they told you to look for another school, but as far as i know, you’re not allowed to study at another university while on suspension. i mean, obviously no one’s gonna stop you, but if you try to transfer those credits over to your uoft degree after your suspension ends, you won’t be able to.

i would try and open your ears a little to what the registrar’s office is telling you. if you’re not jiving with the advisor you’ve been speaking with, maybe you can try speaking with someone else.

however, they have the experience to know how this is likely going to play out, and the wisest thing for you to do at this point is to listen to them. if you’d like to read up a bit more to understand where they’re coming from, i’d recommend this page from the faculty of arts & science.

have a candid conversation with your advisor about what it is you want. if you’re not sure what you want, try and figure it out together with them. try and come up with things you can do outside of school for these three years that will better prepare you for your return from school. maybe you can get some work experience related to your degree, pursue a college certificate, travel, or earn some money to pay for school.

if you’re really adamant about the petition, then you certainly shouldn’t go it alone. you’ll need the help of your registrar’s office to increase your odds of writing a persuasive, successful petition.

either way, staying in contact is paramount.

i know this may not be exactly what you wanted to hear, but i think it’s important that you do hear it. don’t tune out your registrar’s office. stay with them. listen to them. and listen to yourself, and be honest with yourself.

best of luck,



an optimistic suspense

Hi! I got suspended for a year at UofT, but I know it will be a good opportunity to help me discover my passion. Can I still attend all of my courses and purchase like textbooks? My goal this year is to discover my learning skill, and improve my habits. I’m very positive and optimistic, I am going to still get involved. I’m going to boost my GPA next september, and study my passion.


hey there,

this is an amazing attitude to have, and i admire it. you have absolutely focused in on the two most important things coming off suspension:

  1. learning study skills and developing habits that will help you become a better student
  2. doing some self-reflection about what you want at university, so that if you decide to come back, it will be doing something you enjoy and can be successful in.

some of this stuff you can do in discussion with the school, but you do need to understand that you can’t be in school while you’re on suspension.

technically, you can purchase textbooks from the uoft bookstore (or bob miller, etc.) regardless of whether you’re a student. attending classes, not so much. in fact, you are not allowed to enrol in courses – at uoft or elsewhere – while you are on suspension.

however, that doesn’t mean that you should or have to check out entirely. i do recommend that you make an appointment with your faculty/college registrar’s office to figure out a game plan. they can help you figure out what you should be doing in your year off, and which opportunities you should pursue.

best of luck with it, and hope to see you back soon!



calendar year = 12 months


So this takes some shame to say, but I am coming off a year suspension. This was for many reasons that I cannot excuse myself for and I take full responsibility for letting this happen. However I did have a good year. I sat in on classes throughout the year, ones that I was really interested in, and held a good job as well, and I feel prepared and determined to come back to Uoft even though I know it will be an unhill battle. Anyways, my question is, I was notified when my suspension begun that it would last a full calender school year. I assumed that meant September through to April, and I was under the impression that I could enroll in summer courses? Is that incorrect? Being out of service for a year, I’m embarrassed to say I’ve forgotten how to check my start time for enrolling? Will I be put out of priority for classes (like getting the latest start time to enroll 🙁 ) because I checked on Rosi on April 1st and it says my student account is ‘active’ but I clicked enroll just to check, and it says I am not eligible to enroll. What does this mean? Can I not enroll for summer, and have to wait for September? I know I should contact my registrar, but I wanted some background info first so I don’t look absolutely naive, even though that’s how I must look now.

Any guidance appreciated!



hey there,

one calendar year would be from september to september, not september to april, so you’re likely not eligible to take courses until september.

good on ya for checking in with aska first before calling in – i’m always down for saving registrars a phone call or two – but if you want to make certain that this is actually the reason you can’t enrol in courses (i’m pretty sure it is, but it never hurts to check), your college registrar’s office would be the best place to ask.




engineer out of water

Question: Any academic / life suggestions for a engineering student on 1 year suspension? I really feel now there’s nothing I can call hope now. I cannot face my friends and also it’s a shame to my family. Also how can a person make decent friends in their age while he is out of school?


hey there,

your friends and family can think whatever they want. if they think it’s shameful to be suspended (despite the fact that many engineering students are suspended/put on probation every year, many of whom continue on to successful degrees), that’s their prerogative.

fact is, only you know what engineering at uoft is like, and only you can decide how you want to feel about being suspended. obviously, no one wants to be suspended, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend the whole year feeling gloomy or beating yourself up about it.

suspension is a year-long opportunity to figure out 1) why you were suspended 2) what you want to do next and 3) how you can go about doing whatever that is. if you take some time to think about 1) and 2) and decide that you really do want to come back to engineering, i would recommend looking into these resources.

it might also be a good idea to get a part-time job or do some volunteer work. sometimes you can have the clearest thoughts about something while you’re away from it. do something different from engineering, and see if you miss it or not.

getting a job or volunteer position could also help a lot with making friends. i’ve made some of my best friends through extra-curriculars or jobs i’ve held. charity village is a great site for looking up volunteer opportunities in the city, and you may want to take a look here as well.

best of luck,



suspended from school – but not from LIFE

Hi, I’m currently a student who just came off academic suspension. I’ve been attending all my classes but I haven’t gotten any grades for anything yet because my current classes are full year courses. However, I’m starting to get anxiety again. I’m scared I won’t be able to bring up my CGPA by next semester and will be suspended once again for 3 years. That has been on my mind a lot lately and it’s starting to make me depressed. My question is if a person is suspended will I be able to apply to a college? Or do I have to wait three years. I know it have a chance to do well and I need to work hard, but having that 3 year suspension idea is really eating away at me. And have people gotten off academic probation after a one year suspension? Help! Thanks.


hey there,

sure, people have gotten off probation after a one year suspension. it’s very possible. i don’t have any specific stats, but not everyone who has a one year suspension then goes on to be suspended for three years.

the important thing is to establish a network of academic support at the university that can help you stay on track – if you do that, i’d say you have a good chance of getting off probation.

suspension only restricts you from re-registering in the Faculty, but it doesn’t prevent you from taking classes elsewhere. of course, if you do apply to a college and they ask for your uoft transcript, it may be a good idea to explain why you were suspended, because the fact of your suspension may impact your admission to that college.

however, it’s by no means not allowed, and if you are admitted to a college, you’re free to take classes there while you’re suspended at uoft. just keep in mind that any college courses you take while on suspension can’t be used as transfer credits to uoft.

best of luck,



where are you suspended?? athabasca u?

Hey Aska,
I got suspended last year (winter semester) for four months. After trying again this summer by taking 4 courses, I just checked my rosi and it it showed that I just barely passed all four of them to end up with a cumulative GPA of 1.50 flat. I worked so hard from the start of the semester and even got great midterm marks. After midterm, it all just went downhill. And I very well know that I have nobody else to blame but me. I’m suspended again right, for 12 months this time?

So if I am indeed suspended, do you have any tips as to what to do for these 12 months? See, I’ve been pretending to my parents that I have been going to school last winter semester. I did it for four months but 12 months is another story. Should I go to school, attend lectures and pretend I’m just any other student? As much as I wanna tell them that I got suspended, I simply can’t for the sake of my emotionally, physically and psychologically fragile mother. Is there any hope at all? Am I even supposed to be in university?



hey there,

guhhhh. see, this is why i harp on y’all about telling me which campus you’re on. i know you’re not in the faculty of arts & science, because we don’t suspend people for four months. but depending on where you go to school (faculty of applied science & engineering, utsc, etc.), the rules about suspension are different.

check your utoronto e-mail address and your physical mailbox for any communication that may have come through about your suspension. if you didn’t get anything, talk to your registrar’s office and ask them whether you’re now on suspension for one year.

if you have been suspended again, i would take the time you’re on suspension to use some of the resources at your disposal.

if you’re a utsc student, get in touch with an academic and learning strategist and a study skills peer coach. the faculty of applied science & engineering also has a learning skills strategist, academic advising and academic success resources which i would strongly recommend.

all these things are much better and more constructive ways to spend your suspension than by pretending to go to class, which probably wouldn’t be much fun for you anyways.

obviously, you have to decide how to speak/act with your own parents, but i can tell you from experience that if you have unpleasant news to tell a parent, it goes down much better if you can follow it up with a plan on moving forward. get in touch with these academic success resources and make a plan to meet with them regularly through the year. then you can tell your mom, “i’m on suspension, but i’ve done these things to get back on track.”

that’s a lot more comforting than, “i’ve been suspended for a year, i’m panicking, i don’t know what i’m gonna do, may as well sell myself to the circus and see where the wind takes me.” parents don’t like that. though if that is what you decide to do, make sure to write to us about what happens.

finally: are you supposed to be in university? man, i don’t know. that’s something only you can decide. while you’re down at the registrar’s office, they’ll hopefully ask you to reflect a little bit on that question. but i think that if you’re put on suspension for a year, that’s something you’ll have to think about yourself.

just remember that university is one very specific path, but it is by no means a necessary one. you do yourself a disservice by falling for the trap that university is objectively the best way to spend your young adulthood. maybe it is for you, and maybe it’s not – but you’ve gotta figure that out for yourself.

best of luck with it,



suspend your academics, not your drive


So… I’ve been put on suspension after my first year here at utsc. Its safe to say I screwed up. I screwed up reaaal bad. I didn’t even recognize the probation warning until it was too late and I couldn’t do anything about it. and the course i took during my semester at probation was one that I had been struggling with throughout the summer semester. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I don’t know what to do during these four months. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO? I’m completely freaking out and my parents lost hope in me and lost all trust as well. I’ve been lying to them and myself. I can say that I don’t “know” how to study, but at the end of the day, now that i look back at it, i was lazy. I was so incredibly and stupidly lazy. this is the first time that i’m coming clean. I kept telling myself during all these classes. “Oh, I can do this. it’s no big deal. I can deal with this work load. I won’t fail at all.” I did pretty well throughout the semester, maintaining a B+ or A- for course work, but in the final exam, especially the study period.. I had no motivation at all. I think there’s something wrong with me. like, i don’t think while you’re reading this, will be able to relate to this at all. I bet you’re thinking, “wow, she’s so lazy. how could she do this to herself.” Well, you’re right. i don’t know WHY i did this to myself. I guess at the time, I was just convincing myself that it would all be fine and not let the fear of possibly failing if i didn’t study get to me. I thought I knew the stuff. I was paying attention throughout the semester, how could i not know my stuff? I’m such an idiot. Please, don’t sugar coat it. I AM SUCH AN IDIOT. A FOOL. And currently writing a self-pity letter it seems. I’m sorry. most people on this forum say, they’ve been suspended bc of depression/anxiety. I can’t even say that about myself. This is nobody’s fault but entirely my own.

tl;dr… i’ve been suspended and now i don’t know what to do with my life. i don’t even know if they’ll take me back in the winter bc my gpa is so damaged and SO horrible. Its damaged beyond repair. Its going to take forever to get back to the program of my choice and complete my degree. my program of choice is limited and needs a certain gpa to get in. a 2.5+ to be exact. I can’t achieve that gpa now unless i get straight 4.0s in like, 10 courses. Do i just spend 3 sessions taking electives to boost up my gpa after i comeback until i finally get a chance to choose the subject post of my choice and complete my degree? I don’t even know if i’ll get a job after I graduate. I completely ruined my future.

Please, what do i do? I’m so lost right now. Also, I wanted to know. Can i still work on campus even though i’m temporarily not a student? Thanks.


hey there,

let me make this very clear: if you’re on suspension, or probation, or you messed up at school in any way, you are not an idiot. that is not me sugar-coating – it’s a fact. besides, i’m not in the business of judging. mild teasing sometimes, but not judging.

everyone makes mistakes. frankly, very few people at university have got it right. either they’re sacrificing things they shouldn’t be to do well in school, or they’re not doing well, or they’re doing well but they’re not doing what they really want to be. this time of your life is not about doing well – you’ll have time for that when you’re forty and trying to outdo your neighbours’ lawns and incomes and choices of spouse.

the point is, you or me or anyone judging you is counter-productive. if you want to be helpful to yourself, you need to start thinking about some possible next steps.

these questions you have about whether you should take electives when you come back, how to boost your GPA, and how to go about enrolling in a subject POSt, are very particular to your situation and not questions i can answer (though they’re not UNANSWERABLE by any means – so don’t think that you’ve ruined your future or career, because that’s not just not true).

i’d recommend you meet with an academic and learning strategist and a study skills peer coach to prepare for your next term of school, should you decide to come back for one. you can also speak with your registrar’s office to get advice about which courses to take after your suspension, and that kind of thing. they’ll be much more helpful than i can be, trust me.

generally speaking, all i can say is that if you return to your studies after a suspension, you will be returning on academic probation, meaning you’ll want to do everything you can to try and get off probation.

overloading on very difficult courses is not a good idea (there’s a course load limit for a reason). overcommitting to things is not a great idea. anything you can do to make sure your GPA improves when you come back, is a good idea. but like i said, the registrar/learning strategist/peer coach are the killer combo who can give you specific tips about how to do that.

finally, you can work on campus, but you won’t be eligible for any work-study jobs because you won’t be enrolled in classes.




academic suspension and taking care of yourself

Hi there, I’m currently being suspended since 2013 Sep. I just want to know what can I do to re-enter the campus. I’m not that sunshine kind of people, when I missed the Orientation my first year, I didn’t get to know too much people. Not even talk too much. Then slowly getting depress and miss classes etc. Admission sent me an email about suspension and told me to book appointment with skill center. I do and I sent two email in one week between, but no reply so I even more depressed. I check the Acedamic Calender, it doesn’t talk about how to return the campus. So that’s the reason I came here. I also want to know is there any mental health center I can go and seek for some help in UTM?


hey there,

if you have been suspended since September 2013, then your suspension should be up after one calendar year, by September 2014, and at that point you should be able to register in courses again and return to campus. however, if you’re having trouble finding information about the terms of your suspension specifically, then i’d really encourage you to talk to your registrar’s office and ask them these questions. the registrar’s office is there to help, and especially if you’re on suspension, it’s a good idea to talk with them about next steps and transitioning back into school, as well as to answer any questions you may have.

if you’ve sent an e-mail to book an appointment with academic skills, that’s great. give them a bit of time to reply – they may be busy and are just taking a little while to get back to you.

also, it may be that they can’t book an appointment for you since you’re not currently registered, but either way, i’d say that phoning or visiting the skills centre in person to discuss how and if they can help you would be your next step. it’s up to you to seek out resources while you’re on suspension that’ll help you ease back into school as smoothly as possible, and the skills centre is definitely an excellent resource, so don’t hesitate to call or speak to them in person.

finally, if you think that you’re struggling with your mental health and it’s impacting your daily life/school, then i think it’s a great idea to seek some help from UTM. i’m no ball of sunshine either, but there’s a difference between being unsociable (which i am) and missing classes occasionally (which i have done), and having a condition that affects your mental health. UTM’s Health & Counselling Centre would be the place to go for some help; just call the Counselling & Psychiatric Offices to make an appointment. if you think that your mental health is negatively affecting you in any way, then absolutely the best thing to do is go and see a doctor about it. trust me, you’re far better off talking to them than to me about these things, despite my exorbitant charm and beauty.

all the best,



darth vader voice: do your exams

If I get suspended for academic misconduct from April 4th 2014, what will happen to my other courses?? Will I be permitted to write my exams and finish those courses off?
-happily ever after


hey there,

ok, i couldn’t find a uoft document that confirms this, because i guess it’s not something the school thinks to clarify for some reason, but i checked with the omniscient beings who sometimes float through my workplace, and you are expected to finish off your courses this semester. if the suspension is effective april 4th, that just means you’re not allowed to register in summer courses.




summah skule

I’m currently a student who’s on academic suspension. Yikes! This year has been a roller coaster for me, I’ve been working and traveling a lot but I miss school and am eager to make my way back. I was thinking of applying to summer school instead of waiting to go back in September considering I’ve served my 12 months of suspension by April. Going to summer school would help me ease my way back into the habit of studying, that way when I go back in September full time, I won’t feel as overwhelmed. I was wondering if that’s a possibility? Or do I have to wait till September? Any thoughts?


hey there,

alrighty, so basically, you CAN re-register for the summer session since you’ve fulfilled the terms of your suspension. yay! all you have to do is go to your registrar’s office and register.

HOWEVER. when you come off of suspension, your first term back you are on academic probation, meaning you need to get your marks above a certain GPA (1.70 i believe) within that session. since the summer session moves twice as fast as a regular session, it’s actually sometimes harder to keep up with a summer school course as it is a regular course. and since you need to make sure to meet the terms of probation within the first term (otherwise you’ll be suspended again for three years) it’s actually super important that you very carefully choose which term you want to come back. like i don’t wanna FREAK YOU OUT or anything, but there are some stakes attached to your first term back.

tl;dr: you can come back in the summer, but think about it before you decide to.

l8r dood,



how to cope with septembers without school


I’ve just been recently suspended for a period of 12 months from UTSC. There are obviously many reasons that led to this and I have documented health issues to prove that. I am not going to make excuses, not everything can be blamed on my health issues, I did have a lot of my own issues and although I made a of changes, I realize that it was not enough, seeing as I am once again suspended. This is my second suspension. I am planning to leave UofT completely. I wanted to do so earlier but I was told that I cannot transfer because I have a very low GPA. I was wondering if you knew if its possible to start anew, with a clean slate at a college? or will my transcript follow me there too? is there any way to start with a clean slate?

The thing is, I want to go to grad school and at this rate, with the suspension, its like being hold hostage. I just want to move on with my life.

Do you know whether there any colleges with Bachelor programs that will accept me at this point, even with my transcript following me?

Also, is it possible to petition this suspension?

Thank You in Advance


Hey hey

Unfortunately, your academic record is something that will always follow you into other academic institutions.

Whenever you apply, they WILL ask you if you’ve ever attended another post-secondary institution and you will technically be obligated to tell the truth. I’m not sure what happens when you lie… but there’s something about mixing “lying” and “starting with a clean slate” that seems contradictory in my head.

So what now.

Well, I guess apply to other schools. I know nothing about other schools but I’m sure there’s a university somewhere that will take you. Just apply. And if possible, somehow include a letter or something explaining why the grades you got before are they grades that you got.

As for the suspension… yes it is possible to appeal it.

I suppose you have good grounds if you have some form of medical documentation, but don’t get your hopes up too high. Appealing a suspension rarely happens. But to be blunt… well, are you sure you even want to bother? You’ll just end up in the same school with its same grading system that didn’t work well for you the first time around. It’s certainly possible that UTSC just isn’t meant for you.

Soooo yeah.

Look at other schools. Look at what they ask of you and then go forth and do something.




a friend in need is not a friend at all — it’s a pseudonym!


I’ve been trying to research what the consequences of academic suspension are. My friend was on probation last year and was informed at the end of this academic year that she is now suspended for one year where she is not allowed to enroll at uoft or any other university during that time. She has gotten a job to earn money during her year off but she is having difficulty understanding her options next yearl during the suspension. She has been trying to contact the advisors and registrar etc. but no one has replied thus far.

The first concern is about OSAP during the year off. Will the repayment begin after 6 months such that she will have to start paying back loans during her year off until she returns to school after the suspension?

The second concern is the dropout process as she feels she will not be successful upon returning and wishes to switch to a college program. Is it possible to transfer passed credits of university courses towards a college program? Also will OSAP cover her again if she switches and begins taking a full course load at a college instead?

Any info/advice is appreciated.



Your “friend” is on suspension huuuuuh? 😉 Alright. I can give your “friend” some info/advice.

Firstly, tell your friend to make an appointment with her registrar’s office.

For the most part, colleges make an effort to contact the student when they’re in the red zone. Like if you’re at risk part way through the semester, your college will actually call you in to have “k what are you doing?” sort of conversation to get you back on the right track. This means they’ll be just as accommodating when you’re suspended.

So if you haven’t heard back, I feel like that’s cuz your “friend” emailed them at like 2AM and failed to take into account the fact that most offices are open 9-5. But if there’s been no response, why can’t she just call them? Or go in person?

Again, make an appointment!

But OSAP — because your “friend” is not enrolled as a fulltime student, OSAP wiiiiill be on her back nagging. Or well, they won’t be nagging so much as piling interest. But she WILL be bothered to start paying some back at any rate.

AFTER her suspension though, she can either reapply for OSAP to kind of “freeze” (for lack of a better word) the repayment process, or she can get a form that prevents interest from building while she’s a student no longer receiving OSAP.

Next, there’s no process to dropping out really. It’s as simple as not signing up for classes.

Lastly… ah, I just love it when aska gets regarded as this omnipotent being that knows everything about anything, including schools that are not nearly as awesome as UofT St. effin’ George.

Anywho, whether or not x college will take your “friend’s” past credits is entirely up to them, but I don’t see why they wouldn’t. For example, Seneca seems to consider credits. And Humber too. Yeah I guess most colleges do.

And yeah, OSAP is still doable at whatever college she chooses as long as she’s a fulltime student and the college is legit — or like, considered legit by OSAP. They have to approve of that stuff, so no sketchy places.




a series of suspensions – part ii

Hey there, I’m currently a second year student at utm who just got a notice I was put on academic suspension for a year! Yikes! I got decent grades in first year, however, second year I hit a rough patch and was diagnosed with depression and anxiety 🙁 this literally happened to me in the middle of midterm season. As a result, my marks dropped (obviously) which resulted in my academic suspension. I was wondering if maybe I should appeal the suspension? I always wanted to go to post grad school as well and I don’t want this stopping me, however I’m scared that this will completely hurt my chances. I do plan on returning and working my ass off, as of now I’m doing a lot better however, I’m still on the road to recovery. Advice?



Posts to refer to that can be found in the aska archives with similar/exactly the same situations:

1) Student is suspended — But there’s a twist! She has ~*~extenuating circumstances~*~!!!

2) But what am I supposed to do on my year off?

3) Second year UTM student on suspension and wants to go to grad school — what now?

Now if you’ve read those, you’ll see that my general stance on appealing suspensions is that ~*~extenuating circumstances~*~ you may have, but the university might not really… well, care. If you have medical documentation, fine, that can’t be fought, but people on suspension start off on probation and probation always comes with a lot of talking and counseling and whatnot.

But my advice:

If you really do have problems with depression/anxiety though, why bother fighting the suspension? It’s a GOOD thing!

This is time to take care of yourself and really consider whether or not you actually WANT to go to university. If you’ve been depressed, well take this spare time to figure out what’s depressing you, look at your life choices, and fix them.

And, to be clear, if you do have anxiety problems that are sparked by school, I don’t think grad school is the best place. I mean that stuff is intense soooo. Sure, you can certainly work your butt off when you come back, but do you really think adding to the typical four years is going to make you feel any better? School just gets harder as it goes by. :/

Grad school is basically every student’s back up dream.

Eeeeveeeeryone says they want it at one point, maybe even apply to it, but they’re tough to get into and to see through. The marks that got you on probation and then suspension will, naturally, hurt your GPA which will in turn hurt your application, but just be sure that it’s what you reaaaaally want before working towards it. I mean there are so many other options out there that are a) less expensive, b) more accessible, and c) more likely to contribute to you getting a job. For example, have you ever considered a post-graduate certificate? So much more worth it and probably less anxiety-inducing! 🙂

Anyhow, enjoy the year off! Pull an Eat, Pray, Love and go eat a crap load of pizza or something. Or maybe some Julie and Julia-ing can be done. Or maybe just get a job! Just focus on yourself for now and getting out of depression.



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