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Annesley HELL!

Hello. I am applying for res at Vic next year, and I was just wondering what exactly the “Music Room” in Annesley Hall is? Is there a piano or something? And if there is… can I use it? Thanks!



lonely, but clean

 Hi. I was wondering what the policy is on TV’s in rez (i. e. whether there’s availability for cable connection). If I can avoid fighting with other people over the remote in the common room, I will be a happy camper. Plus, I fear Gossip Girl will monopolize Tuesday nights. If it helps, I’m in Lower Burwash.




I’ve seen neither, but…

what are the differences between margaret addison and Burwash residenecs? which one would you say is better?


dear victoria, i suck

What are my best chances at getting a single room for residence at Vic (Upper/Lower Burwash is ideal)? The residence application only asks questions like “Do you prefer to study in your room or in the library?” and “How important is tidiness to you?”. Strangely, there’s no place asking about having highly contagious diseases and social disorders, so faking those are out of the question. I’m thinking if I make myself out to be a clean-freak with few coping skills and a need for complete silence constantly, I’ll be good. Also, Does first-come first-serve have anything to do with it?



vic one: the smartest kids with the least answers

does Vic One count towards my humanities distribution?!?1 thanks!



a registrar’s office with a rough childhood

askastudent!!! i have a question 4 u. i called my registrar at UC and i wanted to know if i could make an appointment with a registrar to help me pick courses for first year. i am in vic one and i need help! but… i was told to come to the info sessions for first years in july… can’t i book an appointment with a registrar or are the days of nagging my guidance councilor long gone 🙁 mind i add i was on hold for 15 minutes! what are my options???
-thanks a bunch



vic, the consolation prize…

How is Vic..??

I got accepted to U of T but I was really disappointed that I did not get into Trinity. I was kinda bitter because my friend who had a lower average got accepted (is it because of religious affliations or different program).. I am still kind of disappointed but as I talk more with people who know something about Vic. they say its alright. I really want to how the residency is like..



now I’m not saying she’s a gold digger…

which college is the richest? =)


have you tried…partying?

I’m going to Vic starting in Sept. Are people going to hate me because I’m not a party girl (I’m 18 and religious).

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