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you gotta math no matter what

I am currently a high school student in grade 12 and considering Nursing at UofT. I’ve noticed one of the prerequisites for nursing is life sciences. And to take life sciences, I need to have advanced functions and/or calculus and vectors. The thing is, I was a little late in realizing this and I am taking data management (MDM4U) this year only because I took college math in grade 11 and therefore don’t have the requirements to take advanced fuctions/calculus (MHF4U/MCV4U respectively) in grade 12.
Do you know if UofT makes any exceptions to these situations? Would I be able to take some sort of introductory course or something during first-year? I am open to options!

I’ve searched the internet high and low for answers but it seems like I’m the only one with this problem πŸ™



whoa! a grade 12 student thinking about their POST GRAD ambitious? damn, i’m in third year and i barely know what i’m doing with my undergrad. but good on ya.

let’s not get ahead of ourselves, though. i’m only going to address the whole getting into life sciences thing in my response.

so, unfortunately, if you don’t have grade 12 calculus and vectors, you will not be admitted into the life sciences stream. you can check out this link to see the specific grade and course requirements for each admission stream.

something that you could possibly, maybe, potentially do is to apply for u of t under a different admission stream, like humanities or social sciences, that only requires grade 12 english. the admission categories (life science, humanities, etc.) are only really important in first year (you actually declare your majors/minors/specialist after first year) and you can take courses outside of your admission stream (ie. a humanities student could take life sci courses).

i don’t know if this is necessarily the best option, though. basically, students who are in a certain admission category get first dibs (or priority) on courses that are associated with that category. so, life science students would get first dibs on life science courses. this means that even if you wanted to take those courses, you might not get into them because you wouldn’t have first dibs as a non-life science student.Β also, most life science programs require some sort of first year math course and the prerequisite for those first year calculus courses is… high school calculus.

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unfortunately… you’re gonna have to do grade 12 calculus at some point some how if you wanna do life sci here. i’m sorry, i wish i could’ve told you otherwise, but we here at askastudent are committed to the truth.

good luck.




please don’t fire a canon


I want to apply to uoft and fall under a student that would apply using the 105D.

My college counsellor is telling me that I need to start looking at which essays I need to write and I don’t know if I need to write any essays. I’m thinking of applying to engsci. Do I need to write an essay?




after checking the engineering website, i can officially say that it is VERY HARD TO NAVIGATE. engineer a better website, engineers.

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ok, it’s actually not that bad. sorry, engineers. i’m still kinda mad about that time you fired your stupid canon in front of my res room in first year.

anyways, after clicking through too many links, i finally found this link with detailed information about the student profile that you’d need to set up.

while there isn’t really an “essay” you have to write, there is a section where you need to “detail” your academic history and your extracurricular involvement. i don’t know whether or not that’s in essay format or if you just fill in the blanks. maybe it might be like a short sentence answer deal?

there is also a section in the application called the “online student profile” where they ask you three random questions and you have a limited amount of time to answer them. you will need to answer 2 of them in a video (it looks like you need a webcam and microphone to do the student profile) and one of them in writing. this might be what your college counsellor means when they say “essay,” but there isn’t really anyway to prepare since the questions are random.

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you should get in contact with the faculty of applied sciences and engineering and ask for more information regarding the application. check out their contact info here.

i hope this makes sense. good luck with your application!





utm giveth, but can utm taketh away?

I can’t express how much this blog has both entertained and educated me– mostly on things that don’t apply to me, but informational all the same.

Well, to get the the meat of things, I’m afraid that my offer to U of T will be revoked??

Basically, even though my IB predicted score is a grand total of 24 (barely passing, my god), I somehow got an offer of admission from U of T Mississauga for Psychology (which is insane because I’m getting a 2 in math a.k.a. not passing).

I hear a lot of my peers saying things like “Oh yeah, you can drop 6 diploma points and UBC won’t revoke your offer lolol!!” or “So and so was worried because, with Waterloo, you can only drop one point!!1!1″… Where can you even find this information, friends??? This would be really freaking helpful to know for U of T so I could skip having a panic attack everyday about my fate in the coming months.

Anyways, I’d just like to know your thoughts. Though I know that time is the only thing that can truly soothe my anxiety, it’s nice to have more of an idea of what I’m dealing with; even if a solid answer can’t be given.

Thank you!!



first of all, congrats!

when you were admitted to u of t, you would have received a letter detailing the conditions of your acceptance. that letter can be found on your joinid portal, or it would’ve been mailed to you physically when you were admitted. you need to check out what the the conditions of your acceptance are, according to that letter, as they differ from program to program and campus to campus. you will need to fulfill the conditions of your acceptance that are laid out in the letter in order to keep your acceptance.

if you can’t find the letter, or it’s way too confusing for you, or whatever, then you should get in contact with UTM. check out this link for UTM admission inquiries’ contact info. give ’em a call, they’ll have way more answers re: this issue than i do!

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i hope this helps!




usa! usa! usa!

Do u have any posts for international applicants, specifically from the US?



while we don’t have a specific US international applicants tag, we do have a general international students tag. you could also check out our admissions tag for more info, though it is more generalized, so you’ll have to slosh through a lot of posts to get to ones that’re relevant to you.

you can also check out this link on the u of t website that describes how to apply to u of t as a US high school student. they also have information on what to do if you have AP or IB credits.

hope this helps! good luck!

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a very canadian aska


welcome to u of t, here’s too much info!

So I was accepted into U of T today for Life Sciences at St. George and I also got into Victoria College (which is supposed to have a lot of scholarships). I was really expecting to receive at least a small scholarship as my average was 94.5 (if I include English, because i think i read somewhere that they include English no matter what) and 96.7 without English. Do I get notified about scholarships at a later time or have I just not received any. On another note, I am planning to do a specialist in Pharmacology and Biomedical Toxicology. Do you know how competitive that program is?



first of all, congrats! yay! u of t! life sci! vic! yay! yay!!!!

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u of t-wide admissions scholarship recipients are notified at the time of admission, either with your acceptance letter or under a separate cover.Β if there’s any confusion about this, you should contact enrollment services who’re the scholarships/ financial experts on campus. check out their contact info here.Β 

as for vic-specific scholarships, the website says that “applicants with an average in the mid-90s will be automaticallyΒ considered for (though not guaranteed) an admission scholarship when they apply to victoria college.”it doesn’t say anywhere when applicants are informed, but i would assume that it’s at the same time as the u of t-wide ones. on the u of t scholarships website, it says that “MOST faculty and college scholarship offers are made at the same time.” i would contact the vic awards office over any confusion, as i am but a humble student blogger who isn’t privy to all the mysterious workings of this crazy university. their contact info is here, at the bottom of the first part of the page.

i know how closely related getting scholarships and accepting an offer of admission can be– we’d all like to pretend that the school we pick is actually and completely our choice, but in reality… school costs money and sometimes ya gotta go where the money is. i suggest looking into other sources of funding like OSAP (or your local student loan) or UTAPS (u of t specific financial aid). there are a lot of different ways to get funding, apart from scholarships, so if you haven’t received any scholarships this year, looking for other sources of funding could be super helpful and a good avenue to explore.

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as for the specialist in pharmacology and biomedical toxicology,Β  i can’t really tell you how “competitive” a program is as it’s based on the pool of applicants during any given year. according to the website, admission to the program is based on a “student’s grades in the following courses: BIO120H/BIO130H/CHM138H/CHM139H/CHM151Y1 and from 1 FCE from any of the following MAT135H1; MAT136H1; MAT137Y1; PHY131H1/PHY151H1; PHY132H1/PHY152H1”. whew… that’s a lot. basically, it looks like those are the required courses that you have to take before you can apply for the program… i think. this is “askastudent” after all, not “ask a department admin person.” you should get in contact with the undergraduate coordinator for the department of pharmacology and toxicology. their contact info can be found here.Β 

i hope this was helpful! that was a ton of info to slap onto a freshly minted, newly admitted, not even first year student.

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good luck!




you are the architect of your own future


I go to ryerson university, and i would like to do masters architecture at UOFT i have a 3.2 GPA, and hopefully higher in the last two years. my only problem is that im in third year and i got one C+ on my transcript. Do you think this will affect my chances?



according to the daniels faculty website, you need a completed bachelor’s degree and a “final year average of at least mid-B”. a mid-B at u of t is usually around 3.0. this means that with your 3.2 GPA, you do reach the minimum requirement.

they DO say that they will look at an applicant’s entire academic history, but i don’t think one C+ will be too much of a blemish on your overall academic record if the rest of it is okay. that being said, i’m just a student blogger, i don’t know everything. you should get in contact with the faculty and their prospective grad student contact. you can get that info here.

i hope this helps! good luck!

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long question from far away

Hey aska, I’m a senior student from Turkey and I want to study mechanical engineering in UofT. There is only one problem, and it’s obviously financial (yay for being an international student!). I talked to my family about this stuff, and they said that realistically, they can pay up to 40k CAD. Sooo the first question is about scholarships. I had 85 percent average last year, but I’m confident that I can get it up to 95 percent (let’s assume ok) because I’ve been studying this whole summer. I got 102 from TOEFL, worked at a rehab facility in summer, and joined a NASA contest but didn’t win anything so I don’t know if that last one counts. So what are the chances that I can get scholarship that’ll be enough? More importantly, what can I do to have a better chance? Also I’m willing to work while studying.

The second question is, does taking SAT help? Everytime I ask this, the answer is different so I’m trusting you on this one!

Lastly, sorry this took way longer than I expected but if I can’t get that scholarship, are student loans a bad idea? And there are not many for international students so is there a one that you can recommend?

Thank you soooooo much, this is my second time asking here after almost a year and you can’t believe how much your answer helped! I’m grateful that you’re doing this voluntarily, have a nice day!



i’m not 100% sure what the requirements are for a lot of the scholarships, as i think they fluctuate every year based on the applicant pool. i’m also not sure what scholarships u of t offers for international students– most of the scholarships i’m seeing are for domestic students. check out this link that has a scholarship sorter tool that lets you filter through the various scholarships in order to find ones that you would qualify for. they have an option for international and domestic students as well as admission and in-course scholarships. i can’t really say what your “chances” are or how to have a “better chance”. sorry, but my (in)finite knowledge doesn’t go that far. get in contact with enrollment services who will have way more information about scholarships, financial aid, and grants.

i’m not sure if taking the SAT would help. according to this link, the only thing that you need in order to be considered for u of t are “excellent results overall” in math, physics, and chemistry in the grade 12 year. there aren’t any requirements beyond that, so unfortunately, i can’t give you an easy or direct answer. just know that the SAT is not required and would therefore, not affect your application either way. if i were you, i wouldn’t take the SAT (since you don’t have to) and focus on getting great marks in your grade 12 year.

if you can’t get a scholarship, student loans are definitely an option! unfortunately, i don’t know much about international loans. but this link is filled with emails and contacts of people who do know tons about them. hit them up and ask away! they are definitely the ones who know the most and would able to help you the most.

i’m really sorry for this super delayed response. i hope it still helps out. good luck!

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another pharma question

Hey there,

I will be starting my first year of university this September at UTM and I was wondering about the course loads. How many credits did an accepted student complete each year. On the website, it states that I need to take a minimum of 5.0 credits in one year (from September to April) but unfortunately I only plan on taking 3.5 credits in one year along with 1.0 – 1.5 credits in summer. Do you think it is still possible for me to get accepted into pharmacy after two years or should I increase my course load for the first year?




you can take as many credits as you want. most students take 5.0 FCE (full credit equivalents) in order to graduate in 4 years (5 credits times 4 years= the 20 credits you need to graduate). however, you can take as many as you want and take as much time as you want.

according to the pharmacy program’s admission requirements page,Β you need to have completed all the prerequisite courses as outlined on the website before you can apply. though the website does say it usually takes two years, i don’t think that time is a factor. so, even though you are taking a reduced course load, you may be able to be accepted after two years if you’ve completed all the requirements.

i would also get in contact with the pharmacy department just to make sure.Β 

i hope this helps. good luck!




summer transcript scramble

Hello. I have another question about courses. So I am currently taking a summer school for Chemistry 12 University course and enrolment is on Thursday. Where can I submit my transcript for summer school? And will they allow me to enrol in a Chemistry course even though I have not submit my transcript for summer school yet? Thank you for your help. I appreciate it.



i’m so sorry that it took until now for me to get to your question. i’ve been really swamped lately and then took a week off (aska needs downtime too!) so i’m sorry if this answer is no longer relevant.

you should be able to enrol in a chemistry course at u of t without having grade 12 completed (ie. it’s not on your final high school transcript yet). so, you’re all good, m’dude!

as for submitting your summer transcript, you need to get in touch with enrolment services.Β you should call or email them (following that link) and ask them how you would submit a transcript.

i hope this helps, and i’m so sorry this took so long!




get pharm’d

hello uoft expert. what are the chances of getting into the PharmD program after completing all the prerequisites after in my second year?



though i am the “uoft expert” (your words, not mine), i have absolutely no idea what your chances of getting into any program are. according to the pharmd website, you need to have a cumulative average of at least 70% and to be finished all the prereqs, which usually take about two years to complete.Β those are just the minimum requirements. i’m sure you know that u of t is absolutely whack and that you’ll need more than the minimum to be competitive. because i have no way of knowing how competitive admission would be in any given year, i don’t think i can tell you your “chances”.

i would get in contact with the faculty of pharmacy (specifically the pharmd program) as they would have the most relevent and up to date info and may be able to answer any questions that you may have.

i hope this helps! good luck!

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psych! don’t really have an answer

Hi there aska! I’m a psych major interested in eventually doing my masters in psych. Say for example I chose to do a thesis on women’s mental health, would I need to take courses related to my future area of specialization or is any psych course fine?



you would have to check out the specific program’s prereqs. if you were thinking about pursuing your masters at u of t, you can check out this link.Β 

otherwise, i can’t really help you. i don’t know what program you want to get into, so i can’t give you anything but very general advice. i would get in touch with the school or program that you’re interested in, ask them if there are any courses that they require you to have completed before, and see what the steps are from there.

sorry i can’t be of more help.

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hello again

hey aska!
I submitted a BScN related question about a month ago. I’ve done more research and still have a few questions. I know one of the requirements to apply for the nursing program is 10 FCE. This means I can apply after my second year of undergrad but I’ve heard that there’s a greater chance of getting accepted if I complete an undergrad before applying. Do you have any advice for someone who wants to switch into nursing but would prefer to graduate in 4 years? Also I read that each prerequisite must be completed with at least 60%. I just finished my first year and completed BIO120+BIO130 with 70s but CHM135+CHM136 with 50s. Can I choose to use my bio courses as prerequisites instead of my chm courses? thanks guys!
you don’t need to be in your second year to apply to the BScN program, that’s just when you can start applying for the program. basically, once you’ve hit 10 FCE, you can start applying. however, if you don’t think your marks are strong enough to apply after 10 FCE, you could wait until third or fourth year. it’s all up to you! it’s not that you’ll have a better chance of getting accepted if you apply after you’ve completed your undergrad, it’s just that they have more marks to look at and you have more time to boost your GPA.
you can’t choose what the admissions committee does and doesn’t see. according to this page outlining their application process, you have to submit an official transcript, meaning they would have access to everything. i can’t find where it says that you need a 60% in the prereq courses, but you need at least a 3.0 GPA in order to be eligible.Β 
all that being said, the only advice i can really give you if you want to finish in four years is to just apply after your 10 FCE (or after second year) and work really hard during your second year to boost your GPA. i would also look at the other admissions requirementsΒ and work to make those really good. look for a couple of amazing references and write a slam-dunk personal statement. that’s how you could differentiate yourself against the other applicants.
if finishing in four years isn’t a big deal, you could also keep trying until you get in, even if it’s after your second year.
i hope this helps! good luck in all your future nursing endeavors.
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lemme refer you to the FAQ

hello aska! id like to apply to the undergraduate program for nursing. I know applicants should have a 3.0+ gpa, a work related reference and a academic reference. I wasnt originally planning on nursing & i was slacking in my classes so my gpa is currently 2.5… Is it possible to boost my gpa to 3.0 if i do well in 6 FCE? Also does work related reference refer to paid work or volunteer work? & im assuming academic reference would be a prof? thank u so much



of course, you can pull your grades up if you really try, but i’m not 100% sure how much you could pull your grades up. it would depend on how well you do on the 6.0FCE you wanna take as well as how many FCE you’ve already finished. i suggest checking out this handy dandy GPA calculator. just remember that it’s not an official GPA calculator, just an estimator and planning tool.

a “work-related reference” refers to anyone who can vouch for you in a professional capacity. according to theΒ admissions website, a “work-related reference” could be a work OR volunteer reference. i would figure out what might be the most relevant experience to nursing. for example, if you’ve volunteered at a hospital, that would be much more relevant than a summer camp you worked for.

an academic reference is anyone who can vouch for you in an academic capacity, so yes, a prof who knows you and your work well would be dope.

i’d also check out their FAQ page. they have a lot of good (and accurate) info about the application process there.

hope this helps and good luck!



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