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babycakes and academic penalty

hey, what is the final date for dropping a second semester summer 2012 course without any academic penalty. I know the last day to drop a course is Aug 6, and you get a 50% refund. however if I want to drop a course after that date, and not get an academic penalty, even if that means not getting any refund for my course, what date would that have to be before. thanks


Hi de ho

This information maaaay have been, slightly, ok completely, more useful earlier than this.

The last day to drop a ‘S’ section course in the summer, without academic penalty, was July 30. There is also an option to late withdraw from a course and that option is always available up until the last day of classes, which unfortunately was yesterday (Aug 13).

I’m assuming that you are attending the St.George campus … buuuuut if by the slight (well, 2/3) chance that I’m wrong, check the front of the Course Calendar because they supply a chart with important dates in it.

peace and love baby cakes,



Dopping Leaves, Dropping Courses


I’m a first year student at UTSC and I’m currently taking a Physics course. However, since Math isn’t my strongest subject I decided to take the Y course and so I have to take the second part of Physics next year since it’s only offered in the winter. I never took Physics in high school either so I’m already doing pretty bad right now, and I’m sure I’d benefit if I took it next year. I’d be down to 3 courses for this term if I do this. Would it affect the OSAP money I’m getting next term if I drop this course now?


Hey heeeey

It’s like looking in the mirror at my first year self – well kind of, if we alter the whole UTSC and Physic things and pretty much every other detail minus the dropping courses.
It’s good you’re staying in at least three courses (and I’m assuming you are taking a relatively full course load next semester) The registrar office can’t release OSAP to you unless you are a full time student (3 credits or more).

I personally didn’t tell them that I had dropped down in my course load, and my OSAP remained the same (sneaky sneaky) but I also am not going to tell you to do that and have them be all angry and refuse you OSAP in the future. And then you won’t be able to pay for second year, and have to drop out of school and live in a soggy box the rest of your life. Dramatic.

I would suggest popping in Admissions and Awards and just informing them of your course change.

And speaking of popping in …maybe also talk to your Academic Advisor before you drop y0ur course. From experience, courses aren’t easier in the future. There is always something that is going to cause you difficulties. Eventually all the dropped courses build up and you find yourself in your 6th year at U of T. In a year long course, there is plently of time to make up your mark. BUT when it comes down to it, it’s up to you.

forever devoted,



Show me the Money

Hey Aska,

Ok so im starting my first year at UTSC this fall and I want to do a double major in Human Biology and Physics/Astrophysics. My life is going to be crazy with like 30h of school a week, and I have a strong desire to not kill myself sooooo I was thinking that in the event things gets to hectic for me, I would drop a course and take it in summer school. I know that the last day to drop a course without academic penalty is Wed, November16/2011(says so in the calendar)…… but what is the last day to drop it without Financial penalty???

😀 thanks a bijillion,




Hey Rubz,

I’m glad you asked! It takes a lot of detective work to find the university’s financial deadlines online. Gee, I wonder why… *wink*.

They’re hidden – I mean, posted – on the Student Accounts website. According to the refund schedule for domestic students at the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus, the last day to drop a course and receive a 100% refund was September 21st. To receive any refund, Y courses must be dropped before November 10th; F courses before October 13th; and S courses before February 12th.




i’m off that ROSI, i’m off that

Hey bro’s.

Long story short, I dropped all my courses except for 0.5 in each semester. Stupidity/procrastination. I’m second year. However, after logging into the UC Writing Help website, at the bottom of the page, it listed the courses I was eligible to get help in. A full year course that I dropped was showing, and this scared the shit out of me, because if it’s still on my record, then I’m pretty much suspended no matter how well I do in my last course right now.

Is this correct??? I dropped the course via rosi well in time before the deadline, and it does not show up on rosi, OR my blackboard anymore.

Is it possible that I’m still registered in it? FYI it’s LIN100Y1, and the course I’m taking now is MUS315H1.

Is this just a mistake, perhaps their site was not updated or something? I’m assuming (and hoping) that Rosi & Blackboard are a more reputable source than the UC Writing Help website.

Is this worth seeing the registrar?

Thanks a lot.



I don’t understand why the Writing Centre and not ROSI would track you as having been registered in a class that you’ve already dropped, but I wouldn’t consider their website more reliable than the end-all, be-all she-beast that is ROSI.

Did you talk to your registrar about this? Basically if ROSI says you’re not in a class, then you’re not in a class. Maybe the Writing Centre glitched up and doesn’t track classes that have later been dropped later in the year?


I hope you ended up getting the help you needed!

xoxo, Askastudent


i like my bass down low and my courses easy to drop

Olla aska,

So, I’m in first year and am strongly contemplating dropping a full yearcourse. The problem is though, this course is a requirement for my program.What I’m wondering is, since this course is mandatory, is it still possiblefor me to take it in summer school at a *different* university or must Itake it at utsg?
Also, this may sound stupid but, if I drop a full year course does it withdraw the entire course marks or would it keep the 1st semester portion
of marks and only drop whatever was achieved in 2nd semester? Oh yes one more thing, from what i understand, whatever fees were payed for this course are gone even though I’m not continuing with it, oui? Sorry, I know, I’m quite new at this.


Hey there U of T freshie,

You have missed the date to drop a full year course without academic penalty. If you wish to?drop a course now, you will have to make an appointment with an?academic advisor to discuss a Late Withdrawel (these sound cooler than they are – your grade isn’t considered for your CGPA but it does show on your transcript).

Saying that, you may take courses at another school. BUT (yes there is always a but) it may not transfer and if the course?has a?minimum grade?it may be higher as a term of the transfer. If you are interested in doing this I would go in and see an academic advisor and visit the?transfer credit office in Sid Smith. They should have a list of pre-approved courses and schools.

If you drop the course, you will receive no grades?for it. Its all or nothing?baby. Annnd you will not receive any?money back?either as it is long past the?date.

I say troop through the last 4 weeks and get this bitch over with.




dropping courses like bombs

Hi aska
I’m a second year student at u of t and recently i’ve been finding the semester quite difficult… so difficult that i’ve managed to drop down to taking only one 0.5 credit course. Family and financial stress are the main reasons as to why i’ve been dropping courses like bombs this term.My question is, would I still be considered a student at u of t if i took the rest of the semester off? Further would i still be able to enroll the usual way for summer school/fall term classes or do I need to notify my registrar/reapply?

Secondly, throughout this i’ve realized that I want to change my major yet again to art history with a double major in geography(human geo and GIS.)Is art history a type 1 major? and can I double minor in human geography and GIS?

Thanks in advance!


yo yo bomb dropper

You are still considered a registered student as you have paid fees for this semester and will most likely be able to register again in the summer and Fall. I’m going to put a little asterisk here and tell you to make an appointment with your registrar and maybe just talk this over with an academic counselor.

I don’t think I know anyone who is in the major they started out in. Art History is a Type 1 and there doesn’t seem to be a reason why you can’t minor in GIS and human geography. You look like you’re golden for when you want to return to school.

As an alternative maybe you should collaborate with Snoop Doggy Dog and create a song? “i be dropping courses like boooombs”. I can just feel the beat now.

forever yours,



drop courses like they’re hot

Hey aska,

I’m taking a four credit course load right now in my first year. I’m not doing so well, and have already dropped a full year course. I’m not convinced I’m going to pass film, and am considering dropping it as well. My question is this, if I drop film (a full year course), I’ll end up with only 3 credits. At the end of this year, I’ll only be considered a first year still, correct?? Also, with the whole fixed price with 4-5-6 courses, would I get any reimbursement?




yo yo Bumbled,

oooh the first year dropping spree … many go through this.

A first year is considered someone who:

has completed less than 4 full coure equivalents


So yah you’ll still be considered first year.

I personally find this whole program fees a little irrating <shakes fist at the business of university> but I found you some dates,

The Registration Handbook and Timetable states:

October 6 2010: F and Y course load count date for program/per-course fee determination

meaning that you will be charged for any ‘Y’ courses you were enrolled in past October 6th.

love always,



Mom, Is OSAP going to be mad at me?

I am a first year student at UTSC and I find the program I am doing very difficult and I have lost my interest in continuing. I have switched programs and next semester I am starting a new program that I am more interested in. I started this semester with 4 credits and dropped calculus in October. I am also do very poorly in another one of my courses and I am also certain I am going to fail since I was clueless for both midterms. My question is should I stick through it knowing I’m going to fail or should I just drop it? I have heard OSAP will not be happy about me doing only 2 courses. What would be my best option? What would be the penalty of me passing 2 courses, failing 1 and having dropped one.? What if I pass 2 courses and drop 2? Which would be my best option and how will the school and osap handle this. I been stressing a lot and any advice would be a appreciated.



V (are you the newest gossip girl … how are S and B doing?)

I need you to do a huge favour for me and breathe … your life is not over and everyone has tough times when it comes to school.

First off I just wanted to tell you that it is past the date to drop F courses, so your looking at Late Withdrawals, which will appear on your transcript (but will be better than a failed course as it does not contribute to your CGPA)

OSAP will be possibly be mad at you. Sorry, they’re generally a grump (as I would be too if I was continuously giving strangers money).

Generally speaking OSAP would like you to remain at a 60% course load or higher. If you drop below the 3 courses, they will most likely reassess your funds. In which case, they might ask you to pay back some from this semester, or you may not receive any in January. The odds are they won’t cut you off from OSAP for next year if this is your first offense.
Saying that, I would really, really suggest that you go see a financial/academic adviser. They will be able to look at your specific situation and tell you what specific repercussions will be. If they agree that the best thing for you to do, is to drop your courses, they might be able to hook you up with some financial aid (depending on your situation).

Don’t be intimidated to meet with advisers, they are understanding of your situation (the odds are a thousand students have been there before or worse off). They have seen it all. They actually want to help and they don’t mind if you start crying.

You’ve got this dude. You’re in a sticky situation but it’s not the end.

Love Always,


get rid of that course, like a G6

Hey aska, I have a question regarding second semester courses. There’s still a couple of months left before second semester starts and I realized that I don’t want to do a specific second semester course. Is there any way for me to cancel my course enrolment and get my money back?

Thanks a bunch!

Hey Demi (Moore?),


I love when i can give positive answers.

You’ve got it dude! You can definitely get rid of that nasty old course AND get your full money back.

If? it’s a Winter session class/ a section ‘s’ course you can go on to ROSI, click on Course Enrollment, then List Courses. Then to the right of the course box is an option to ‘drop course’ click that baby, confirm and you’re in the clear. You can switch around ‘S’ courses until Jan 9th and get full money back.

If for some reason your talking about a ‘Y’ section course, you can do the same thing to drop it, but will only receive 75% of your money back.

Happy course canceling!

With compassionate love,


take the initiative, improve your writing skills

Dear Aska
I am currently a first year student planning to get into the architecture program, but the entrance requirements are really high… I don’t have a problem with the 3.2 gpa cut off that they have, but what if I don’t get a minimum of 70 in my arc132 course? My english is not good enough to get high marks in that course (you know, arc132 is all about writing papers). Is it possible to retake this course next year in case I didn’t get the minimum mark required, or should i drop it (it’s actually gonna be a late withdrawal now) and take it next year?

thnx sooo much for any information you can give 🙂


It is possible to retake the course next year if you don?t reach the minimum mark. However, it you would have to take it as an extra course. So it would not count toward the 20-credit requirement you need to graduate from UofT.

I think the answer to your question really depends on the mark you are getting in the course, and what percentage of the course has already been completed. For instance, if you?re currently getting (say) an F in the course after having completed coursework that is going to count for 80% of your total grade, I would advise you to withdraw from the class so that you can focus more on your other courses. If you?re getting a C+ right now, and have only completed coursework for 50% of your final grade, I would suggest that you stick with it ? you still have time to try to pull your mark up, up, up. And if that fails, you can always retake the course next year.

I?m not trying to intimidate you, but architecture at UofT is extremely competitive. Keep in mind that architecture is a humanities program ? so there will likely be more papers and essays for you to write in higher-level courses. You should really take some time to reflect: if you do end up getting into Architecture, would you enjoy writing all those papers for the theory and history courses?

If you?re determined to get into architecture, you should seriously consider taking the needed steps to improve your writing skills. Take advantage of your resources! If you want to improve your writing, why not make an appointment at your college writing centre? Or how about checking out the services at the Academic Success Centre? And, if English is not your first language, what about checking out the English Language Learning course offered by New College in the summer?

I would also really, really recommend that you talk to your college registrar about this in order to clear up any queries, concerns, or reservations you have about your decisions.


So You Think You Can Summer School Economics?


I am A. Currently I’m taking Eco105(Prof.Hare). I find hard time to understand the subject and I feel I need more time to study it. I’m thinking to drop this course and take it next summer. I’m planning to do IR and the subject surely is required for the programme. Do you have any advice? Is it safe to take it during summer? I heard that the structure of the course depends on professor. Could my decision to drop will be risky? What is the key to understand economic concepts? Seriously I feel like disaster and horrible while having the lecture.


Hi A. So you’re taking economics, huh?

Well, I just checked the Arts and Science calendar for the requirements for International Studies, and there are really a few things that you might just want to consider. First of all, aska has been told that unlike most subject POSts, International Studies only considers applicants to its program once every year, and that’s only during the first request period (April 1 to May 19). So if you take economics in the summer, you might have to wait until the next year to be accepted in the program at all. You might want to double check this with Trinity though. So go email them. Nao.

Second of all, summer courses are DEMANDING. You have to absorb the material that’s thrown at you at twice the rate you normally would. And from experience, the nice weather certainly does not help with motivation. That’s not to say you shouldn’t take a summer course, just don’t expect it to be any easier.

Third of all, you’ll notice that admission into the program requires a 3.0 GPA. That’s a B average. So if your economics mark has been REALLY low so far and is going to pull down your GPA substantially, that should be a factor in your decision as to whether or not to drop it. But this is definitely an issue that you may want to bring up with your registrar before you do anything hasty. BUT WAIT! What is that on the calendar under “Second and Third Years” for International Studies? *squints* Help me read that for you, would you?

What’s that? The International Studies program will require you to take more economics courses? Geez. Well, who would’ve known. You know what though? If you’re struggling with ECO105, you’re probably not gonna find the higher year economics classes any better. If you feel terrible in class, imagine how you’re gonna feel after year after year of economics.

Maybe you should take a moment or two to reflect on your own goals and why you want to be in International Relations. What is pushing you towards that field, and are there any other options that would will help satisfy your interests and that may be better suited for you? There are many other programs offered at UofT that have an’international’ flavour: East Asian studies, European studies, and so on…

As for the key to understand economics concepts, I seriously have no idea. I’ve never taken an economics course in my life. In fact, my life has no purpose except to sit here answering questions like this for you people. Go talk to your prof, TA, and upper year students in economics.

As a last thought, your statement that you feel ‘like disaster’ worries me a bit. I hope you are not starting to feel depressed in class. If you are, again, talk to your registrar or make an appointment with CAPS. This is all I can do for you. Take care.


i spent my summer being boring

would you suggest taking CLA160? classical studies in summer school for an easy credit? I need something easy to boost my gpa

? (more…)


do it how you like it

Hey aska,

I need help finding a bird course in the humanities as a half course in the
fall, any ideas? Preferably one that is 26L in the calendar. Also I was
wondering what you’ve heard about CLA204H1-Intro to Classical Mythology.
Hopefully only good news. By the way, I’m not amazing at memorizing tonnes of
info nor writing essays. Thanks (more…)

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