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when you only take French for flirting

I want to take FSL 102 HI in my first year studies this September, and I’ve
taken the online placement test from the language department website. I
received an email that said I should register in FSL 221 Y?and that to keep a
copy of the email to show to my instructor during the first week of classes.
Does this mean I have to take FSL 221 instead of FSL 102? Could I still take
FSL 102?




honesty designators: special topics, boring topics, off-topics

Hey askastudent, hope all is well =)i was just wondering, what if i were to take
a FCS290 course called “Special Topics 1” and lets say that in the 2007-2008
school year this “special topic” was French music. Then, lets say that FCS290
is also offered in the 2008-2009 school year, but the topic this time is French
art. would i be able to take the french art one if i had already taken the first
one on “music”. well thats my question, thanks a million =) (more…)


today’s priorities: eat granola bars, make potato salad, DANCE

Hey askastudent,

The enrollment controls are driving me crazy.  Why doesn’t interdisciplinary
programs like Urban Studies and Equity Studies (programs I am in) get priority
in their courses that are outside of our department – except for a couple
courses for Urban Studies in Geography?  While programs like IR and PACs have
priority in a whole bunch of courses outside their department.  I feel like a
lesser citizen!  Why can’t Equity Studies grow some balls and take over some

So, what are my chance of getting into 3rd 4th year courses after the priority
period is over?

Cheers 🙂 (more…)


there’s nothing funny about summer school…unless your prof wears a speedo to class

just wondering..
how do you choose summer school courses and when? do they fill up really quick?

guess what kids? the arts and science final summer timetable is now listed online! let’s take a look…
step one: choosing your courses
to select from a vast array of super-cool courses, please take a look-see at the final course listings by department. at the largest university in canada, there’s gotta be something that tickles your fancy. unless you’re a cinema studies student! then you’re screwed! isn’t academia fun?
remember to keep an eye out for priority enrolment controls on course listings. those fancy waiting lists will be available for “f” and “y” courses from april 16 to may 16, and july 3rd for “s” courses.
step two: what year am i? (if you have to ask…) and enrolling online:
check out the link above to find out what year you are deemed according to course load. here’s a play by play:
14.0 credits and above – congrats! you’re in fourth year. this is terrifying.
9 to 13.5 credits – third
4 to 8.5 – second
less than 4.0 – first!
you will enrol for classes on ROSI. (duh.) view your start time on april 5th. the following times of enrolment per school year are as follows:
4th year – you can start at 6 AM (fun)
3rd year – 7:15 AM
2nd year – 11 AM
1st year – 2:30 PM
non-degree – 4 PM
and uh, read all this stuff about waiting lists
step 3: give up the cash-money
pay your fees by may 7. after may 11th…interest.
summer OSAP is also available. ask your registrar for details.
step 4: go to school (fools)
anyways – that’s all she wrote. classes do tend to fill up (depending on what they are). but there’s really only one or two good summer classes at any given time.
cheers, askastudent


studying in the sweet hereafter

hey. I want to register for Atom Egoyan’s class, Transgressions: An Approach to Interdisciplinary Practice. What is the course code?


printing pages was never this expensive

i’m waitlisted for a course. if i don’t get the course till after my invoice is sent will uoft send me another invoice for that once course??



classic aska feature :how to register (read your registration handbook!)

alright first years. i know that you might be feeling a little nervous for Tuesday, August 1st when you register for courses. unfortunately i won’t be here to help you out, since i’ll be on the road to lovely cleveland, ohio. so i’ve prepared an ultra-detailed, idiot proof guide to registering for courses on your first day and what to expect when trying to tame the awful she-beast that is ROSI.


how course enrolment ‘works’

Okay, so while checking out the spaces in all of the courses I had intended to take for first year I have found that pretty much every single one of them is full.

What do I do? I need to take these courses as prerequisites for my major, how is it that they are full if first years don’t register til August first?
Or is it just that only a certain number of spaces were released and those are already full and there will still be room when we go to register?

Help aska!



charming your way into classes you’re not qualified for

Hi there. Kudos to you for the great site. I want to take POL208Y1 but I neither have the “one full POL course” or “4.0 credits in the Faculty of A&S” as the pre-requisite(s. My only savior here seems to be “permission of the instructor”. Please guide me as to how do I go through getting that permission, and the contents of the e-mail/letter (if I need to write one). Thanks.



waitasec…’location:URGENT’…where is URGENT? can I take a boat there?

Location: URGENT

just wondering if there are any science courses that would count for my distribution requirement that are drop dead easy. I don’t really care for sciences and desperately want to get this requirement over and done with asap. i know that the university does outline a bunch but they most got crap ratings on the anti calendar. are there any u recommend or based on what you’ve heard. how about ZOO 214??? HELP! i have to register on ROSI in 6 DAYS! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

> thanks askastudent =)


easy peasy

I will be away on the 26th and won’t be able to check the time course enrollments.
Is there a way I can check it earlier?


start time smells

how are start times even decided? are they by alphabetical order???? or what?

can u tell me a bit about the start times we each get for ROSI? What is the earliest/latest for first year students? and do u know of any nice, easy soc sci or sci courses u want to share with me as i am a language student.

VIVA ITALIA!!!!!!-Campioni del mondo!!!!!! Quattro Stelle!!!!!!



a registrar’s office with a rough childhood

askastudent!!! i have a question 4 u. i called my registrar at UC and i wanted to know if i could make an appointment with a registrar to help me pick courses for first year. i am in vic one and i need help! but… i was told to come to the info sessions for first years in july… can’t i book an appointment with a registrar or are the days of nagging my guidance councilor long gone 🙁 mind i add i was on hold for 15 minutes! what are my options???
-thanks a bunch


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