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housing WHOAHs…

Hi, I got accepted into Woodsworth for life sciences but they sent me off to 89 chestnut for res. & it’s a bit pricey for me. I might as well commute to campus. Are there any possible ways to change college or residence before it’s too late?
i received an offer from u of t a few weeks ago, but i am NOT happy with my college placement. i really want to get into victoria college, and my average is 91 (i ranked vic as #2–stupid). can someone pleaasssee tell me how i can get in. i’m desperate!! this is really important to me, as i will be living in residence next year, and i really like victoria’s environment.
I have just been accepted into U of T for commerce at St. George for Fall 2007.
I have applied to New College. But now I really dont want to go there. Is it possible to switch to Woodsworth college? Since I think that it would be so much better for me since I’m going into commerce, and prefer apartment style residences. (not dorms)



a whole bunch of good q & a…

how nice to have a forum like this!
i’ve got tons of questions that need to be answered….



a job get some money get out of your house

I need to move out next year.
I need to find a decent apartment near campus.
Where can I find a job where I can earn at least $5000 so I can afford to live downtown next year.
There is all of this talk about how U of T student have access to better jobs; that is such crap.
I earn $8.50 and it doesn’t look like I will be earning any more.
Help me!
Help me!



street furniture beats ikea every day.

I just moved into a new place and I can’t find reasonable stuff downtown to furnish it. I went to the Bay and to Sears but their linens are way too expensive for my student budget. Any suggestions as to where I could find some cheaper good stuff downtown?


find a rich kid with a loft

i’m not sure if i’m gonna be staying at home while at u of t, so i’m considering my accommodation options now. i’ve got a friend who’s probably gonna get an apt, so i’ve got someone to room with, but have people recommended off-campus apartments, campus co-op, rez, frats? when should we start looking for a place? july?
july yes.

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