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Jul 19

an especially confused mood

Hello ASKA!

Hope your summer is going well. I’m going into second year at UTSG, doing my BComm in Public Accounting. The thing is that I also planning on a major in French Lang & Lit, which y’know, is nbd, but uhhh I was also interested in minoring in NMC? I’m cool with not doing the full minor and just getting the language certificate for Arabic but I think that I’d be going over 20.0 FCEs no matter what? PA is 15 and French is 7, and a minor, as you definitely know, is 4. Req 1 for my specialist says “At least 20.0 Credits from”University Course(s)”” (Not sure why university courses needed to be in quotation marks but ok, degree explorer.) which makes me think that it’s cool if I go over, but would I need to pay more? What happens if I fulfill all the requirements for the B.Comm and still want to keep going? Should I finish the MAJ/MIN stuff before my specialist requirements? I know that it’s fine to go over 4 years, and I’m planning on doing summer school anyways so I’ll prob be paying for extra tuition no matter what but like, is there an additional fee for going over 20 credits?????

woW those were a lot of question marks, but I am in an especially confused mood. I had an appointment with my registrar earlier but I forgot to ask so I’m just shouting into your asks here.

As an aside, I really love your post titles! Thanks for your patience with our questions.



THANK YOU FOR NOTICING MY TITLES. tbqh, they’re the hardest part of every response and i (sadly) spend an inordinate time making them up.

anyways, the answer.

first, for something this long-winded, complicated, and specific, you really should get in touch with your registrar’s office. as you mentioned, you’ve already had an appointment with your registrar, but this really is something that is worth going back for. they can actually dig up specific info for you that i don’t have access to (i’m powerful, but not that powerful).

you’re right when you say that it’s fine to go over 20.0 credits– that’s just how many you need to graduate. basically, you don’t get to graduate until you actually request graduation. also, there’s isn’t any additional fee for going over 20 credits, just the tuition fees you would be paying anyways.

something that you could also consider is coming back as a non-degree student after finishing your bcomm. non-degree students are students who’ve already earned a degree from the university and are taking courses without working towards a degree. you could be taking courses to get into a graduate program or self-interest. i don’t know why you wanna do both a bcomm and a major/minor in arts programs, but i respect it. i see you. game recognize game.

anna kendrick salute GIF

anyways, if you’re just looking to take french language and literature and nmc courses out of self-interest, looking into coming back as a non-degree student after finishing your bcomm may be a good option.

if you want to do the french and nmc programs at the same time as your bcomm, then i suggest going back to your registrar to discuss your options.

hope this helps!



PS- i literally couldn’t come up with a title for this–i got performance anxiety!!

Jul 18

goodbye science hello arts

Hey Aska,
Im currently enrolled as a BSC specialist student, but want to change to a double major BA. I meet the transfer credit requirements for my double major BA and have the grades for it, so should the switch go smoothly? Thanks!



i’m a little confused by your question– you gotta be more specific!!!!

i assume that you’re a student in the faculty of arts and science and you’re trying to just switch from a science specialist to an arts double major? i’m just gonna answer the question as if that’s what you mean.

confused disney animation GIF

so, within the faculty of arts and science, you don’t need to “transfer” any credits over if you’re switching programs within the faculty. all you need to do is change your POSt. if, as you say, you’ve met the requirements for the arts double major that you want to switch into, then there shouldn’t be an issue with switching from a science program to arts programs. just don’t forget that if the program(s) you’re interested in is a type 2 or 3 program, you will need to apply by august 29th and if it’s a type 1 program, you have until september 19th to add the program on ACORN. check out this link for more info re: the dates and program types.

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if you’re actually a transfer student from another school, campus, or faculty, then there’s a totally different process that i don’t really feel like detailing for you right now. check out our “transferring” tag for more information on that specific circumstance.

good luck!



Jul 17

what is math

Hello im a first year student and im taking Statistics course but idk if a graphing calculator is necessary (and i dont even have one). Could you please suggest me one?



unfortunately for you, i’m REALLY bad at math, super ignorant regarding math and stats, and i don’t even know what a graphing calculator is (and i’m kinda scared to ask).

calculating bangtan boys GIF

if something like a calculator is required for the course, you should find out when you get the syllabus for the class, just as you would with a textbook or any other class materials. this could be when the prof puts the course up on portal (or like, quercus now? am i spelling that right? qwirkcus? not sure), or during the first week of classes.

hope this helps!




Jul 17

xoxo anon internet entity

Do you know anyone who graduated in four years with a neuroscience major? I want to know which courses they took over their four years because I seriously don’t know what to take, and I need to plan ahead to make sure I have the correct pre-requisites.




i don’t PERSONALLY know anyone who fits this exact description, but i’m sure they’re out there.

judging from your question, i’m assuming that you’re an incoming first year who’s interested in neuroscience as a potential major? hopefully that’s what you mean!

the neuroscience major is a 2L (limited) program. meaning that you need to apply for the program after first year, and that there is a limit to how many students they admit into the program.

so, if you want to do a neuroscience major, you will need to complete BIO130 with at least 55% and CHM135 and CHM136 in order to be eligible to apply. meaning that you should definitely take those courses during your first year so that you can apply for the major after. check out this link for all the requirements of the program, which’ll give you some idea what courses you’ll be taking in later years.

happy iflyalaska GIF by Alaska Airlines

as for seriously not knowing what to take in your first year, that’s ok! at u of t, most students take 5.0FCE (full course equivalents) worth of courses per year. this allows students to graduate in four years (5 credits X 4 years = 20 credits needed to graduate). at u of t, first year is general. meaning that you aren’t tied down to a program of study (or POSt, in u of t lingo) until after first year. so, you can kinda take whatever you want. of course, as i mentioned above, you should keep your desired programs in mind and take the first year prereqs/ courses involved.

another thing to keep in mind is that you need to complete either a specialist, two majors, or a major and two minors in order to graduate. so, if you want to do the neuroscience major, you will need to pair it with another major or two minors. i suggest that you look through the programs that are offered in the faculty of arts and science and pick some that might interest you. then, you can pick your first year courses based on the prereqs for the other programs you’re interested in.

oof, that’s a lotta info, especially for someone who isn’t even technically in first year yet.

scared hobby horse girl GIF

i highly suggest making an appointment with an academic adviser at your registrar’s office. some registrar’s offices even have their own first year adviser!

i hope that this all helps, i know it can be super overwhelming when some anonymous internet entity just throws info at you.

good luck!



PS- don’t forget that you can check your course enrollment start time on july 20 and you can start enrolling in courses on the 26th. 

Jul 13

sorry for shia

I’m an incoming freshman and I am COMPLETELY lost about which courses I’m allowed to take, in which campuses, which faculties, basically everything.
I’ve been accepted to CCIT and I know there are two prereqs I need to take in my first year. Other than that I know nothing, zero, nada. Please help.



first, i want to apologize for how late this answer is. i was on vacation for the last month and a half! even aska deserves some time off.

second, welcome to uoft!

so, based on your question, you’d be enrolled at the utm campus (which is the only campus that offers the ccit program). however, you aren’t TECHNICALLY in ccit. ccit is a limited enrolment program that you have to apply for after your first year at utm. according to this link, you need to have completed at least 4.0 FCE (full credit equivalents) and have achieved at least a 65% in CCT109 and CCT110 (which are the two prereqs you already know about).

as for other courses you’re “allowed” to take, the world is yours! however, you should look into what other programs you are interested in apart from ccit. ccit only offers a major program, which means that you need to take another major or two minors in conjunction with ccit in order to fulfill the requirements of a u of t degree. just remember that all u of t students must be enrolled in either a specialist, two majors, or a major and two minors. for more info on degree requirements, check out the academic calendar. it’s a good idea to check out all the programs that utm offers and see what you may what to do with your ccit major and then take the required first year courses so that you can apply for the program in your second year. for a list of all the programs and their requirements, check out the academic calendar.

another thing that i 100000% suggest is making an appointment with an academic adviser at the registrar’s office. they can answer more specific questions that you may have and give you some great advice on anything academic-y. do it. i promise you that you won’t regret it. DO IT.

just do it GIF

good luck!



PS- sorry, i really really couldn’t resist the shia gif.

May 24

RIP con ed

I am a concurrent education student at york going into second year, would i still be able to transfer to uoft’s con ed program even though its closing this year?



unfortunately, because oise’s con ed program is closing this year, they will not be accepting any more new students.

sad face GIF

you can check out the oise website for more information on heir other programs, but for now, their con ed program is closed and not accepting any new students.



May 23

long time reader and asker

Hi Aska!

So last year, I came to you with a huge conundrum about life, about quitting school, and other sad stuff like that. But now I am back from my well needed year off and am ready to take on the new school year! Except for the fact that I feel like I have completely lost all my smarticle-particle brain cells and am starting on a blank slate. Not so good.

I left all my school related issues behind on my year off because I’d get these really bad anxiety and panic attacks from overthinking about my problems. Bad idea though. Because now I’m starting to feel a little panicky again because I pushed everything to the side and am completely lost.

I have to write a letter for my OSAP Academic Probation since I dropped so many courses last year that OSAP started wondering where the heck their money went. They were mostly LWDs and so I couldn’t get a refund for the class. My registrar told me that it would be fine and nothing would happen BUT YA I GOT PLACED ON OSAP PROBATION SO SOMETHING DID HAPPEN BUT NOW I GOTTA FIX IT AND I NEED HELP. HELP.

sorry, just freaked out there. i was in a really tough spot last year and was too stupid to not figure it out. so yeah.

I also can’t find the notice they sent me through the mail so this is mostly based on my horrible memory. i swear, im like a grandparent.

anyway, my first question(s) is/are: who do i send this ding-dang letter to? financial aid office or something? what’s their address? do i send one to some osap office as well? also, will it be ok for me to apply for osap during this time?

ok second set of questions are related to a course i really wanna take this upcoming school year. funny story though, i put it on my enrollment cart and was super excited to figure out how to get to my classes and the time of travel it takes to get there. i looked it up on my handy-dandy physical map, and the BUILDING CODE DOES NOT EXIST AT ST. GEORGE. searched it up. found out its at UTM. great.

will I still be allowed to take the course even though im registered at st. george? also, if i am allowed, how will i manage to get back and forth from each campus? apparently there’s a shuttle but where is it located? how much is the fare?

Anyway Aska, thanks for listening and helping. i don’t know what it is–maybe it’s your casual way of answering questions or replying to each student, but i always feel a little better hearing back from you. and you make us all laugh. thanks again and sorry for the freak outs.

hope to hear from you soon!


hi friend!

so, i just went back and reread the answer that the past aska give you (there’s been an aska turnover since then!).  i’m sorry that you’re going through a bit of a rough time right now, especially since the year off was much needed. hopefully my response helps.

since you’ve asked two sorta separate questions, i’ll answer in two sorta separate parts.

  1. osap probation

so i’m assuming that the “letter” that you need to write for osap is this one? on it, it says to return it to enrollment services. you should also direct any questions you have about osap or financial aid to enrollment services. you can find their contact info here. unfortunately, i don’t know too much about osap (they’re notoriously confusing) so i think your best bet is getting in contact with enrollment services who have all the osap knowledge.

2. taking courses at utm as a st. george student

yes, this is allowed! these courses will count towards your 20 FCE needed to graduate and can count towards your program requirements.

just keep in mind that, even though the course is being held at a different campus and faculty, you are still subject to st. george’s faculty of arts and sciences’ deadlines. so, for example, if you wanted to drop the course without academic offence, you’d have to do it before the st. george deadline, not the utm deadline. check out this link for the faculty of arts and sciences’ deadlines and this link for utm’s.

also, if you want to use the utm course towards your program(s), you’ll want to make sure that the utm course actually has a relevant equivalent course at st. george (as in, the credit will transfer over and you can actually use it towards your program). you can do this through the transfer explorer. 

as for the utm shuttle, it departs from hart house everyday in 20 minute intervals according to the past winter semester’s schedule. i can’t imagine the schedule changing too drastically in the fall, but look up the new schedule come fall to make sure. also note that it costs $6 each way for non-utm students (like yourself). i know tons of people who have taken the utm shuttle (either for classes or because their families live in mississauga and it’s lowkey cheaper than the ttc + whatever transit system they have in the ‘saug) and they’ve said that it’s a pretty great system, but can be slow during rush hour. the shuttle bus is probably your best bet for getting to and from utm.

i’m really glad that taking a year off was productive and healthy for you, and i hope that the rough patch you’re going through right now passes. just know that if you ever need help, all you need to do is ask for it, which is the hardest part. and you’ve already done that!

i highly suggest getting in contact with someone from your registrar’s office to discuss anything related to your academics, especially since you took a year off and are on osap probation. they’re super duper helpful and understanding. i would also suggest looking into the academic success centre, they’re a criminally underused service at u of t. you can book an appointment with a learning strategist (who does exactly what it sounds like, strategize how you can learn better) or attend workshops on academic success. getting some help and learning how you learn and can be more successful academically should (i hope) give you confidence when you come back to school. they’re awesome, check them out.

good luck! you’re gonna kill it.

model good luck GIF



May 15

an interesting conundrum

Hey there,

I’m a third year psych specialist at St. George. I recently received an acceptance for internal transfer at Scarborough. I took PSY201 in the summer of my first year and remember nothing of it. Scarborough has PSYB07 as a requirement, which that excludes PSY201 (which I took), so I will have to take the next PSYC08 or PSYC09. I am not confident at all in taking these courses since I remember nothing from my first stats course. How much do I have to remember to take them? Will I be lost? Is there anyway they will let me take PSYB07 and start over?

Please help!!



wow an interesting conundrum; actually WANTING to take a prereq even though you’ve been excused. most people wanna skip any prereq that they can. hat’s off to you, m’dude.

unfortunately for internal transfers, or people transferring to u of t from another university, you can’t forfeit your transfer credits, unlike IB/AP credits. so, it looks as though you will have to take PSYC08/09 without taking PSYB07.

however, it may be a good idea to get in contact with the department of psychology at utsc to see IF (and i strongly emphasize IF!!!!!!) they can make an exception for you.

i hope that helps!

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May 11

…i think?

hi I’m in utm I was in a commerce program in my first year in 2016 but i didnt get into my subject post because one of the courses, I tried it again in 2017 and failed again. So right now its may 2018 and I want to repeat the course again so i want to know if i’ll get back into the program right now my acorn is blank there is no ‘invited to 2018-2019’ just wondering if that will change in the future.



your question is extremely confusing and i have no clue what you’re saying. i’m assuming that you mean you’ve tried in 2016 and 2017 to get into a subject post, but couldn’t both times because you failed a required course? and you’re retaking the course right now so that you can get into the post for 2018-19? i think?

in that case, you would’ve needed to request the post on ACORN before april 29th, and as you pointed out… it’s may 2018.  that’s probably why you don’t see the “invited to 2018-2019” thingy on your ACORN. you also wouldn’t have been invited to the post on ACORN if you haven’t completed the requirements of the post.

i’m assuming that you’re taking summer courses right now to fulfill the requirements of the post?? in that case, you’ll need to request the post during the second request period between june 11- august 24. if you request the post during the second period, you’ll find out if you got in or not sometime in early september. THAT’S when you’d see if you were “invited to 2018-2019” or not.

i THINK that answers your question… i’m still not quite sure what you mean.

al pacino GIF

good luck!



May 07

new GPA, who dis?

Hello! I am currently pursuing an Accounting Specialization and have decided to switch programs. By switching programs, does my GPA reset if I don’t use any of my past credits in my new program? Thanks.



so i’ve scoured the internet, looked through every u of t-sanctioned website, and basically the answer is… no. your GPA doesn’t reset if you switch programs.

according to the faculty of arts and sciences’ calendar, your GPA is the weighted sum of all the courses you’ve taken at the faculty of arts and sciences. this means that every course you take in the faculty, regardless of whether or not you switch programs of study, counts towards your GPA. bummer, i know.

lana del rey bummer GIF

however, there are certain marks that aren’t included in your CGPA (though you probably know this already!) this includes any courses that you take CR/NCR, transfer credits, credits that you took at another university on a letter of permission or on exchange, and any courses designated as “extra.”

the only way that you would be able to “reset” your GPA is if you transferred to another faculty, campus, or school. so, if that’s your case, congrats! your GPA is reset! if that’s not the case then, sorry, you’re stuck with your old GPA.

if there’s any confusion or you have any other further questions, you should get in contact with your registrar’s office, who’ll be able to answer this question (AND SO MUCH MORE!)

oh my god wow GIF

i hope this helps!



May 02

double double (major) toil and trouble

Hey aska!
I’m going to uoft St. George for an English undergrad in the fall of 2018. I’m also interested in doing a double major in political science. I’m a bit confused about how to choose courses (how to take ones that interest me, fulfill my program requirements, and are also are prerequisites to upper-year courses)  and am worried about the workload if I do go for a double major. (I think I heard somewhere that it would take an extra year?) Also, I know I’m not outstanding in English and the main reason why I want to study it is because I want  to improve in it. Since my highschool graduation is drawing closer, I’m beginning to have doubts about whether or not I can succeed regardless of how much effort I put in because it’s a world class program and I’m only average at best. In your experience, was there a huge step-up from  highschool English to university English? Were can I find information on courses available to me?
Thanks so much!



at u of t, in order to complete your degree, you have to do a combination of programs of study (or, POSt). you have to complete either: a specialist, two majors, or a major and two minors. so, your desire to do a double major is actually pretty common at u of t. being worried about the workload is valid, you ARE moving from a high school workload to a university workload. however, like i said, doing a double major is extremely common at u of t, with some students even piling on a minor with their double majors! i don’t think you will have any issues doing a double major. however, if you do, that’s ok too. and it’s ok to consider taking a reduced course load (less classes per semester) and take longer to graduate in order to work at a speed that works for you.

god, if i could, i would grab every incoming first year student by the shoulders, give ’em a good shake, and scream “YOU CAN TAKE MORE THAN FOUR YEARS!!! TAKE YOUR TIME!!!!”

listen to me omg GIF

but… i digress.

now to address the question of course selection. most students take 5.0 FCE (full course equivalents) in a year. 5.0 credits is considered the standard for a full time student and it’ll allow you to graduate in 4 years (5.0 FCE times 4 years = 20 FCE needed to graduate). because first year is general and you can take anything you want, it’s a good idea to check out the required courses for your intended programs of study. so in your case, if you want to do an english and polisci double major, you’d want to see what the required courses are to get into those programs as well as what first year courses are offered in those programs.

for english, there aren’t any prereqs to get into the major. however, you should probably take a first year english course anyways as most second year courses and other upper year courses require the completion of a first year course. check out this link for all the first year english courses that would count towards an english POSt.

for polisci, you need to have achieved at least a 67% in POL101Y or POL200Y or one POL FCE or equivalent in half courses. so it would probably be a good idea to take one of those courses in your first year so that you can get into a polisci major after first year.

you 100% should get in contact with your college registrar’s office and set up an academic advising session. they will be able to go more in-depth with you and discuss all your options. you can also get in contact with the program advisers of english and polisci respectively. check out this link for their contact info.

as for whether or not you can succeed “regardless of how much effort [you] put in”… well, like i said earlier, the transition between high school and university can be difficult, but it isn’t impossible. if you find yourself struggling academically, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with the academic adviser at your registrar’s office, or to contact your prof/ TA, who are also great resources and can really help you if you’re struggling in a course. you should also look into the academic success centre, where you can make appointments a learning strategist who can help you learn more about how you learn.

another great resource at u of t, especially for kids in programs like english and polisci, are the writing centres. you can book an appointment and bring your assignments to them before the deadline, and the people who work at the writing centre can go through the assignment with you and provide insight on how you can write a better assignment. they’re awesome. they’ve saved many a paper of mine.

joe jonas relief GIF

ok, phew! that was a LOT of information. i really hope this helps. if you have more questions, please get in contact with the people i’ve linked above (especially your registrar’s office, they’re super helpful and a great first contact point for anything academic).

good luck, see you on campus in september!



Apr 30

french it up!


What are the differences between the French programs at U of T St George? What is the best program to take if someone with very minimal french knowledge (near beginner) would like to be at a high B2/C1 level by the time of graduation?



at u of t, we have a lot of very different french programs that all have different focuses, so it all depends on what aspect of french you’re interested in.

if you’re interested in ONLY learning the french language, you’d want to enroll in the french language learning program. there isn’t too much information on the website or the faculty calendar about what exactly this program entails, but it looks like students registered in this program only take french LANGUAGE courses, meaning that you just learn the language itself.

if you’re interested in french language AND literature, you’d want to enroll in the french language and french literature program. again, there isn’t too much info online, but it looks like students take both strictly language courses as well as literature courses that are taught in french.

if you’re interested in french language AND linguistics, you’d want to enroll in the french language and french linguistics program. once again, there isn’t that much info online, but it looks like students are focused on both learning the french language itself as well as the linguistic system that makes up the french language.

phew! ok, that’s a lot of different programs with a lot of vague information. i think that, from your question, you’re looking to just learn the language itself? in that case, you’d probably want to just enroll in the french language learning program. you can take a look at some of the links i’ve put above to see what the required courses are and if they interest you.

keep in mind that you will have to take a placement test in order to be put into any french language courses.

again, because there isn’t a lot of info out there online, i suggest getting in contact with the french department itself who’ll be able to give you more information and better explain the differences between the french programs.

i hope this was helpful! go out there and french it up!

french bonjour GIF



Apr 27

utm giveth, but can utm taketh away?

I can’t express how much this blog has both entertained and educated me– mostly on things that don’t apply to me, but informational all the same.

Well, to get the the meat of things, I’m afraid that my offer to U of T will be revoked??

Basically, even though my IB predicted score is a grand total of 24 (barely passing, my god), I somehow got an offer of admission from U of T Mississauga for Psychology (which is insane because I’m getting a 2 in math a.k.a. not passing).

I hear a lot of my peers saying things like “Oh yeah, you can drop 6 diploma points and UBC won’t revoke your offer lolol!!” or “So and so was worried because, with Waterloo, you can only drop one point!!1!1″… Where can you even find this information, friends??? This would be really freaking helpful to know for U of T so I could skip having a panic attack everyday about my fate in the coming months.

Anyways, I’d just like to know your thoughts. Though I know that time is the only thing that can truly soothe my anxiety, it’s nice to have more of an idea of what I’m dealing with; even if a solid answer can’t be given.

Thank you!!



first of all, congrats!

when you were admitted to u of t, you would have received a letter detailing the conditions of your acceptance. that letter can be found on your joinid portal, or it would’ve been mailed to you physically when you were admitted. you need to check out what the the conditions of your acceptance are, according to that letter, as they differ from program to program and campus to campus. you will need to fulfill the conditions of your acceptance that are laid out in the letter in order to keep your acceptance.

if you can’t find the letter, or it’s way too confusing for you, or whatever, then you should get in contact with UTM. check out this link for UTM admission inquiries’ contact info. give ’em a call, they’ll have way more answers re: this issue than i do!

calling karen gillan GIF by HULU

i hope this helps!



Apr 23

maybe we are both ignorant

hi! do you know where i can find ccit major’s minimum cgpa requirement? i’ve checked their academic calendar already and either it’s not there or i’ve skipped over it? thanks in advance!
i was about to make some snarky joke about how easy it was to find the ccit calendar with all the requirements listed but then… i couldn’t find the minimum cgpa requirement. so, jokes on me i guess.
according to the ccit calendar, it says that “each year the ICCIT program sets a minimum required CGPA. This will vary from year to year and is based, in part, on supply and demand.” i’ve looked around on the iccit website and the course calendar and couldn’t find anything either. this might mean that they haven’t set the minimum required cgpa yet, or that we are both ignorant and don’t know where to look.
jerry cant see GIF by HULU
you should get in contact with the ccit department themselves. check out this link for info on how to contact the student adviser/ program coordinator.
i hope this helps!
good luck.

Apr 20

try, try again

So I am a first year commerce student at utm and im almost positive im probably not going to get into the post that applied for. If i don’t get in, what are my options in terms of getting into the commerce program? I hear you can apply again after summer, so is that in terms of me taking a course in summer to boost my gpa?



so just to confirm, you’re saying that you don’t think that you will get the required minimum marks in the required classes?

according to this link, you can apply for a subject post starting march 11, and if you meet all the requirements by may, you will be admitted in may. however, if you don’t meet the requirements by may, you can retake the courses over the summer and then request the post again starting june 11 and will be notified by early september. so yes! if at first (in may) you don’t succeed, try, try again (in june, after taking in the required courses).

just remember that any course you retake to get into a post will be designated as an “extra” course and will show up on your transcript as “EXT”. this means that it will not count towards your GPA or the 20 credits needed to graduate. it does count towards subject post requirements.

i hope this makes sense! good luck 🙂

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